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Disney Dream

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4 Night Cruise to the Bahamas
Departure date
Monday, 13/12/21
Port Canaveral (Orlando), Castaway Cay, Nassau, Port Canaveral (Orlando)
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Passengers: 2,500   |   Crew: 1,458
Passengers to crew: 1.71:1
Passengers to space: 51.8:1
Launched: 2011   


  • Deck 1
  • Deck 2
  • Deck 3
  • Deck 4
  • Deck 5
  • Deck 6
Additional decks
Deck 1 layout


Cabin size: 205 - 362 sq. ft.
Connected rooms: 736
Accessible rooms: 10
Maximum passengers: 5
Number of cabins: 881

Activities & entertainment

Activities (35)
  • Connect@Sea*
  • Evolution
  • Disney's Oceaneer Club
  • Vibe Interior
  • Disney's Oceaneer Lab
  • It's A Small World Nursery
  • Nemo's Reef
  • Cabanas*
  • Couples Villa*
  • Senses Fitness Area
  • Mickey Slide
  • Senses Spa & Salon*
  • Senses Treatment Salons*
  • Senses Rainforest Room*
  • Edge
  • Satellite Falls
  • Goofy's Sports Deck
  • Character Events
  • Fitness Classes
  • Trivia
  • Arts and Crafts Classes
  • Deck Parties
  • Nightly Live Music
  • Game Shows
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Karaoke
  • Dance Parties
  • Extensive Kids Programs
  • Pin Trading
  • Sing-Alongs
  • Video Game Competitions
  • Adults-Only Events
  • Pools (4)
  • Hot Tubs (4)
  • Waterslides (2)
Entertainment (6)
  • Walt Disney Theatre
  • Buena Vista Theatre
  • D Lounge
  • Walt Disney Theatre
  • Buena Vista Theatre
  • Disney Movies Onboard
Dining (24)
  • Enchanted Garden - International
  • Preludes - Movie Snacks*
  • Royal Palace - French & American
  • Preludes*
  • Animator's Palate - West Coast Fusion
  • Pink - Wine & Champagne*
  • The District - Piano Bar*
  • Pub 687 - Sports bar*
  • Skyline - Cocktail Bar*
  • Vista Café - Coffee Bar*
  • District Lounge - Piano Bar*
  • Cove Bar - Coffee Bar*
  • Eye Scream /Frozone Treats - Ice Cream
  • Beverage Station - Soft Drinks
  • Vanellope's Sweets and Treats - Sweets*
  • Flo's Café: Luigi's Pizza /Tow-Mater's Grill /Fillmore's Favorites - Fast Food
  • Beverage Station
  • Cove Café - Coffee Bar*
  • Senses Juice Bar - Juices
  • Palo - Gourmet*
  • Waves Bar - Pool bar*
  • Remy - Gourmet French*
  • Meridian - Clubby Cocktails*
  • Currents Bar - Pool Bar*
* May require additional fees
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yjaquez wrote a review Nov 2021
Tampa, Florida2 contributions3 helpful votes
My apologies in advance for this long review. But I have a lot to say. I’m going to start by saying I completely understand that things are different now with COVID. I will also say, I think some companies, including Disney cruises, are abusing the circumstances to their benefit. Pros: The ship is extremely well maintained! I gave the 2 stars review based mainly on how well kept the entire ship was. It was just spotless! Cleaning crew was at it 24/7. Hand sanitizer available everywhere. The entire structure is just beautiful and the effort put into every detail is noticeable. Theater shows, both were amazing! Those 2 were the highlights of the cruise. Cons: Everything else. From the moment you arrive you’ll be harassed with crew members trying to sell you stuff. Alcohol and water packages are the most popular ones, of course. Yes, that’s correct! You will have to purchase water packages if you’d like to have water in your room…. On a Disney cruise,. For which you paid an extraordinary amount of money! I read a lot about how the food in the cruise was amazing. Well, It wasn’t. A rotten crab leg was the lowest point during the cruise. It smelled horrible! Not many options for meals. Most is the same throughout the multiple restaurants with a different name to it. Meat was very low quality, very low. On our last night I had Veal, I wish I could upload a picture to show how it looked like chicken breast instead! So white! And so tasteless. Worst is the fact that you’ll feel rushed to get through your meal. We wanted to spend Thanksgiving night on a cruise, so we picked Disney cruise thinking it was going to be so memorable. Our dinner was done In about 45 minutes or less. I wasn’t even done with my soup when the waiter brought the plate with the white Veal. At least wait until I’m done with one thing! I’m not even that slow eating. I’m a Normal person that eats at a normal pace. It does take more than 5 minutes to enjoy a little bit of chowder. For goodness sake! It’s Thanksgiving night! Make it a little bit more special! Just a little, Or maybe don’t rush your guests so much! At the end you’ll be asked to fill out a form with reviews of your experience. Crew