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TOKYO Samurai Kembu Shintomicho
#1 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
2 Ways to experience it
The Hakone Open-Air Museum Hakone-machi
#2 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
This is one of the most beautiful open air museums I have ever seen Amazing and big sculptures in a green garden - with a spectacular scenery around .
Nice and unique museum, even we visit many museums and thought we saw Picasso in many of them (Spain, Barcelona) the Picasso exhibition in this Open museum was great.
Fujishiro Seiji Museum Nasu-machi
#3 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
Nezu Museum Minato
#4 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
One of the best museums I visited in Tokyo in an immaculate, tranquil setting.
The Nezu Museum is an oasis in Aoyama, with a beautiful museum building, a large and lovely garden to wander around and an excellent cafe in a glass box at the top of the garden with great views over the greenery
1 Way to experience it
Edo-Tokyo Museum Sumida
#5 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
We have a family tradition of visiting city history museums on the first day that we visit a new city, as a form of introduction to the local culture and history, and this museum provided a perfect opening to our...
There are many museums in Tokyo however the Edo Museum provides a superb overview of how people live in Tokyo...their homes, technology and culture.
3 Ways to experience it
Samurai Museum Shinjuku
#6 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
Brilliant!! Unlike most museums a member of staff will guide you through each item in the museum and explains the history behind it.
One of the best small museums in Tokyo...and there are a lot of them.
4 Ways to experience it
teamLab Borderless Aomi
#7 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
One Of The Most Unique Museums In The World
Graffiti on the streets to art museums.
Pola Museum of Art Hakone-machi
#8 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
There cannot be many art museums that you can see Monet, Renoir, Cezanne etc paintings next to each other and get so close you can see the paint strokes.
Sometimes I find museums overwhelming and this was just the right amount to truly appreciate what I was seeing.
1 Way to experience it
Oya Stone Museum Utsunomiya
#9 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
There's a one-day ticket 大谷観光一日乗車券 including buses and entrance to both the museum and the temple for 1600 yen that can be bought at 関東自動車 宇都宮駅前定期券センター which is a minute from Utsunomiya Station's West Exit, near C...
The museum itself is the entrance to the Oya stone mine, a cave that is awe inspiring in the extreme.
1 Way to experience it
Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum Koganei
#10 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
Many of Japan's Historic buildings, especially around Tokyo have been moved into museums so it was great to experience just really old Japan.
Similar to Meiji Mura in Nagoya, The Edo-Tokyo Open-Air Architectural Museum has collected and preserved various buildings from around Tokyo, ranging from rustic farm houses to charming Western-influenced mansions.
1 Way to experience it
The Railway Museum Omiya
#11 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
And a good starting point for those also planning to visit the train museums in Nagoya and Kyoto.
This museum is an excellent and impressive history of Japanese railways and includes interactive facilities that are in Japanese and are very popular.
KidZania Tokyo Toyosu
#12 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum Minato
#13 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
This small gem of a museum has one of the finest collections and displays anywhere of pristine Art Deco design.
The museum is a remarkable combination of Art Deco and Japanese architecture, and is set in a beautiful traditional Japanese garden.
Ota Memorial Museum of Art Shibuya
#14 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
A fantastic if small museum with a great selection of wood block prints featuring portraits, landscapes, battle scenes and depending upon the displays some wonderful animal caricatures.
Wow! A wonderful, small museum where you can learn about the wood-block print process and see amazing works of ukiyo-e!
1 Way to experience it
Tokyo National Museum Taito
#15 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
Located in Turbo park with other art museums, the science/natural history museum, and the zoo, around a huge mall with fountains and cherry trees.
if you are into museum, traditional cultural experience, or arts, going to this museum is the best for you! there are other museums nearby as well as the ueno park.
Ghibli Museum Mitaka Mitaka
#16 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
This is one of the best theme museums I've ever been.
The site is set close to the lovely Inokashira park, and the museum itself is set in beautifully landscaped grounds which are really best enjoyed on a sunny day, particularly the rooftop garden.
