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Getting Started with Tripadvisor Restaurants

Getting Started with Tripadvisor Restaurants New to Tripadvisor? This getting started guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get up and running in no time at all....

4 Tips to Keep Your Restaurant Busy All Year Round

4 Tips to Keep Your Restaurant Busy All Year Round In a seasonal industry, keeping your restaurant busy all year long is a challenge. We’ve put together a few tried-and-true marketing tactics you can use to combat the off-season blues.

The restaurant world is a seasonal one. Whether you’re a waterfront summer destination or a bustling après-ski bar, there’s going to be times of the year where you have plenty of customers coming through the door — and times where that’s not the case.

To keep your restaurant busy all year round, you have to promote it all year round.

That means incorporating marketing into both your dry seasons and your busy ones. Marketing can often fall by the wayside as a lower priority, but neglecting it only makes it more difficult to draw in new customers later on. Imagine that your marketing efforts are like a cyclist conquering a hill — you must pedal consistently, one foot after the other, to reach the top. You can go faster or slower if you want to, but pausing entirely will mean an even more taxing restart.

Marketing year-round also helps you get ahead of your competitors and could mean diners less familiar with your area earmark your restaurant for a future visit. By building a consistent promotion plan across the year, you can make sure your restaurant is always top of mind.

Here are a few workhorse marketing tactics that you can use anytime:

Advertise Your Restaurant

The best way to build up demand for your restaurant at any time of year is to advertise consistently. Especially if your restaurant is in a more seasonal location like in a ski resort town or by the ocean, you’ll want to make sure that you let folks know that you’re open in the offseason and that you stand out in the crowd during the busy periods.

Online advertising is a particularly good channel because it’s easy to dial up and down your efforts, just like speeding up or slowing down your cycling pace up the hill. Dialling up and down in this case means experimenting with different audiences and advertising channels to see what works best for you.

Create Partnerships within Your Community

Your restaurant’s success largely depends on its location and the community that you serve. Another way to keep your restaurant busy year-round is to work on building partnerships with members of the community, especially other businesses nearby.

You could:

  • Put flyers at the nearby laundromat, dry cleaner, or other local store
  • Ask nearby hotel concierges or apartment/housing complexes to recommend your restaurant
  • Contact office managers to set up catering or delivery opportunities at local offices
  • Work with nearby universities or colleges to create apprenticeships or a student discount
  • Market yourself as a charity partner for local non-profits as a way to spread the word
  • Participate in local versions of restaurant week or other government-sponsored campaigns
  • Offer your space as a co-working area during the day

Hold an Event or Participate in a Pop-Up

Another way to get your restaurant busy is to hold an event or pop-up tasting at another location. This is a great opportunity to get creative based on your average customer — if you’re a family-friendly spot, you might want to try a kids character meal or an arts and crafts event, but if you’re more of a date-night destination, think about a wine tasting or special prix fixe menu for couples.

You could also try:

  • Themed events celebrating specific holidays, like Mother’s Day or the New Year
  • Giving customers a peek into the kitchen with cooking or baking classes
  • Wine or beer tastings
  • Experimenting with a meal outside of your normal offerings, like a special brunch
  • Film screenings, live music, or theatrical performances
  • Games, like trivia night or poker tournaments

If the events go well, you could expand into more recurring event offerings, like corporate luncheons, birthday parties, or wedding receptions, which would bring in additional revenue for your business.


How Word-of-Mouth Brings This Restaurant More Traffic

How Word-of-Mouth Brings This Restaurant More Traffic

Santorini by Georgios, located in Miami Beach, Florida, knows a thing or two about delighting guests. For owner Georgios Vogiatzis and manager Claudia Angurell, balancing costs while creating an unforgettable experience is all in a day’s work. See how they use Tripadvisor to market their business, manage their reputation, and keep a full house.

Welcome to Santorini by Georgios, Miami, FL

Nestled on a warm and sunny beach in Miami, Florida sits a little piece of the Greek islands. Serving up seafood and surf with traditional Greek flavours is a speciality of Santorini by Georgios that is coveted by locals and travellers alike.