members will almost beg you to give the dinning experience a good review so they don’t lose their jobs or are effected by it, I guess. Disney makes it so reviews will affect the crew member instead of Disney line as a whole. So, this affects how reviews look like to us. The entire process is based on us not wanting to hurt a crew member by giving the food or the process a bad review. So, we didn’t, at least tried our best not to. But the truth is, food was poor quality, and the crew is rushing you to get through your meal so they can get other stuff done. It’s not a good experience. Let’s talk about drinks…. If you spend so much effort marketing about how amazing your cruise is, you should NOT use the “it depends on who the bartender is” excuse to justify why your drinks are not quality drinks. They are not cheap, there’s no package for them, so if you are going to charge for each drink, make it worth our while to pay for them. I’m ok with it, as long as I get what I’m paying for. Not the case. We tried mojitos, margaritas, captains something (don’t remember the full name), 2 different other cocktails (sorry, wish I could remember), even asked for recommendations, and after spending a good amount of $$ trying some of them out, we gave up. Other than the 2 shows, forget about entertainment. Most of it is based on watching a movie at the pool area, or family portraits that you’ll end up paying for later of course. Honestly, it was very poor on “entertainment activities”. Alcohol tastings were also available for adults, somewhat difficult to book since kids club was limited due to COVID. We are ok with that. We came to spend time with our kids so tastings or kids clubs were not priority for us. We tried, most of the time, doing things that we could be involved with the kids. The atmosphere was boring most times. You kind of have to self entertain. No crew activities, it felt dull most times throughout the cruise. Even at Castaway Island. Character appearance, due to COVID, is distanced. That wasn’t a big deal for us. We understand. But the lack of entertainment, no appearances and activities for the kids to enjoy, at least from far, a dance here and there, or something.. there was nothing. Fireworks is just that. You go to the upper deck, watch the fireworks for a few minutes and that’s that! 3 girls came out to “entertain” with an attempt of a dance for a few minutes and that was it. Jesus! Thank God this was supposed to be a MAGICAL EXPERIENCE! The pool was limited, so kids/adults had 15 minute turns and then had to wait in line to get in again. Again, we understand safety measures due to COVID. But here’s the funny thing… right next to the pool they have hot spas? Or whatever you call those and other smaller pools on deck 12 and 13. You could get in those with no limitation in time. So, those were crowded with people that did not want to wait in line at the main pool.. umm..???.. The hypocrisy of it all it’s just outstanding! I mean, what’s the difference between a crowded pool or crowded hot spas throughout the ship? BE AWARE, that you won’t be able to leave the boat once in the Bahamas, if you have a small child that has not been vaccinated (even if tests were negative, which of course she was). If you want to get out of the boat you can only do so if you purchase one of the cruises own tours (how convenient for them!). We did not know this (it’s supposed to be somewhere on their website). You can read about it more clearly im the app. But you have limited access to the app before you actually get into the ship. We found out while already there getting ready to disembark in the Bahamas. You can only imagine the disappointment in our kids faces. We decided then to not let this ruin our vacation, so we took one of Disneys own tours. We did the Pirate Boat tour. It was outstanding how low poor quality and cheap this tour was. Isn’t this a Disney tour? It was 2 and a half hours of nothing but a guy dancing on the ropes. They did not know what to do. You could see they were just improvising. No stories about pirates, no guidance about what we were looking at, nothing! They actually didn’t have speakers either so how could they anyway? it was just loud music. People were just seating there talking to each other. There was nothing else to do. For the entire tour! I’m extremely dissatisfied, frustrated and disappointed. This entire experience was nothing but expensive. We feel ripped off. I hope this is not your experience. But to us, we will not recommend Disney cruise to anyone. We will definitely not go on another cruise trip with them again.
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Kyra H wrote a review Oct 2021
