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Norwegian Spirit

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13 Night Cruise to the South Pacific
Departure date
Sunday, 27/03/22
Sydney (Australia), Brisbane, Airlie Beach, Cairns, Cooktown, Darwin, Komodo Island, Celukan Bawang, Bali
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Passengers: 2,018   |   Crew: 912
Passengers to crew: 2.21:1
Passengers to space: 38.1:1
Launched: 1998   


  • Deck 4
  • Deck 5
  • Deck 6
  • Deck 7
  • Deck 8
  • Deck 9
Additional decks
Deck 4 layout
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Medical Center


Cabin size: 161 - 161 sq. ft.
Connected rooms: 332
Accessible rooms: 0
Maximum passengers: 3
Number of cabins: 708

Activities & entertainment

Activities (33)
  • Arts & Crafts classes
  • Basketball Court
  • Behind the Scenes Tour*
  • Bridge Viewing Gallery
  • Dance Classes
  • Deck Parties
  • Fitness Center
  • Fitness Classes*
  • Game Shows
  • Gaming Lessons*
  • Golf Driving Net
  • Hot Tubs (5)
  • Karaoke
  • Late Night Music and Dancing
  • Library
  • Lifestyle Room
  • Live Nightly Music
  • Pools (2)
  • Poolside Games
  • Spa & Salon*
  • Spa & Salon*
  • Sports Games Televised
  • Star Track
  • Steam & Sauna
  • Table Tennis
  • Table Tennis
  • The Writing Room
  • Trivia
  • Video Arcade*
  • Wine Tasting*
  • Charlie's Child Care Center
  • Entourage Teen Club in Celebrity Disco
  • Buccaneer's Wet & Wild
Entertainment (8)
  • Casino
  • Comedy Performances
  • Maharini's Lounge
  • Maharini's Nightclub
  • Observation lounge
  • Onboard Movie Screenings
  • Stardust Theater
  • Stardust Theater
Dining (17)
  • Bar - Top Deck Bar*
  • The Garden Room Main Dining Room - American
  • Windows Main Dining Room - American
  • Blue Lagoon 24-Hour Eatery - Casual
  • Raffles Court - Casual
  • Champagne Charlie's - Champagne*
  • Shogun Asian Restaurant - Chinese
  • Shanghai Bar - Clubby Bar*
  • Atrium Café & Bar - Coffee Bar*
  • Henry's Pub - English Pub*
  • Le Bistro - French*
  • La Cucina Italian Restaurant - italian*
  • Teppanyaki/Tetami - Japanese*
  • Raffles Terrace Bar - Pool Bar*
  • Bier Garten - Pub
  • Cagney's Steakhouse - Steakhouse*
  • Sushi Bar - Sushi
* May require additional fees
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Tania J wrote a review Aug 2020
3 contributions
This ship is the oldest in their fleet and it shows. Many shipboard venues are rather small as are the staterooms. Buffet food was adequate but nothing spectacular. Sit down restaurants had decent menus
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Donalda B wrote a review Apr 2020
Bakersfield, California59 contributions42 helpful votes
Norwegian Spirit Arabian Odyssey #2 Almost a year before the cruise, we researched what was available to visit in countries that were a part of our ancient history. Time in Israel was a primary consideration. The initial 21 day Mediterranean cruise was our choice which we booked in February 2019 and we made air-fare reservations shortly after. And the roller-coaster ride began. Following is a tale of customer service gone astray Between February and July there were three price reductions bringing the balcony cabin cost from $188 per night to $140 per night. In September we were advised that the cruise would be shortened to 20 days and embark on 2/11 instead of 2/10. Also 2 more price reductions bringing the nightly cost to $119. (Note: every time the reservation is rewritten, there is a $100 processing fee payable to the travel agent.) In January, the Spirit was dry-docked in France for a 40 day multi-million dollar refurbishment. We would be the first to sail on the new Spirit, how exciting! We arrived in Rome on February 5th planning to do some sightseeing before we boarded the ship and embarked on February 11th. While we were in the air, NCL sent out a notice to some, but not all passengers that said, because of a dock worker strike, the cruise was being delayed for 4 days and would not leave until February 14? We found out about the change by reading the Norwegian Spirit blog and were aware of the change before our travel agent received the information. We would also be losing stops in Greece and Limassol. Because of the delay our cruise cost would be reduced by 25%. (The cruise was