For Santorini by Georgios, everything is about satisfying the customer. What Santorini has discovered is that customers tend to drive more traffic when their individual experience is made a priority.


How to Choose Your Featured Photos

How to Choose Your Featured Photos Available for Tripadvisor Premium subscribers, Featured Photos allows you to customise your listing and your search results to showcase the best of your restaurant....

Getting Started with Tripadvisor Restaurants

Getting Started with Tripadvisor Restaurants New to Tripadvisor? This getting started guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get up and running in no time at all....

Introducing Tripadvisor Premium for Restaurants

Introducing Tripadvisor Premium for Restaurants Tripadvisor Premium for Restaurants gives businesses the competitive advantage they need with exclusive access to powerful, subscriber-only tools....

Spotlight Your Favourite Reviews

Spotlight Your Favourite Reviews Step-by-step guide to highlighting your favourite reviews to Tripadvisor users.

Inspire travellers by showcasing a favourite recent review in the "Reviews" section of your restaurant listing. Favourite Reviews give you a chance to tell your story through an amazing experience from one of your customers. Select a review that truly depicts your business and pin it in prime viewing position for those visiting your Tripadvisor listing.

Where will my chosen review appear on Tripadvisor?

The review you select will appear directly after the most recent review on your Tripadvisor listing. Choose one in each available language to ensure that more travellers from around the world see your favourite reviews. 

Set up Favourite Reviews in two easy steps:

It takes just a minute to showcase a favourite review to diners worldwide – and to give browsers even more reason to book your restaurant.

To set up your Favourite Review, Restaurants with Tripadvisor Premium can:

  • Visit the Management Centre and select "Select Favourite Review" from the "Reviews" tab at the top of the page.

Step 1: Choose a review

The first step is to choose the review you want to highlight. All eligible reviews* will automatically appear on this page. You can use our built-in filter options like bubble rating, keyword, and more to make it easier to find the one you want to feature.

You can also select reviews in multiple languages that will appear to customers around the world. To take advantage of this, simply select a language from the drop-down list, and you'll see a new selection of eligible reviews in that language. Only languages that contain an eligible review for your business will be visible.

*Eligible reviews are less than a year old and have at least three bubbles. You'll only be able to select a Favourite Review that meets those criteria.

Choose Your Favourite Review

When choosing your Favourite Review...

  • Keep it current. 78% of respondents to a recent survey said they prioritized recent reviews to get the freshest perspective on a given location. Make sure that the review you select is recent – the fresher the review the better.
  • Has the review received any helpful votes? If so, that means people found the information beneficial when they were looking at your listing. This type of helpful content could appeal to even more browsers and may be worth highlighting. 
  • Does the review highlight something unique about your property? Do you have a unique menu, an outdoor dining space, or incredible staff that people boast about? These are all important factors that potential diners consider when making a decision. Draw attention to what makes you special.
  • Provide insight for potential guests. For example: If your restaurant is known for your farm-to-table cuisine, highlight a review that calls out your most-loved vegetarian dishes. 
  • Think about seasonality and timing. If it’s winter where you are, instead of spotlighting a review talking about your outdoor patio and bar, you might instead choose a review focusing on your cozy fireplace. Also think about celebrations and holidays. If it’s Valentine’s Day, you might consider choosing a review that appeals to couples. 

For more tips on how to choose your Favourite Review, click here.

Step 2: Publish your Favourite Review

Then, click "Publish." Your Favourite Review will appear within 24 hours of being published. Follow the same steps above to select a review in additional languages or to swap out older featured reviews for new ones.

Keep in mind: Once a Favourite Review becomes more than a year old, it will no longer appear at the top of your listing. Make sure your reviews are up-to-date by visiting the Favourite Review page in the Management Centre regularly.

Tripadvisor Premium offers more than just Favourite Reviews. Learn more about how to customise your page with Storyboard, Featured Photos, Top 3 Reasons to Eat Here and more.

Last Updated: 14 February 2020

3 Easy Ways to Get the Most Out of Tripadvisor Premium

3 Easy Ways to Get the Most Out of Tripadvisor Premium So you’ve signed up for Tripadvisor Premium — now what? Here’s the first three steps you should take to make the most out of your new subscription.