London, Canada1 contribution
I sailed on the Disney Dream for the Halloween on the High Seas in September. While the entertainment was good, I was extremely disappointed with guest services and dining. I have a dairy allergy, but wasn't concerned before the trip, as I notified DCL well in advance and never had any problems at Disney World. However, this was not the case at all. The only time I was able to get dessert was the first night (which was a small piece of carrot cake). The option on the other 3 nights was chocolate (which I can't have). I had to pick from what was already available dairy free, or I could order spaghetti with tomato sauce. Then for our first day on Castaway Cay, I was told by my waiter that I would only need to pre-order dessert, and could order whatever else I wanted on the island. This was not the case, and they did not even have the dessert I pre-ordered. They said there was not a lot of options for me there. I ended up having to go back to the boat. Which is another thing I should mention, for lunch onboard you can go to Cabanas or the quick service places. After you order you're looking at a good 30-40 minute wait, during which you have to stay in the seating area. I would not recommend a Disney Cruise to anyone with an allergy or dietary restriction. I should also add during my time on Castaway Cay I got the snorkel gear, my first set leaked from around the glass, when I went back and got another pair and used them, they also leaked, after that I had to go back to the boat. I had to pay $34 per person the next day so that I could actually try the snorkelling. When I tried explaining the situation, it was brushed off.
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faith wrote a review Sep 2021
43 contributions40 helpful votes
I have always wanted to experience cruising with Disney. I figured with the current low prices and capacity, now is the time. We went on a 3-day one - stopping at Castaway Cay and one day at sea. One crew said there were 1300 passengers, but it really felt more like less than 1000. Our cabin was Deluxe Family Oceanview with Verandah. It has split bathroom that provides more space. It did not feel cramped. It also has an extended verandah that has 4 lounge chairs and a table. The room has lots of storage. We only ate at Cabana's (buffet) for lunch on embarkation day. The food there were nothing more than edible. They were all cold. Afterwards, we only ate at the restaurants. First dinner was at Royale Palace, food was tasty but lukewarm at best. However, the lunches and dinners after that were wonderful. The presentation alone were a feast for your eyes. The Animator's Palate was interactive. Mickey, Minnie and Pluto visited Enchanted Garden with a dance number. Make sure that if you do not have kids with you, visit the food place at Serenity Bay at Castaway Cay - the steak was tender and flavorful. Their private island, Castaway Cay is beautiful. Characters are everywhere - driving around, playing in the sand - plenty of picture opportunity. No shortage of lounge chairs with umbrella too. In a true Disney fashion, crew members or cast members were all an epitome of what customer service should look like. Our head server even got me rice when I said, "Oh, this looks so good, the only missing is rice!" It's those small things that makes the difference most of the time. Because of low capacity, no lines anywhere. We rode Aquaduck 3 times back to back. They also spaced out people in the theaters, seatings were every other row with 3 chairs in between parties. I felt comfortable the entire time that every measure was being done to minimize Covid outbreak in the ship. We are definitely booking another Disney Cruise in the future.
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Yee Yee wrote a review Feb 2021
Pearl, Mississippi4 contributions
Please go. Cost a lot but its worth it. Big ship. Its cool good for kids want to go again had a lot a free time and had fun with kids and wife!
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Tom D wrote a review Aug 2020
Cape Coral, Florida105 contributions68 helpful votes
Always amazed at the customer service from Disney. they train their staff well. Even for non-cruise types or those with poor past experiences, I would highly recommend a Disney Cruise. The level of care, attention to safety, variety of activities are off the charts. Worried about activities and fun for adults, don't be, plenty to keep yourself entertained. Pricey, but definitely worth the cost.
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4 Night Cruise to the Bahamas
Departure date
Monday, 13/12/21
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