2 Ways to experience it
Memorial Ship MIKASA Yokosuka
#17 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
The ship and the museum is a work in progress, it is great to see it as it is now and I hope they will soon have one of the 12” turrets in “working order” to be able to see that marvel of engineering and how it wo...
Combined with Sarushima uninhabited island ferry ride (right next to this warship museum), you can spend a great half day here.
Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, Saitama Saitama
#18 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
This museum tells you all about the different forms of bonsai, how to view bonsai, and the history of bonsai.
Great little museum that highlights bonsai.
Hakone Museum of Art Hakone-machi
#19 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
Stepping into this unique museum was the perfect combination between nature (incredible gardens that I'd love to see in each of the 4 seasons!) and the history of the area.
There is also a pottery museum that housed a rare 3500bc jomon clay ornate jar that's unlike anything I've seen anywhere else, including the British national museum.
National Museum of Western Art Taito
#20 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
It's nicely laid out and flows very nicely so whereas some museums explicitly label the different areas- here you follow the route round and enjoy the journey from biblical portraits through to modern art.
... TOKYO Based on a bequest by the Matsukata Collection, the National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo, (NMWA), was set up in 1959 at the famed Ueno Park – the largest park in Japan and home to several great museums.
The National Art Center, Tokyo Minato
#21 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
For art lovers, the art museums in Ueno Park, the National Art Center, and the museums around the Imperial Palace go hand-in-hand.
A few museums are as well set up as this one, which was incredible.
Mori Art Museum Minato
#22 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
I love to visit Contemporary Art Museums, Mori is one of my favorites by far.
The admission ticket is a bit pricey compared to other museums but if you consider that is a museum plus an observatory is slightly more acceptable.
2 Ways to experience it
Tokyo National Museum The Heiseikan Uenokoen
#23 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
This museum is really big and when I was there, it had a special gallery with Chinese taracotta soldiers.
This museum covers everything however, and we were fascinated to see the gaps around the two popularly covered eras filled in.
21 21 DESIGN SIGHT Akasaka
#24 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
One of my favorites museums in Tokyo!
You can watch videos of pots being made at different eras, see beautiful examples of crafts, see films, and enjoy the quiet and serenity of the museum.
1 Way to experience it
National Museum of Japanese History Sakura
#25 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
Admittance price is 420 yen per person, If you are into museums and history you will love this one but give yourself plenty of time.
Located next to the Botanical Garden of Everyday Life the National Museum of Japanese History is the perfect place to spent a day soaking in the culture and beauty of Japan.
Fukagawa Edo Museum Koto
#26 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
A great experience and one of the best museums we've been to here so far.
This is the second of three local history museums built in the 80s/90s.
1 Way to experience it
National Museum of Nature and Science Taito
#27 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
This museum is one of many museums situated in Ueno Park so if its here you're to visit, make sure you enter the building with the life sized blue whale sculpture outside, hard to miss but we managed it and entere...
the museum has relatively more "study by watching and reading" exibitits than "learn by experience" exibits comparing with other big museums in Takebashi and Odaiba but you and your kids can enjoy so much display...
Lalique Museum Hakone Hakone-machi
#28 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
Each piece is beautifully displayed and lit and the museum is logically laid out too. we also enjoyed tea on the ex Wagon lits Pullman car they have there - enjoying the wonderful glass panels surrounding us....wh...
Really nice museum, if you like the art of Lalique Rare collection of artifacts, in a beautiful display and pleasant place to have lunch as well.
Nihon Minkaen Japan Open Air Folk House Museum Kawasaki
#29 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
This open air museum featuring traditional houses in different parts of Japan which have been re-assembled here in a large park in Kawasaki is a wonderful example of conservation.
Great outdoor museum
Okada Museum of Art Hakone-machi
#30 of 2,099 Museums in Kanto
The Hakone Museum of Art, sometimes called the Museum of Art (thus the mixup with the one in Atami because both are MOA-affiliated museums of art) is in Gora, Hakone.
But here, presentation is PERFECT and you can fully enjoy the visit of this Museum, including a beautiful garden and nice tea house.