Welcome to Tripadvisor Premium

Tripadvisor Premium is your chance to stand out from the crowd. You now have access to exclusive features to enhance your listing and show off your brand. Here’s what a listing with Premium-enhanced features looks like:

Note: To make some of these updates, you’ll need to be logged into the Management Centre on your desktop computer.

Step 1: Choose Your Favourite Review

Choose a Favourite Review from any reviews you’ve received in the last year. Of course you’ll want to choose a positive review that captures everything diners love about your restaurant. You’ll also be able to choose Favourite Reviews in multiple languages if you have travellers from around the world leaving reviews. Stumped on which one to choose? Here’s our handy guide.

To choose your Favourite Review, head to the “Reviews” tab in the Management Centre and click “Select Favourite Review.”

Step 2: Showcase the Top 3 Reasons to Eat at Your Restaurant

Tell diners what sets your restaurant apart from the competition by choosing three aspects of your restaurant to highlight using photos and review snippets from your guests. Your Top 3 Reasons appear in between the Overview section and your Reviews section, showcasing your cuisine, ambiance, and any other special things you’re known for, like events or live music. If you’re not sure what to feature, read our full guide here.

To choose your Top 3 Reasons, head to the “Manage Listing” tab in the Management Centre and click “Select Top 3 Reasons.”

Step 3: Customise Your Storyboard


Turn Excellent Reviews Into Restaurant Marketing Magic

Turn Excellent Reviews Into Restaurant Marketing Magic Turn your reviews into marketing for your business with these creative restaurant marketing ideas from real restaurants around the globe.

Make Your Reviews Work Harder

Your hard work and great food have earned you well-deserved positive reviews. Now it’s time to make those words of praise work for you by using them in your restaurant’s marketing materials.

Featuring Tripadvisor reviews lends your marketing a sense of credibility. It’s a concept psychologists call “social proof,” which essentially means that humans look to see what others do before making a decision.

The fact that positive reviews from Tripadvisor drive business to your restaurant is a testament to the power of social proof. But the impact of these reviews need not be limited to browsers on Tripadvisor. We’ve put together some creative ways you can incorporate your reviews into your online and offline restaurant marketing to better persuade potential diners that your restaurant is the one they should choose.

Real-Life Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Use your restaurant concept to your advantage. This is where you can get quirky, creative, and truly you because you own the space. Think about using your built-in signage, sidewalk real estate, or your door and window spaces as places you can draw in passerby. Plus, it’s easy and free to request Tripadvisor-branded materials for your restaurant here.

Post Your Reviews Around Your Restaurant

Grab attention with a selection of your reviews as a flyer on your window next to your menu — simply let the reviews tell the story. Or, pull some of your favourite quotes from recent reviews and turn it into a piece of wall art on your patio or in your waiting area like this London pub.

Joke About Your Reviews

Have a bad review? Use your sense of humour to your advantage and aim for a few laughs — this approach could even go viral like this Irish cafe advertising the “worst salad one woman on Tripadvisor ever had in her life.”

Encourage Online Engagement with Creative Signage


Why This Yorkshire Restaurant Won the 2017 Travellers’ Choice Awards

Why This Yorkshire Restaurant Won the 2017 Travellers’ Choice Awards The Black Swan at Oldstead became the first British restaurant to top the Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Restaurants world list. What goes into running a Travellers’ Choice-winning restaurant?

Welcome to the Black Swan at Oldstead

The Black Swan at Oldstead sits in a small stone-covered cottage on a tree-lined lane in Yorkshire. Mixing traditional Yorkshire cuisine with a swirl of creativity and eccentricity, this Michelin-starred restaurant is all about old-fashioned hospitality. They treat everyone like family.

“We are a family-run business and I think our friendly, welcoming approach is what our guests really enjoy,” says Banks. “Our aim is to serve the best and most interesting dishes but with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere for everyone.”

A Passion for Local Ingredients

At Black Swan, the food is the star of the show. “Our focus is on showcasing amazing food made from local ingredients,” says Banks. “We grow a lot of the produce we use in the restaurant on our own farm and that dictates what we have on our constantly evolving tasting menu.”

