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Celebrity Equinox

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12 Night Cruise to the Southern Caribbean
Departure date
Sunday, 13/03/22
Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades), St. Croix, St. Kitts (Port Zante), Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada, Dominica, Antigua, Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)
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Passengers: 2,850   |   Crew: 1,250
Passengers to crew: 2.28:1
Passengers to space: 42.7:1
Launched: 2009   


  • Deck 3
  • Deck 4
  • Deck 5
  • Deck 6
  • Deck 7
  • Deck 8
Additional decks
Deck 3 layout
  Inside Stateroom (12)  
  Ocean View (08)  
Grand Foyer
Silhouette Restaurant
Shore Excursions
Passport Bar
Equinox Theater
Guest Relations


Cabin size: 192 - 299 sq. ft.
Connected rooms: 237
Accessible rooms: 8
Maximum passengers: 5
Number of cabins: 427

Activities & entertainment

Activities (34)
  • Acupuncture*
  • Aerobics
  • Basketball Court
  • Bocce / Lawn Bowling
  • Bocce / Lawn Bowling
  • Canyon Ranch SpaClub*
  • Celebrity Central
  • Celebrity iLounge*
  • Enrichment Lectures
  • Fitness Center
  • Fitness Classes*
  • Game Shows
  • Hair Salon*
  • Hot Tubs (6)
  • Jogging Track
  • Karaoke
  • Lawn Club Shop*
  • Live Music
  • Patio on the Lawn
  • Persian Garden*
  • Pools (3)
  • Relaxation Lounge*
  • Spa Veranda*
  • Team Earth
  • Team Trivia
  • The Hot Glass Show
  • The Lawn Club
  • The Library
  • Video Arcade*
  • Wet Zone
  • Spa Café
  • Fun Factory
  • ShipMates
  • X Club
Entertainment (10)
  • Casino Tournaments*
  • Comedy Shows
  • Disco & Dancing
  • Ensemble Lounge
  • Equinox Theater
  • Featured Films
  • Fortunes Casino*
  • Quasar
  • Sky Observation Lounge
  • The Entertainment Court
Dining (24)
  • Drink Specials
  • Mixology Classes*
  • Wine Tasting Seminars*
  • Blu - Aqua Class
  • Silk Harvest - Asian*
  • Oceanview Café - Casual
  • Passport Bar - Cocktail Bar*
  • Cafe al Bacio & Gelateria - Coffee Bar*
  • Murano - Contemporary French*
  • Tuscan Grille - Contemporary Italian*
  • Molecular Bar - Craft Cocktails*
  • Mast Grill - Fast Food
  • Slush - Frozen Drinks*
  • Gastrobar - Gastropub*
  • Silhouette Restaurant - International
  • Sushi on Five - Japanese*
  • Crush - Martini Bar*
  • Martini Bar - Martini Bar*
  • Oceanview Bar - Panoramic Bar*
  • Mast Bar - Pool Bar*
  • Pool Bar - Pool Bar*
  • Luminae - Suite Class
  • Michael's Club - Suite Class
  • Sunset Bar - Top Deck Bar*
* May require additional fees
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99dingo wrote a review Dec 2021
Leland, North Carolina6 contributions5 helpful votes
This is a beautiful ship, down to every detail. It featured a lot of fun activities, and great staff but above all I want to say that Roger V., Milan, and Denis (sommelier) at Blu provided our very large family group hands down the best service we have ever received. These gentlemen didn't miss a beat - and Roger in particular was incredibly kind and caring for my 87 year old mother, and to all of our group. Would highly recommend a cruise on the Equinox and definitely dine at Blu.
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HolidayTraveler wrote a review Dec 2021
3 contributions4 helpful votes
I'll start with the positive - sailed the Equinox from Ft. Lauderdale to Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire. This is probably my 17th cruise. Itinerary was great, had a couple relaxing days at sea (except for the d@nm pool chair self reservation bs) - someone high up on the RC / Celebrity management chain needs to put that on the process redesign list. We literally almost witnessed a physical fight over a pool lounge chair. Food was excellent, staff was exceptional. Here's the REALLY exceptional part of the review. We usually travel with 3 checked bags. On one of our flights the overhead compartments were full, so I had to check a bag at the gate. WELL, we get to the ship, no problems with the Covid-19 protocols, all SUPER SMOOTH, we get to our room only to realize I forgot the other checked bag and we have 1.5 hours until departure. Medicine and other critical items were in that bag so I call the front desk to tell them I'm heading to the airport via cab to retrieve our bag. I get to the gangway, and get stopped by this very polite gentleman who as on his radio talking to a Royal Caribbean / Celebrity staff member at the airport. I was told to "not worry, the bag is on it's way, go have fun and relax". About an hour later the bag shows up in our room and disaster is averted. Excellent, Excellent customer service. Now the negative. I've been trying since the cruise (end of October) to get someone/anyone from customer service to return my emails to discuss an item I purchased on board that never got delivered to our room. I've had my travel agent contact them, I've sent 4+ emails - nothing, nada, no call, no emails. It's a $50 item and it's more the principle of the matter more than retrieving the item. All in all an excellent trip, just the customer service blemish at the very end of our journey.
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Debbie D wrote a review Nov 2021
1 contribution
