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Battlebox Singapore
I'm quite interested in military history and have visited a fair number of European, North American, Mediterranean, African, and Middle Eastern battle sites, memorials and museums - US Independence, 1812, US Civil...
One of the best military museums I've been to
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The Intan Singapore
We were welcomed into Intan museum, and unlike most museums, we could get up close to Alvin's personal collection of Peranakan artefacts, from the fabric prints to jewellery, pottery to furnitures, his knowledge a...
An amazing private museum that is cosy and beautifully curated, I highly recommend the Intan for anyone who is interested to explore cultural and heritage spaces in Singapore.
For anyone even with a remote interest in History and learning from Museums, this attraction is well worth a couple of hours of your time.
I rank this as one of the most interesting museums in Singapore and definitely recommend it to others.
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If you’re into temples, Buddhism or museums, I spent 3 hours in this temple, it’s really a spectacular and holistic evocation ambience place.
There are 5 levels and if you enjoy museums, add on another hour as 2 of the 5 levels are history and art museums.
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Singapore is has a very interesting history and mixture of cultures and there are several excellent museums to learn about it's people, past and present.
If you are captivated by urban planning - and love Singapore - this museum it’s worth exploring Should definitely be on your list if you're in the area, entry is free .Excellent!
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... to new heights of grandeur, the National Museum hosts a very strong permanent display of Singapore history and temporary displays of world class exhibits through partnerships with other museums worldwide.
The modest size of the museum, relative to the British Museum and the national museums of many nations, suits the relatively short history of Singapore (Tumasik, Dan maxi).
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You can even go on a museum tour, as there are many other prominent museums in the City Hall or Raffles Place area, including National Museum of Singapore, Peranakan Museum, Singapore Philatelic Museum, and Asian...
- Has both modern art and historical art - Like most large museums there is just too much to see in one day so worth picking a few things that you think you might enjoy.
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The Changi Museum Singapore
The Changi Museum is one of the better museums in Singapore and does an excellent job of telling the story of the unimaginable hardships endured by PoW's, civilian internees and civilians during the Japanese Occup...
With a focus on the historical era around World War II, the museum contains so many informative and poignant displays that captivate us.
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On the upper floor is a fabulous display of religious artefacts -Buddhas, Temple Gods, Mosque tiles... Up there with the best museums.
I love museums so this is definitely a good place to visit if you love history.
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Peranakan Museum Singapore
This is one the less popular museums in Singapore but it is certainly worth visiting as it offers great explanations to the Peranakan culture in Singapore.
It explains every aspect and it is a definitely something interesting and different from your normal museums.
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It takes about half a day to see all three museums, so if you go early you'll be out in time for lunch in the futuristic mall that the museum is part of, and then you can still walk down to the cloud forest and fl...
Despite the price (we're used to free museums in the UK) we absolutely adored the FutureWorld permanent exhibition at the Art Science Museum.
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ION Orchard Singapore
... - Nara Thai restaurant for its good Thai good - Muji for its simple no frill merchandise - Opera Gallery and Galeries Bartoux gallery will feel like visiting art museums for FREE! - Daiso - a must go for all!
Madame Tussauds Singapore Sentosa Island
Wax museums are all over the world, Singapore version of aMadame Tussauds gives an interactive space of dancing, where you dance with bollywood stars.
Madam Tussauds are fascinating museums to know about great people and current affairs.
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There are many other prominent museums in the area, including Peranakan Museum, National Museum of Singapore, National Gallery Singapore, and Asian Civilisations Museum.
Civil Defence Heritage Gallery (in Central Fire Station) --- Philatelic Museum --- Peranakan Museum --- National Museum --- Art Museum.
Pros Huge number of exhibits with hands on activities Planetarium type theater Well maintained exhibits Eating options with both Asian and western fares Cons It's a bit far from town...but museum is awesome
Excellent museum
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Most history books and museums are all about the "good" and "bad" guys, but if you study history deeply you know there are always two sides of a case.
The museum is situated within walking distance to Bukit Timah where the remains of the original rain forest of Singapore can be seen during a walk up to the top of the hill in the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (a lit...
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Thoughly enjoyed this place, clicked hundreds of photos, kids had a blast too, must visit either of the two trick eye museums if you are in Singapore for a vacation.
️Unique museum with a large array of 3-dimensional artwork for interactiveTrick Eye Museum Get ready to march into an incredible dimension of original 3D artworks!
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One of the best small scale museums I have visited.
This quaint site serves as a memorial and museum in remembrance of the Malay Regiment who fought and died, many to the last man, on the same grounds/area the museum sits on.
The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LKCNHM) offers you an amazing tour throughout Natural History, demonstrating how life evolved in our planet with its vast collection of artifacts and specimens.
The part that won me over was the wonderful guided tour given by Mae Chong; whose passion and knowledge really shone through that made this museum experience a unique and enriching one.
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Images of Singapore LIVE Sentosa Island
There are fountains, museums, ferris wheels and gardens to venture into.
The amazing performances and antiques museum will stun your senses and will take you to the different eras of Singapore, without political implications.
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A really lovely surprise for me to learn that Singapore has an equally high quality art museum, as I normally only enjoy art museums in Amsterdam or London or New York City or Washington DC.
It's also great that the museum features art pieces from around the South East Asian region which differentiates it from other museums around the world - I like the batik pieces and the political paintings gave me...
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We really enjoyed this museum, which is very well laid out, with interesting exhibits, interactive sections and an immersive experience all included.
The Maritime Museum was truly "experiential" for me, as I took a journey into the past via it's many exhibits, statues and figurines, interactive terminals, audio-visual presentations, mountings, and relics from a...
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The Indian Heritage Centre is a cultural centre and museum that showcases the culture, heritage and history of Indian Singaporeans.
This is a beautifully curated museum showing the Indian connection in Singapore's history.
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Airy , Well laid Out Museum Space ,, Room Settings, Engaging Informative Exhibits.
Great museum.
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A great museum, and certainly a change of pace from the typical highlights along the tourist trail.
Enjoyed visiting this quirky and fun museum.
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I went to a few museums in the UK years ago and they all appealed to my tastes with lots of diecast and UK toys.
Great little museum and very easy to find just across the road from the famous Raffles Hotel, for a privately owned attraction the museum is well stocked with genuine vintage toys from most era's, some quite rare...
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Ode To Art Singapore
Ode To Art is perfectly centered in a triangle that is the National Museum, National Gallery and Singapore Art Museum.
Free museum Great to pop in and look around Lots of exhibits looking at the civil defence history for Singapore, including a range of fire appliances.
While the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery showcases over 1,500 artefacts, it is more than just a historical museum.
Air Force Museum Singapore
If you like aviation museums, go visit it!
This is one museum where visitors can get up close - touch them, in fact! - with different fighter jets, Bloodhound and Rapier missiles, and anti-aircraft systems, and uncover their stories and contributions to th...