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Tian Tan Buddha (Big Buddha)
Historic Sites, Monuments & Statues, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Summer Palace (Yiheyuan)
Historic Sites, Architectural Buildings, Castles, Gardens, Monuments & Statues
Temple of Heaven
Architectural Buildings, Historic Sites, Sacred & Religious Sites, Parks, Government Buildings
Juyong Pass of Great Wall
Historic Sites, Military Bases & Facilities
Tian Tan Buddha (Big Buddha)
Historic Sites, Monuments & Statues, Points of Interest & Landmarks
The Bund (Wai Tan)
Historic Walking Areas, Scenic Walking Areas, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Mutianyu Great Wall
Points of Interest & Landmarks, Ancient Ruins, Hiking Trails
Great Wall at Huanghuacheng
Points of Interest & Landmarks
Lingyin Temple
Sacred & Religious Sites, Historic Sites
Temple of Heaven
Architectural Buildings, Historic Sites, Sacred & Religious Sites, Parks, Government Buildings
Potala Palace
Historical & Heritage Tours, Architectural Buildings, Castles, History Museums, Sacred & Religious Sites
Hengshan Hanging Temple (Xuankong si)
Sacred & Religious Sites, Architectural Buildings, Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Mutianyu Great Wall
Points of Interest & Landmarks, Ancient Ruins, Hiking Trails
Simatai Great Wall
Ancient Ruins, State Parks
The Great Wall at Badaling
Ancient Ruins, Architectural Buildings
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Mutianyu Great Wall Beijing
... its a gift from my friend..so i have to walk up the wall..regrets!! Cant walk afterwards haha, but everything is good, a breathtaking view of the amazing Great Wall..and as ive said Great Wall Ur really AMAZING!!
Amazing experience, amazing place, amazing views, best section of the Great Wall!!!!! Go there with a good camera and wear good shoes because everything you'll see is totally worth it!
229 Ways to experience it
The Bund (Wai Tan) Shanghai
Best time is to visit late in the evening when one gets great views of Shanghai skyline with the river dividing two parts of city with tall n beautiful skyscrapers on both sides .. wonderful view of the pearl towe...
You can get some great shots of the city skyline when you walk along The Bund but my recommendation would be to take a boat trip as we did, absolutely fabulous views along both sides of the river bank!
181 Ways to experience it
Hong Kong Skyline Hong Kong
The skyline is stunning and personally I think the best views are from Kowloon side Great views from Tsin Sha Tsui promenade across from the Peninsula Hotel and by the cultural centre
Perfect on a beautiful sunny day, better still at sunrise or sunset, but the best time to view the Hong Kong Island skyline is in the evening when the Symphony of Lights show comes on.
7 Ways to experience it
Tian Tan Buddha (Big Buddha) Hong Kong
Great trip to see the giant Buddha, unforgettable experience, fab trip up in the glass bottom cable car, magnificent views of Hong Kong - Spiritual and enlightening, definitely a highlight of our stay in Hong Kong!
The whole day was amazing, we opted for the crystal cable car which was great, the views where stunning and we skipped the que Lunch was lovely in the monastery Great view From the steps on the budda Plenty of pho...
15 Ways to experience it
The Great Wall at Badaling Beijing
This part of the Great Wall at Badaling surpasses any other Great Wall attractions in terms of its magnitude and views of the nearby mountains.
Make sure put sunscreen (Great Wall is high on mountain), be sure bring plenty of water and snack (you will need some rest in the middle), make sure bring camera with extra battery (the view is too beautiful).
82 Ways to experience it
Summer Palace (Yiheyuan) Beijing
There are some fantastic 'typical' Chinese views to marvel at with the huge lake, Lotus flowers, willow trees, arched bridges, wooded hills, Pagodas and beautiful palaces and temple.
Fascinating architecture and history, the gallery of paintings is breathtaking and the view of the lake from the white bridge is unforgettable.
156 Ways to experience it
Victoria Peak (The Peak) Hong Kong
Excellent Shopping, Restaurants and Nature Trails we'll definitely be visiting again, The views of Hong Kong and Kowloon are breathtaking, Go on a hot day the cool Breeze is so relaxing, Defiantly a must do Holida...
Amazing views day and night.The best way to enjoy the ultimate Peak experience is Peak Tram Sky Pass, offering you enjoyment of a trip on the famous Peak Tram and the fabulous panoramic views of Hong Kong from The...
41 Ways to experience it
Temple of Heaven Beijing
Temple of Heaven is a must-do as it is a gorgeously preserved site of stunning structures, pristinely kept grounds and opportunities for quiet contemplation if so desired.
My top four favourite places to tour in Beijing and what I would classify as the four “must see” sites are: Forbidden City (Palace Museum), Temple of Heaven and Tiantan Park, Summer Palace, and Tiananmen Square.
171 Ways to experience it
Forbidden City-The Palace Museum Beijing
Among the formal sights one that I enjoyed as very low-key and respectful was the Eternal Abundance from Heaven (Auspicious Deer Artifacts of the Palace Museum), which pays tribute to the critical role that deer p...