Oct 29, 2021 9 Day Cruise on Equinox We booked this cruise on recommendations that this was a class up from Royal Carribean. It was touted as having higher quality food and entertainment. It was our first and LAST Celebrity cruise. Overall, entertainment was extremely disappointing. Music was not what we expected. Traveling through the Carribean we expected some steel drum island, reggae type of music. There was none. The pool had limited activities and sub par live music entertainment. The shows were also lacking in the Wow factor. Halloween… also disappointing. All we saw from one floor up was the working staff taking selfie pictures instead of entertaining guests. Winner of costume contest was never even announced. The pumpkin display up the staircase and scattered around was very pretty but took up all the space for people to participate or dance. We stayed a level up and just observed. Oct 29 8pm dinner in dining room with Edrich,(?), our waiter. He was very attentive to us. French onion soup was tasty but that was it. The Caesar salad was warm and wilted. The main course wasn’t much better. Oct 30 Reservation in Tuscan for 40th anniversary Ordered Crabcake for appetizer. No crab, tasted like freezer burnt fried breading. Sent back. Then ordered BEET salad…under a pile of greens was a plate full of cannellini beans. After sifting through beans, found 3 microscopic pieces of beets. Told waiter to please take that away as well. Ordered lobster Alfredo and Prime Rib. The lobster was good but, again, 3 little pieces of lobster. Prime Rib was chewy and tough, more like a sirloin roast than prime rib. Extremely disappointed in our restaurant experience that was supposed to be our special occasion. We could have been in the buffet for the quality we received. Broadway Caberet was good…not great. Oct 31 8pm dinner in dining room. Joined friends at their table that we met earlier in the day. Escargot was the worst I’ve ever tasted. Steak Diane was over cooked, dried out and was seasoned with funky spices. I felt like everything was infused with the tastes of the Indian chef. Nov 1 7:15pm dinner in dining room, same table as 1st night. Edrich went out of his way to make it more enjoyable for us. My Caesar salad was cold and fresh. Dinner was good. Nov 2 7pm dinner in dining room at same table. Nov 3 7:15 dinner, dining room, same table and waiter. Met a nice couple seated next to us. Went to see Comedy show with cruise director and activities director. Best show we saw! Nov 4 7pm dinner in dining room, asked for same table as usual. They said it was reserved. Was seated at different table. Had mediocre chicken roll, pretty dry. Noticing the table we usually sit at stays empty. We ask our waiter why? He says table is broken. Now we go back to maitre de station and ask why can’t they just move that table out. Hostess tells us it’s unavailable because guests sitting on the other side of table had requested “social distancing” from start of cruise. But we’ve been sitting there since beginning, so that is a blatant lie. Then the hostess says, we need to honor our guests wishes. What about our request…shouldn’t our requests be honored as well? Not to mention there are tables surrounding their table and they were all full. At this point, the maitre de comes up to me, snaps to attention and in a stern manner says “That TABLE WILL NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE FOR THE REST OF THIS CRUISE!” Seriously? How do you social distance in a dining room with tables all very close together. We were vaccinated and tested for Covid. If they were that worried they should have gotten room service or requested another, more remote, table. How about the rest of their cruise…how did they social distance around a crowded pool, full bars, theatre’s, buffet at lunch, etc. Now my husband is angry. We go to guest services to log a complaint…they called for head maitre d to come down and speak with us. My husband tells him the story and that he’s tired of all the apologies with nothing being done about them. So much for a Happy Anniversary! Maitre d says to come see him the next evening and he will get us a table. But not our usual table. I tell him now we don’t even want to go back to the dining room. Frustrated and insulted, I go to the elevators and go up to bed as I’m no longer interested in any activities onboard. Not only do these four people get to alienate us but they were in shorts and t-shirts, which to my understanding, were not allowed in dining room. Why didn’t they just move them to a more secluded area of the dining room (if there is such a place anywhere onboard except your cabin)! Once back in room, phone rings and it’s the maitre d asking if we would like to upgrade to one of the specialty restaurants. My husband tells him no, we already experienced that catastrophe. This is not a Carnival cruise…we didn’t complain to get an upgrade…again, insulted! Nov 5 It’s 7:30pm Our message is blinking. It’s the maitre d again. He’s telling us our USUAL table is available for us this evening. Well, isn’t that just great. It’s late…it’s evening chic night and we’re not even showered as we had no intention of going to the main dining room. How were we supposed to abide by dress code and get there by 8:30-9pm? Not only that, but we would have been eating alone in the dining room as every one else would have been finished and on there way to other activities. Again, ANOTHER INSULT! Nov 6 My poor