But great ingredients are just the foundation. “From there, the creative process when adding a new dish is a very collaborative one. Ideas can come from anywhere, and then we work together as a team to hone those ideas into the best dish possible.”

Hospitality is All About Staff

But the Black Swan experience goes well beyond food. It’s the hospitality that matters. When it comes to delivering extraordinary consistency year-round, Banks is clear. “We have a fantastic team but consistency is down to everyone’s passion every day. So often jobs in hospitality are seen as a stop gap for people, but everyone who works at the Black Swan is professional and driven for a career in hospitality and that makes a difference.”

For Banks, that means that part of the staff is also family. “Running a family business is brilliant,” he says. “You have the support of the other [family] members and that can remove a lot of strain from day to day responsibilities.”

Great Experiences Generate Great Reviews

To win a Travellers’ Choice award, the highest honour Tripadvisor bestows, restaurants must have consistently excellent reviews and ratings from real diners over the course of the year. For Banks, building great experiences starts the virtuous cycle of more and better reviews, which helps continue to spread the word about their restaurant. Says Banks, “Customers are the most important part of any business and without doubt the best PR you can ever have.”


Frequently Asked Questions About the Certificate of Excellence

Frequently Asked Questions About the Certificate of Excellence Learn more about the Certificate of Excellence with these frequently asked questions from accommodations (Hotels, B&Bs / Inns, and Speciality Lodging), restaurants and experience owners. We have a separate page about the Certificate of Excellence for holiday rental properties — read more here. What is the Certificate of Excellence? Since 2011, the Certificate of Excellence honours hospitality businesses that deliver consistently great service across the world. This designation is presented to approximately 10% of total businesses on Tripadvisor that have consistently achieved great reviews over the past year. There is no application process for the Certificate of Excellence, and the achievement is earned over time. Who is eligible to receive a Certificate of Excellence? Accommodations (Hotels, B&B / Inns, and Speciality Lodging), restaurants, attractions, and holiday rentals worldwide are eligible to receive a Certificate of Excellence. How are Certificate of Excellence recipients determined?...

Displaying Your Tripadvisor Rating and Latest Reviews on Your Site

Displaying Your Tripadvisor Rating and Latest Reviews on Your Site

Studies show that travellers want to see feedback from other travellers before they make their booking decisions. That's one reason why businesses around the world choose to enhance their websites with free Tripadvisor widgets.

What is a Tripadvisor widget?

A widget is a small snippet of code provided by Tripadvisor that can be installed within any HTML-based web page. They can bring Tripadvisor content – like recent reviews or your overall rating – to your website, and they update automatically. Other widgets encourage travellers to write reviews or link to your listing on Tripadvisor.

There are two categories of widgets available to you for free through Tripadvisor: widgets for businesses and widgets for destinations. To find out what content is free for you, go to your Widget Centre.

Widgets for Businesses

  • Awards & Praise: Has your business received rave reviews or have you earned a Tripadvisor recognition? These widgets will help you spread the news
  • Display Reviews: Show off your rating, snippets of recent reviews and more
  • Collect Reviews: Drive more reviews with a quick link for visitors to write a review on Tripadvisor, or encourage them to write a review without ever leaving your site

Widgets for Destinations

  • Social Media Button: Add this button next to your Facebook & Twitter icons so visitors are just a click away from reading your reviews
  • Read Reviews: Put visitors a click away from your destination’s reviews, photos and more

How do I get a widget?

Head to and enter your business or destination name. Your personalised widgets are just a few clicks away! 


If your widget isn’t working, check these troubleshooting tips for help:

  • Make sure that the code was pasted into the source code of your page, not the displayable version.
  • Make sure that the page that you're posting it on contains valid HTML code.
  • Check all code to make sure that tags (<p>, <a>, etc.) are closed.
  • Make sure that there are no line breaks in the script tag.
  • Make sure that the badge includes a <div> tag followed by a <script> tag.
  • Make sure that the script tag has the “&lang=” parameter, as this can become corrupted and converted to a left angle bracket.