now 1/4 of what it was initially). There were two options, cancel and receive a full refund or take the 25% reduction. There was no assistance offered for the extra cost in hotels, food, flight changes and other ancillary expenses because of the 4 day delay in the embarkation date. Embarkation day and no more changes. The shuttle took us to the terminal where the boarding process began. NCL staff was friendly but everyone had a different answer to our requests for wheelchair assistance. Our temperatures were taken, passports traded for room keys and we were on our way. Once onboard, we had lunch in Windows – the main dining room. Wait staff was friendly, professional and fun to talk to. One of our waitresses was from Wuhan China. She told us more than once that she was “safe”, the significance of her statement did not sink in until later. Lunch was good except french fries were cold – this was an issue throughout the cruise. It appears to be mission impossible to get french fries from the kitchen to the table still hot. Other than that, service was great, the food was good and nicely served, and ambiance pleasant. For the most part NCL staff were wonderful.. Easy to talk to and very good at their jobs. It was interesting comparing stories about who did what during the unexpected delay in departure. Once underway it became a really nice cruise I must confess to being uncomfortable about being a “guinea pig” for the refurbishment process. Drains drained slowly, toilets didn’t flush or only flushed partially, some toilets didn’t have toilet seats, handicap restroom doors didn’t open or close properly, stair rails were not attached, painting and work was being done 24/7 with banging and hammering all night long as the work continued to bring the ship up to par.. The line at customer service was horrible and remained that way for the majority of the trip. Staff that worked the counter were for the most part, attentive and understanding. We had an ongoing issue with a premium plus beverage package, it took 10 days to finally get it straightened out. As a meet and greet activity for members of our group, we staged a Pub Crawl. The Cruise Director and Beverage Manager were great to work with. The Champagne Bar over looks the atrium. Evening entertainment was excellent. Of note was a piano player that played several evenings and he was absolutely wonderful. He had an extensive knowledge of piano classics and it was possible to talk without yelling. Evening entertainment in the showroom was excellent. The addition of Starbucks was a plus. Spoil me with a morning latte. Cagney’s Steakhouse and Le Bistro remain my favorites for good food and excellent service. The new Onda by Scarpetta was excellent as well.The Garden Café was perfect for the quick meal o snack and the selection and quality of the food in the buffet was good. The Teppan was okay, but not a favorite. The Pub was drinks only - it really needs to have some sort of bar food available. We thoroughly enjoyed the certified wine sommeliers and their knowledge of the wine’s available onboard ship. I did miss the towel animals and chocolates that used to be a part of turn down service in the evening. The new Cabin configuration is smaller. Balcony cabins used to have a small couch. The new ones only a chair and small table. The new color scheme is a modern relaxing almost to the point of boring grays, blues and burgundies. I miss the three color coded carpeting (you knew if you were up front, midship or aft by the color of the carpet), it is all the same color now. I will sail with NCL again. The cruise staff is what made the cruise special once we finally set sail.. I sincerely hope that I never have to go through the difficulties we faced dealing with the corporate offices and trying to adjust on the fly to the changes we had to work with during this cruise Despite my disappointment at not being able to visit Greece and Limassol, Egypt, Israel, Jordan and UAE were all I had hoped for. NCL arranged tours were well-organized, informative and interesting. In addition, the folk on the Cruise Critic blog were the best, we enjoyed meeting many of them. Overall, what was left of the cruise was all we had hoped it would be and the cruise staff was a huge part of what made the cruise special once we finally boarded.