husband, John, finally lost it. We went to get some dinner at the buffet. He got some kind of steak…must have been still frozen in the middle, because the outside was cooked and the inside was cold and raw. The server in the section came up to him and apologized. John started blasting him about how he was sick of all the apologies. At that point I came back to table and tried to calm my husband down saying this staff in here have no idea what we’ve been through, don’t take it out on them. They left and I cut into my burger that had just been cooked…same thing; cold and raw in middle. You shouldn’t be serving raw burger to anyone! Tried several things that night. Everything was dried out, raw, or tasted like it was old. John, again, said he wanted to talk to the chef about my burger. Chef apologized. We no longer wanted anything. Overall, you shouldn’t receive that many apologies on a cruise. Even the wine…ordered a Pinot Grigio and it was dark golden color…tasted like vinegar. At one of the bars, they did tell me there was old wine in storage they were using. Seemed like there was frozen food that was past its due date as well. Since it is now towards the end of our voyage, I have noticed that we both have been quite swollen after eating anything. Salt does wonders to mask old, tasteless foods. Yes, we drank lots of bottled water. We have gone on many Royal Carribean cruises and never, ever had a complaint. Our room attendant, Badrus, was very kind and attentive. We appreciated all the service people. The heads of departments… not so much. I’m sorry to have to write this letter but it will be the final APOLOGY. Debbie and John Dykinga
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Lev740 wrote a review Oct 2021
Sacramento, California62 contributions30 helpful votes
St. Maarten snorkeling misadventure in Philipsburg. On September 13, 2021 my wife and I purchased “Ultimate beach and snorkeling adventure” from the Celebrity Equinox cruises ship for $94.50/person. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions we were not allowed to step outside the port area without the cruise purchased excursion. We had done other snorkeling already on St. John and I stated in my prior posting that it was not much to see. On the Philipsburg trip twenty-three passengers loaded on a speed boat and were looking forward to snorkeling in Simpson Bay Lagoon. What a disappointment. Absolutely nothing. Few of us were able to locate a couple fish and that was it. St. John’s snorkeling at Buck Island was just a little better scenery in comparison-to this nothingness. Total disappointment. On the way back to the ship our boat stopped for about 40 minutes at the beach and this was by miles better place to locate at least a few varieties of fish. We had good time relaxing on the beach and very good snorkeling near the boulders within about 100 feet from the beach. We canceled our upcoming snorkeling Basseterre, St. Kitts priced at $93 and purchase Carambola beach break for $39. As usual, I am not concentrating on historical or visual aspects of our trips. It is plenty available in many publications. Just the practical info. Lesson learned - all offered and promoted snorkeling (at least what was experienced by us) was not even close to match less costly but more enjoyable snorkeling from the beaches. Good travels.
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msbones047 wrote a review Aug 2021
Lincoln, Nebraska89 contributions53 helpful votes
This was our first experience on a Celebrity cruise-and it was delightful! The ship is gorgeous and so full of surprises and conveniences at every turn. The entertainment is largely centered around live music, and we were never disappointed. Eddy, the cruise director was absolutely the best-he seemed to be everywhere, and I wonder if he ever slept! He was so upbeat, and hilariously funny. The last day, he did a presentation of "Things to know about life on a cruise ship" that was absolutely marvelous. There were dance lessons by the pool, solo guitar performance, a glass blowing station and trivia contests constantly. There are lots of guides for assistance locating the area you are looking for-in every elevator, every turn, models of the ship in the foyers-so helpful for those of us who are directionally challenged! The Oceanview Cafe was out of this world! There are some changes due to Covid-no helping yourself, but instead you hold your plate out and the server loads it up. But no fear-you could have as much as you wanted-the servers were always asking if they gave you enough. All the food items were labeled for dietary restiricted-gluten free is a must for us, and this was so appreciated. The dessert choices were just out of this world, and every day there was a new gluten free cake. The ship was sailing at 50% capacity, so this made it so enjoyable and safe. We could always get a lounge chair and in the hot tub when we wanted. The crew was constantly cleaning, and hand sanitizer was available everywhere. This trip was definitely a welcome experience for us, as we had cancelled many trips over the past year-our first year of retirement. We hope and plan to continue with Celebrity.
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12 Night Cruise to the Southern Caribbean
Departure date
Sunday, 13/03/22
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