If you need further help, visit our Help Centre. To get your property’s personalised widgets, go to

Last Updated: 14 December 2017

How to Receive Your Travellers’ Choice Award Certificate

How to Receive Your Travellers’ Choice Award Certificate Congratulations on earning a Travellers’ Choice award! Displaying an award at your business is a great way to showcase your achievement. This year, for the first time we are using digital downloaded certificates. Please check your award notification email for details on how to download your award or reach out to Customer Support to get a copy of your 2020 Travellers’ Choice Award. Last Updated: 31 July 2020

How to Add a Tripadvisor Widget to Your Restaurant Website

How to Add a Tripadvisor Widget to Your Restaurant Website Make sure your diners can find you on Tripadvisor with one of our free restaurant widgets you can add to your website.

Tripadvisor Restaurant Widgets to Choose From

With our free widgets, diners around the world are just one click away from your reviews. Widgets are small, customizable pieces of HTML code that allows you to add dynamic content from Tripadvisor directly onto your website. Easily share your latest reviews or awards and encourage diners to leave reviews. Plus, you can customise each widget to best fit your website.

You can choose from a wide variety of messages based on what you'd like to feature:

  • The Restaurant Widget: This widget is geared specifically for restaurants. The simple yet powerful badge says, “Find us on Tripadvisor." Customise the colour, icon, and language with this widget.
  • Review Snippets: Display your most recent review snippets with this widget. You can choose how many reviews you want to show and how large it will be on your website.
  • Review Starter: This widget encourages diners coming to your website to leave a review on Tripadvisor.
  • Social Media Button: If you feature your other social channels like Facebook or Instagram in your footer, you can easily add a Tripadvisor icon as well with this widget. You can choose from a few different styles depending on whether or not you want to showcase your bubble rating or keep it simple.
  • Read Reviews:This widget makes it easy for diners to read your reviews with a click of a button.
  • Your Rating:Showcase your Tripadvisor bubble rating and your number of reviews with this widget.
  • Bravo! Widget:Tell visitors to your website how many diners have rated you as "Excellent" with this widget.
  • Rave Reviews:
  • This widget creates a scrolling showcase of your most recent "Excellent" review. You can customise the size, readability, and your borders.
  • Rated on Tripadvisor:Similar to the Your Rating widget, this widget is slightly larger and reads, "Recommended on Tripadvisor," with a link to your listing.
  • Certificate of Excellence: If you receive a Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence, show it off by adding your award to your website.

How to add your Tripadvisor Restaurant Widget

It’s easy to add your free widget:

  1. First, log in to the Management Centre. If you haven't already claimed your listing, it's free and easy to do so here.
  2. Choose "Website Widgets" under the "Marketing Tools" tab.
  3. Browse through the list of widgets to find the one that works best for you.
  4. Once you've chosen your widget, you can customise it. Each widget has different customizations you can choose from. For the Restaurant Widget, for example, you can customise the colour, icon, and language.
  5. Once you've customised your widget, copy and paste the personalised code from the widget page into your website HTML code.
  6. If you'd rather email the code to yourself or to the person who manages your website, click the orange "Email code" button at the bottom of the page.
  7. Once your website is updated, your widget should appear.

Enhancing your website with a Tripadvisor widget takes just a few minutes. Get started now so you can maximise exposure right away.

Last Updated: 13 January 2015

How Tripadvisor Review Guidelines are Changing in Response to COVID-19

How Tripadvisor Review Guidelines are Changing in Response to COVID-19During these unprecedented times, we're making sure reviews on our site are accurate, reliable, and representative of your business.

We’re Here to Help

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the travel and hospitality sector in immediate and far-reaching ways. We know many business owners are trying to decide how best to navigate these unprecedented challenges, and we share your concerns.

Please read more about the resources we are introducing for owners here.

Why is My Business Still Receiving Reviews?

We know that many restaurants have seen a significant decrease in customers, or have had to close their doors altogether, as a result of the global pandemic. Even if your business has temporarily closed or switched to a delivery-only service, your customers can continue to submit reviews of their guest experience at or with your business, as long as that experience took place within the twelve months prior to submission. You will also be able to submit Management Responses for those reviews — which allow you to share updates about the latest conditions at your restaurant.