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Maureen H wrote a review Apr 2020
1 contribution1 helpful vote
We were on the doomed cruise from Dubai, 2nd March to Cape Town. Advertised and highly promoted as the cruise of a lifetime, visiting UAE, Muscat, Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar, Reunion Island and several stops in South Africa. Yes definitely a trip of a lifetime. This was our13th cruise with NCL - was this a sign already? We had heard via our roll call that Madagascar had been removed with an extra stop in the Seychelles instead - great but Madagascar was one of the selling points for us - we had no confirmation from NCL or our TA so don't know why. Obviously speculation was rife with no one knowing why. We then heard that a Princess ship had had problems at Reunion Island on March 1st with the police having to use tear gas after tour buses were pelted with stones. It also reported that the Sun Princess had been refused entry to Madagascar on 13th February - the day before NCL announce no Madagascar for us, so both these incidents before we had even boarded. Nothing was said on board about change of itinerary, just the usual pushing of tours. We had the visits to Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and Muscat with time changes but no explanations. On the first sea day we had our M&G with fellow passengers and officers and the Captain - yes - the Captain- he did exist. He spoke a bit then gave the mike to Armando, the General Manager, and left. Armando introduced all the staff and made sure we knew who to contact or by all means stop and talk to whilst on board - he should be a comedian - they were harder to find than Where's Wally when it hit the fan!! Armando then opened the floor to questions, a lady wanted to thank everyone on board for all they were doing to make sure the ship was clean and healthy for us us and that was well received by everyone. I then raised my hand ... I did say it was not a criticism in any way but the elephant in the room .... Madagascar, I explained that we do not and still dont know why it was removed from the itinerary - can I ask why .. the reply... 'we don't know, it came from head office' and that was it, he just shut me down and went on to the next question. You're not telling me that the Hotel Manager had not been told the reason.... but then that seems to be how the rest of the cruise went on so why should we be surprised. Before arrival at the Seychelles we went through the farce of having our temperatures taken, forms filled in, picking our passports up to go ashore and then surprise surprise they wont let us dock - but we can have 25% cash back and FCC off future cruise oh and $200 non refundable per cabin - is that the port taxes and charges we paid CASH for that we didn't visit and haven't been refunded yet? A memo from NCL dated 13th March was sent to the passengers who were staying on for the next cruise to say it was cancelled and what they were being offered. It also said 'Guests on voyages that are underway will conclude and guests will be disembarked as soon as possible and assisted with travel arrangements' bearing in mind this was dated 13th March, so why, as far as we were concerned, still going to Reunion & Mauritius from the 14th. We were then told we're not going to Reunion or Mauritius, now going straight to Cape Town, another letter delivered to our cabins with another money back and FCC offer and that we're docking in Cape Town on 22nd - this was always our arrival date so what happened to 'disembarking as soon as possible' and let's not even go there with the 'assistance with travel arrangements' really dont know if this was a cruise of a lifetime or a cruise of a different joke every day- if it was a film you wouldn't believe it. So many things were so wrong, so many questions unanswered. • Where was the Captain and the rest of his 'Officers' when you couldn't get near Reception desk - where were they hiding? • Why had we been bobbing round the Indian Ocean at a snail's pace then suddenly he hit the pedal hard, especially in the rough seas? ... did hear that was what caused the damage in Spinnakers, we also heard an almighty crash at 3 a.m. • Why was there no communication about what was happening? The lack of communication from start to beginning was disgraceful! • Why couldn't you get a straight answer? • They had the perfect opportunity at the Latitudes party to address some of the questions but the Captain couldn't even be bothered turning up for that ... he was busy ... doing what?? Oh I know - measuring the depth of the water - because that's all he ever told us on his midday talk and then just in case we never heard it, Alvin the CD would repeat it all. • Why had we run out of supplies so early in the cruise but they could waste so much food by serving it cold. We went for breakfast in the buffet at 11, I had 2 poached eggs, cold, so I took them back, an officer asked what was wrong, I explained they were cold, he tapped his watch and said what do you expect coming this time ... it 11.15 by this time, I just stood there dumbfounded, he took them off me and I went for more toast and 2 more eggs that he had ordered for me, got back to my seat .. they had steam coming off them, cut into them - cold, all the 'chef's had done was take 2 already poached eggs out of the bain marie, dropped them in boiling water and straight onto my toast. The officer walked past me and looked, I just said that it was a waste of time and food was still cold, again, he