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Waverley House Apartments Questions & Answers

Glasgow, United Kingdom

I hope Steven responds to this. It clearly says on the outside of the building that it is fully licensed.

Another Kop-out by Matthew Bracegirdle.

As he knows, there was nothing wrong with the place when Glenn Rees (the 'actual' owner bought it in May 2016, but he still persists on blaming the previous owners.

Grow a set mate and tell people the truth.

1. There is a bar and IT IS advertised on the outside of the apartments.

2. Stop blaming Roy and Diane for your inability to run this property.

3. Stop blocking Facebook comments from unhappy customers, just to make your page look good.

4. Look at Trip Advisor comments prior to Glenn Rees buying it in May 2016. Speak for itself, does it not?

5. Now look at May 2016 onwards. Speak for itself does it not?

As a manager OR owner, the buck stops at you.

There are many, many more comments coming to Trip Advisor too, and they cant all be liars.

We wont go away!!!!

over a year ago Answer

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London, United Kingdom
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I stayed at the Waverley House recently and really dont have an issue with what you are saying..I am a Licensee and the fact that any premises is Fully Licensed means it has the capacity to sell alcohol not that it has a duty to!!.

I have also stayed at many apartments and electricity meters are the norm both in this country and abroad.

Stop trying to incite bad feeling about this place with comments i can only assume are personal and derogatory towards an individual(possibly even slanderous) and let people stay and judge for themselves...like I did.

And if you work for a company or indeed own one yourself I would be very surprised if you are fault free.

Stop victimising people and let them get on with there lives without having to put up with pointless barrages of comments emminating from what I can see is only YOU.

over a year ago
Glasgow, United Kingdom
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You are certainly in the minority to even get a response Steven. I was singled out on Facebook with a private message conversation. During that 3 hours, I was called two faced, spineless and a liar by Matthew.

I have saved the whole conversation for future reference.

Not once during or after our stay did he apologise. We were holed up at the New Osborne for the first two days until we got our apartment.

He said he never knew how to contact me about the double booking, even though he replied to my email that I sent the previous week about our arrival time.

He put me on a spot in front of my sister and children. We either accepted or we 'would have been out on the street ' as he puts it.

We paid £560 for a week. He even said, 'I even gave you breakfast' and 'check the price of the New Osborne'.

We brought nearly all our own food with us, but yet still had to pay for one lunch and two dinners for 5 people at local restaurants.

This is also a man that blocks anyone that says anything negative on the Waverley House Apartments Facebook page.

I wish more people would speak out about this though. He reports every comment on Trip Advisor. But the problem is, everyone seems to be telling the truth.

Trip Advisor won't delete comments just by him requesting.

I would hate this to happen to anyone else.

And I also feel it is our duty to clear the previous owners name for any wrongdoing. I have spoken at length with them and they are appalled that the new owner is laying the blame at their door.

Matthew thinks I'll just go away eventually, but I'll keep posting until he grows himself a big enough set to actually be a man and apologise.

Or maybe he'll do it face to face when I go down at the end of September.

We all live in hope !!!!

over a year ago
Airdrie, Scotland, United Kingdom
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Thank you Tony for this note as its is exactly the case never mind the fact there was no one around at any point to actually speak to and why should I waste my money on complaining about something when I'm on my holiday to enjoy myself which I was able to do also why complain about something which would have been ignored seeing as no one had the decency to actually introduce themselves when I arrived. I also find weird that out of all the reviews that have been left in last couple months my review is the only one that was responded to almost feels like I am singled out for some unknown reason which is a despicable and deplorable act for any business to take

over a year ago
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