We believe now more than ever it is important to provide a platform for customers to share their experiences and for businesses to be able to share their responses about what’s happening on the ground. Reviews and their accompanying responses provide transparency, create a level-playing field for businesses large and small, and can serve as an incredibly powerful marketing tool for restaurateurs who consistently deliver great value and high standards of service.

During this period, we will continue to utilize our 20+ years’ experience in moderating reviews. Our system and moderation processes remain fully operational, even as our teams work remotely.

All review submissions are checked by our review analysis system, and any problematic content is being routed to our team of content specialists for further investigation, as per our normal processes. You can read more about our review analysis system here.

How Review Guidelines are Changing

We are introducing a number of adjustments to our review guidelines and moderation procedures in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. These changes are aimed at ensuring our members use the Tripadvisor platform responsibly:

  • We will remove any content that encourages people to ignore government guidelines or restrictions
  • We will remove any content that discourages people from seeking medical assistance or testing, or promotes dubious medical advice or misinformation
  • We will remove any review that criticizes an individual business for being closed at this time
  • We are banning racially insensitive content that refers to the COVID-19 virus as the ‘Chinese virus’ or ‘Wuhan virus’. Such references are unnecessarily divisive during what is a global pandemic that requires united action from all nations and people, and any reviews or forum posts using such terminology will be removed. Reviews naming the virus must use official World Health Organisation terminology (such as Coronavirus, or COVID-19).

In line with our existing posting guidelines, reviews that only describe the delivery itself, rather than the food or business that provided it, will not be allowed. If your business has received such a review, you can report it to our team of content specialists by using the Management Centre.

Last Updated: 6 April 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Responding to Restaurant Reviews

The Ultimate Guide to Responding to Restaurant ReviewsWhether you have one or a few hundred, reviews play an important role in your business and your ranking on Tripadvisor. Download this free eBook to learn all you possibly need to know about reviews on Tripadvisor.

Learn the Ins and Outs of Responding to Restaurant Reviews

Did you know that reviews play a major role in where customers choose to eat? Or that a manager’s response could change a guest’s perception of a restaurant? We’ve interviewed countless owners and compiled some of our favourite best practices and real-world inspiration for positive reviews, negative reviews, and everything in between.

Knowing how to respond to reviews is a great way to build trust, rapport, and loyalty with your customers. It is also a great tool for showing your guests what your hospitality is all about.

In this comprehensive eBook, we will show you:

  • How to effectively respond to reviews
  • How to create management responses that show guests you care
  • How to build a strong online reputation
Read the bio.Last Updated: 6 March 2020

Take Control of Your Online Reputation with Tripadvisor Review Hub

Take Control of Your Online Reputation with Tripadvisor Review HubYour customers are looking for you online. Do you know what the conversation is about your brand? Tripadvisor Review Hub can help.

Attract New Customers

Since 91% of consumers say that reading restaurant reviews matter when choosing a place to eat,* it’s important to pay attention to what your customers are saying about you online. Not just for the experiences of past customers, but for future customers who may be looking for a restaurant just like yours.

With Tripadvisor Review Hub, it’s easy. Once you connect your accounts from Google, Facebook, and more, you’ll be able to see how and where customers talk about you online all in one place. From there, you can engage with your customers by responding to reviews and more — all from within our interactive dashboard. The more you engage, the more likely you’ll attract more diners and build a strong reputation.

Extend Your Hospitality Online

When diners come to your restaurant, they’re interested in more than food. They’re interested in the experience — how everything about your restaurant comes together to make up your hospitality. When you engage with your customers online, you’re extending that hospitality.

With Tripadvisor Review Hub, you can make sure your online presence reflects your hospitality.

Improve Your Customer Experience

With Tripadvisor Review Hub, you’ll see a snapshot of your ratings across multiple platforms. Plus, explore deeper trends in your review feedback — so you can see what’s working and where you can make the customer experience even better.

What Does It Cost?

Tripadvisor Review Hub is a subscription-based product. We offer flexible plans that suit your needs on a monthly or annual basis. For full information on our pricing and plans, click here.

Still have questions? Learn more here.

*Source: 2019 Tripadvisor Power of Reviews StudyLast Updated: 16 December 2019

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