tapped his watch and said it is nearly closing and I came down late, I explained I had to wait to be served tea, toast then the eggs so not exactly late late ... thought this was Freestyle, he was standing over me arguing/telling me off, great example for the rest of the crew to see. My husband was raging and put a complaint in to Armando, who answered with a letter saying F&B Manager will be in touch to ensure it was 'a cruise to remember' - yep - still waiting. • The fiasco of getting flight information off us - who puts letters outside cabins when most people are either out or asleep in their cabins asking for flight details and saying they had to be at reception by 10 a.m. next morning - the stress and anguish this caused some people was totally unnecessary. The letter had an extra paragraph stating passengers would need to have flights out of Cape Town on the 22nd, the day of arrival. The ship had offered 1 hour free internet and a time limited phone call as their assistance for onward travel. We received an e-mail from our TA informing us firstly that NCL had told them not to make any changes to our flights, then a second e-mail to tell us they were re-booking our flights. A third e-mail arrived with new flights details attached, the internet was so poor the attachment could not be opened. • Then told labels would be distributed and luggage out by midnight. My husband went back to our cabin at 10 p.m. labels still not there, we eventually got them at 11.15p.m. after joining the queue at reception for people waiting to pick up their labels. Got back to our cabin, labels were there, totally different colour & time to what we had been given - you couldn't write this! • But the biggest question .... why did we sail when NCL knew there were problems in Seychelles, and Reunion Island putting us all in potential danger from angry residents • I personally don't think NCL have done themselves any favours by letting this cruise go ahead, no amount of PR is going to get them out of the way they carried on. • Bad decisions - Bad management - Bad Leadership from Head Office - Bad Leadership by the Ship's Senior Staff Would I have been disappointed if they had cancelled this cruise? - yes but at least I wouldn't have known how bad they were handling a situation or treating their customers. Would I sail with them again? - I honestly don't know, we have cruise credits but just dont know. I know there are a lot of die hard NCL Cruisers out there who have already booked to go on similar itineraries for next year and that is entirely their right but I dont see where NCL have earned my loyalty on this occasion to contemplate going so soon. Whilst we were on the cruise we never heard once from NCL but we had emails from Princess & P&O letting us know as valued customers, what was happening with their cruises and the future and thank you for bearing with us - wasn't much to some but meant more than anything NCL did - they could learn a lot from Princess. On a positive note - the crew were AMAZING 👏👏👏👏 The 'officers' were absolutely disgraceful in every way, they should be ashamed to wear the uniform. So was this 'a cruise of a lifetime'? No it certainly wasn't, it wasn't what was advertised or promoted. Who wants 16 days at sea as a cruise of a lifetime? NCL did not fulfil their contract with me, I know Covid 19 was not their fault but they put $$$$$'s before my safety - they should have cancelled the cruise, cut their losses but saved their reputation
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daviddunkley19 wrote a review Apr 2020
Tamworth, United Kingdom2 contributions3 helpful votes
From day 1 this trip was a disaster and should have been cancelled. Norwegian Spirit emerged from dry dock in February 2020 following a 100million dollar refit however the ship was not finished and sailed with maintenance workers on board attempting to complete the work. However, it was obvious when we boarded on 2nd March that it was still a work in progress - some public toilets were closed due to 'plumbing issues' we had a leak from our bathroom sink which took 3 days to repair, a celing fell in in the main Spinnaker Lounge causing it to be closed for days, stateroom bathrooms were not finished....etc... etc... So, onto our luxury, exotic cruise - NOT. This was a non-stop ferry from Muscat down to Cape Town. The ship sailed out of Dubai under provisioned as containers of supples were left behind and as early as day 5 food and drink started to run out - how many people like chocolate milk on their cornflakes? Each day supplies were disappearing, milk, fresh fruit and vegetables and most wines (unless you wished to purchase a bottle), to name but a few - the menu in the main dining room diminished each day. The ship sailed knowing in advance that some ports of call had already informed NCL that they would be refused entry, and as we sailed down the Indian Ocean more and more ports refused entry. Our elusive captain decided not to share this information with passengers and was more interested in informing us of the depth of the ocean and how far we were from land. Guest Services staff were also very vague in giving out information, maybe they were taking lessons from the captain, and at times walked away from passengers and hid in the back office. Eventually, were we informed that the ship would be heading directly into Cape Town and would arrive 3 days early, however we would not be allowed to disembark until the original docking date and only then to go directly to the airport. Many passengers had accommodation booked in Cape Town but this had to be cancelled and flights re-booked. Not an easy task when the queues to use the ships phone was often 20 deep. A small number of laptops were eventually made available for passengers but the signal was not good and often hours were spent trying to get online. So, was this a good ship -- NO was this a good cruise -- NO was this a good experience --NO
