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NATURE Daikanyama Shibuya
Natura is a relaxing oasis in the hustle and bustle of the big city life and is definitely worth a visit!
Marimo was excellent she made me feel very relaxed I highly recommend it as it was the perfect ending to amazing holiday.
Kayco Vivid Kyoto Kyoto
Both felt wonderful and had me feeling very relaxed afterwards!
Perfectly Relaxing
Arona Spa Shibuya
Great relaxing massage in the heart of Shibuya with reasonable prices.
Thank you arona spa! Upon arrival, The ambience is great, the staff are friendly and speak excellent English.
ERAWAN Thai Traditional Massage - Tokyo Minato
Awesome service, friendly faces, efficient and prompt process, easier to communicate, and a very relaxing ambience.
The moment you enter the spa, you feel transported into a refined, fragrant and peaceful Thailand!
Hiyoshido Kyoto
The massage was incredible and both myself and partner left feeling very energised, relaxed and very zen.
The spa was immaculate and the therapists extremely professional.
Nozawa Onsen Nozawaonsen-mura
... serenity the awesome forests of birch and cedar- could move here in a heartbeat just lovely-oh and if you enjoy a very hot bath whilst relaxing in an amazing building with total strangers then this is the place
Every morning/ evening/ sometimes afternoon, we did go a different spa onsen place to another.
Healthy Land Tamatebako Onsen Ibusuki
This is the hot spring in Healthy Land Spa.
After visiting Sayuri, sand spa nearby, I walked on to Tamatebako Onsen with my wife and two children.
Healing Space Koyasan Uguisu Seitaiin Koya-cho
While staying in Koyasan I had a massage session with Taka that was just wonderful, relaxing and invigorating at the same time.
Taka gave me a great massage and I left feeling refreshed and relaxed – to the point where I actually enjoyed the plane ride home two days later.
Kinosaki Onsen Toyooka
All in all we loved it there, it is very relaxing, a great place to wind down and get to know a different side of Japan.
Its very common to see people wearing a yukata (traditional Japanese relaxed outfit) .
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Kusatsu Onsen Kusatsu-machi
Relaxation at its best
Kurokawa Onsen Minamioguni-machi
The whole place has a very relaxing atmosphere and perfect to unwind and get away from city life.
A beautiful small village which took us out of reality into a relaxed state.
Yunomine Onsen Tanabe
Yunomine Onsen, a Japanese spa village with great multi-day treks nearby
Today, the spa makes a useful base for anyone wanting to walk along the ancient trails.
Lamune Onsen Kan Taketa
Hoheikyo Onsen Sapporo
Watching the snow fall down from the sky is hypnotizing and relaxing.
With a bit of sun, the body is completely relaxed after about an hour.
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Zao Onsen Outdoor Hot Spring Yamagata
Wonderful bathing onsen options around town for post walk relaxation and enough decent hotels and restaurants to make for a pleasant few days.
Very relaxing.
Kurama Onsen Kyoto
By the way, free shuttle service from the train station was very convenient, especially after the visit to the onsen, when you feel too relaxed and sleepy to walk back to the station) We were lucky since there wer...
Located in the north-eastern corner of Kyoto, at the end of a small local electric train (Eizan) line (420 yen for a 30 min ride), this spa is part of an expensive traditional inn (ryokan), but it's open to visito...
Busshozan Onsen Tempyoyu Takamatsu
Cozy and Relaxing!
great experience, enjoying spa in out.
Shika no Yu Nasu-machi
Takinoyu Osaki
Arima Onsen Kobe
The cable car ride is a great way to go, or if you have a day, hike from Ashiya over the Rokko mountain range and end with a relaxing onsen.
We visited Arima Onsen during autumn and stayed a night in an onsen and it was beautiful & relaxing.
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Tenzan Tohji-kyo Hakone-machi
nice onsen, clean&very relaxing with the natural stone, trees, .. i went on a weekday(!!) after visiting hakone area as a day trip from tokio- it was lovely as it wasnt crowded at all and also there were very few...
I am very happy with everything, the facilities, super clean, silent and relaxed atmosphere and all you need for shower, shampoo, conditioner, soap and hairdryer.
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Myoban Onsen Beppu
I have been to more beautiful and larger onsens in Japan before but Ebisuya gives the guests a relaxing feel especially the resting area at a corner of the lobby with resting chairs, smell of aromas, magnificent v...
Even if you only have a few hours in Beppu.... visit Myoban onsen for a relaxing and healthy slow down on your travels :)
Sai no Kawara Rotenburo Kusatsu-machi
There is something to viewing the fall leaves on the mountain and relaxing with a great natural hotspring soak.
To get to the onsen you have to have a short walk through the park bubbling with hot spring water and foodbaths everywhere, the scenery is very relaxing.
Saraku Ibusuki
Great way to finish while your muscles are all warm and relaxed!
i actually prefer sand bathing to onsen as the sand is warm and nice....i think i could have just lay in the sand pit for a long time as it's so comfortable and relaxing...unfortunately there's a 10 min time limit...
Shibu Onsen Yamanouchi-machi
One of the highlights of the area are the Onsens (Japanese Spas) which are amazing.
Each onsen was unique and, once cooled to a tolerable temperature, provided a wonderful relaxing experience.
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Ibusuki Onsen Ibusuki
Visited and tried the hot sand treatment on the beach which felt a bit surreal to start with but was so relaxing!
Relaxing experience
Yamakawa sand steamed bath onsen Sayuri Ibusuki
It was rejuvenating, relaxing and health-giving!
So relaxing and must do!
Gosho no Yu Toyooka
If you would like to enjoy Spa and Japanese meal in Japan, I recommend you to stay in Kinosaki Spa town with Japanese emotion.
The dressing room is a little small but has soft lighting for a more relaxed setting than some of the others with ultra-white bright lighting.
Bessho Onsen Ueda
Japanese traditional spa village
Sukayu Onsen Aomori