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Ardfernbob wrote a review Mar 2020
Carnoustie, United Kingdom264 contributions70 helpful votes
This was to be the cruise of a lifetime but now it will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Even before we embarked, the itinerary had been changed. It was only when I contacted a tour company in Madagascar that I found out that Madagascar had been taken off the itinerary. No communication from NCL, though they were quick enough to send communications about booking tours! Little did we know as we sailed from Dubai that passengers on another cruise ship were being attacked by locals on Reunion Island as a result of fears of Covid-19. By the time Norwegian Spirit sailed for Abu Dhabi, NCL management should have been aware of this and the deteriorating situation along the line of our itinerary. Within a few days, we were already running out of wine and draft beer. A few days more and other provisions began to disappear - muesli, butter, milk, orange juice, pineapple juice, salads, fresh fruit, chicken, fresh vegetables. We wondered how this could happen so early on in a trip. Later, staff scavenged mini bars to supplement the disappearing wines. Food from other restaurants on the ship was requisitioned for the main eateries. The published menus grew shorter each day as the cruise developed with clearly adapted dishes being added to make up for the lack of fare. Meanwhile, all remaining destinations were dropped from the itinerary. Little to no information was given by the captain, who seemed happier to tell us the depth of the sea and the wind speed than what was happening to our cruise. He might as well have been an imaginary figure as he was never spotted round the ship. In fact, he didn’t even turn up to the cocktail party for repeat cruisers. Perhaps he knew what reception he would face? Guest services was just as bad as the captain in giving information. They refused to answer questions, obfuscated, and were downright disrespectful at times. Bar and restaurant staff were great, however, doing their best to make up for the rapidly deteriorating cruise experience. By the time we reached our final destination of Cape Town, we just wanted to be off the ship. By this time, passengers had taken matters into their own hands, holding meetings by nationality and contacting senators, MPs and other officials in their own countries. We were allowed into Cape Town harbour but not off the ship until we could be bussed directly to the airport. More NCL-created confusion followed as misleading information was issued at times too late to take action. Some people were left at Cape Town airport for an entire day till their flight took off. Some were told at the last minute to pack and get off the ship and bussed directly from the ship to the back of the airport without going through immigration and health controls. Others took three days to get back to the UK, on three different flights and to the wrong destination airport. We have been greatly let down by NCL. NCL knew Madagascar was closed to cruise ships from 13th February. Their risk assessment team will have warned them about the deteriorating situation worldwide as a result of COVID-19 and the effect this was having on the ports on the cruise itinerary of Norwegian Spirit. This intelligence that should have led them to cancel the cruise. Has Norwegian been involved in a major deception in order to cheat the passengers of Norwegian Spirit cruise of 2nd March 2020 – the day that a riot against cruise passengers took place on Reunion Island, something that had been brewing for some time? They would have known that future cruises would be cancelled and would have wanted to hang on to the monies that we had already paid. Norwegian did not meet the planned itinerary on eight separate occasions. Further, as stated above, there were severe and obvious shortages of provisions, meaning that in addition to the itinerary being curtailed, the other aspects of the cruise that we contracted from NCL were not delivered – salads, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, cereals, milk, the published menu, draft beer, numerous wines, etc, etc - everything that might reasonably be expected on a cruise of this nature, price and reputation. In other words, NCL failed to deliver what they advertised. It was not COVID-19 that ruined our holiday. It was NCL who failed to cancel the trip when it was clear that it could not be delivered as advertised and then went on to make a bad situation worse. We have been offered a 50% refund by NCL. This is laughable. The cruise should never have gone ahead. The stress created, and added to, by NCL merits a 100% refund and additional recompense to make up for the stress that NCL created. Is it a coincidence that there was a ‘riot’ on the Norwegian Spirit in October 2019? Google ’Norwegian Spirit riot’ for more on this. It seems that Norwegian Cruise Lines and their new CEO find it difficult to learn lessons. So, I will never sail with this cruise line again.
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