Everywhere is kept clean, the buildings are well preserved and it is a fascinating place As you leave by the North gate be sure to cross the road and climb the steps to get a fabulous view which really shows how v...
268 Ways to experience it
Jinshanling Great Wall Luanping County
But it's a great hike with great views!!! Highly recommend this part of your adventurous and love a good workout!
One can really take their time to savor the amazing views and enjoy the tranquility surrounding the historic site.
45 Ways to experience it
Sandbox VR Hong Kong
Venue provided some video footage free of charge after which shows the real and the virtual views of what you have been doing and what your character looked like (you can see the avatars of others in your group in...
Potala Palace Lhasa
Outstanding, 272 steps to clim up but its worth it, Great history and experience, panoramic view... Representation of Tibetian history and culture
The Bolshoi Palace is a magnificent architectural masterpiece, a holy site of Buddhism, and a huge treasure trove of Tibetan culture.
40 Ways to experience it
Linda Beijing Tour Beijing
But on our way back to the hotel, Linda drove us into downtown Beijing for a quick car tour of the biggest sites in the city's center where she provided some interesting local commentary in well-communicated English.
;) Had a great time at the wall, and Mark waited for us the time we spent looking at the views and took us back to airport well in time!
Xianggong Mountain Yangshuo County
Be prepared for the 20-minute walk up the steep steps which take you from the carpark to the top of peak where you shall have a great view of the karst mountain landscape and the Li River bend.
My family especially appreciated that the scenic spot had 4 platforms at different heights so that we may watch the views at various angles.
5 Ways to experience it
Great Wall at Huanghuacheng Beijing
We climbed up the wall and walked along it for several hundred yards, the followed trails to the lake and hiked along the lake with lovely views of the great wall along the mountain tops and cherry trees in bloom...
This is one of my favourite Great Wall sections, you will enjoy the breathtaking stunning lake and mountain view from the top.
31 Ways to experience it
The Great wall of Jiankou-The Great Wall Alternative Beijing
What an absolutely stunning place so much history and absolutely stunning work and amazing views definitely worth a visit
The sites, history, imagination of it's creation, the pride the Chinese have of this amazing place was well worth any challenges (which were very little).
13 Ways to experience it
Yungang Grottoes Datong
One of the most amazing sites I have been to in China, comparable in scale and splendor to the Terra Cotta soldiers in Xi'an.
I went in winter to this place the view the landscape was awesome, looking those Buddhas on the mountain and the size will make you feel small and enjoy old real ancient China buildings
13 Ways to experience it
Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces Longsheng County
The rain was easing by the time we reached Ping'an Village and the views from the village were spectacular with the mist and clouds adding to the ethereal quality of the terraces.
Our tour guide Mo took us all the way to the top village , the view was absolutely amazing and magical!
24 Ways to experience it
Juyong Pass of Great Wall Beijing
... admit a lot of the steps are very high and steep in sections and it can be quite challenging but the view from the top is amazing, there are great opportunities for photos along the way, we really loved the fa...
This was truly amazing and a must to see and experience place.The views stunning,the stairs and pathways testing your fitness but truly worth every breath you take
22 Ways to experience it
Yamdrok Yumtso Lake Nagarze County
At the Top pass ensure you stop as this area contains thousands of prayer flags and amazing views of the valley.
The lake's bright turquoise colour and the view of the winding waterway tucked in the mountains are breathtaking.
8 Ways to experience it
Tsz Shan Monastery Hong Kong
The destination is perfect, from the Buddhist architectural aspect, tranquility, view of the giant Guan Yin, the friendliness of the employees, the courtesies extended and to be in complete inner peace.
The setting is gorgeous (amazing views!), the gardens stunning and the Buddhas and architecture are simply inspiring.
1 Way to experience it
WildWall Tours Beijing
The skies soon cleared and we enjoyed the most varied and unforgettable treks, mountain goating our way through rubble and vegetation, pausing to gaze at astonishing views, getting up close and personal with the m...
A hike through the autumn woods in rural Beijing and then the Great Wall looms above us -- my 6-year-old son and I were blown away with one awesome view of the Wall after another.
Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area of Zhangjiajie Zhangjiajie
There is so much to see in the National Forest Park, but the most famous sites include The First Bridge Under Heaven, the Avatar Hallelujah Mountain and the Spirit Soldiers’ Gathering, among others.
... Tianzi Mountain) Day 2: Tianmen Mountain Scenic Spot Tianmen mountain has the world's longest cable car ride that lasts for 28 odd minutes and gives you some amazing, out of this world view on your way up.
4 Ways to experience it
Hengshan Hanging Temple (Xuankong si) Datong
About 70km from Datong- ride thru deserted area, coal mines sites with literaty thousands of big trucks transporting coal you get to quite high cliff area where the temple is literary hanged on middle of the cliff...
We were so glad that we visited this site, It truly is a magnificent feat of achievement for the Chinese.
15 Ways to experience it
Longmen Grottoes Luoyang
The grottoes are well preserved and delicately fascinating, I personally loved the view from across the river where you could see the large Buddha and take in the magnitude of the place.
Highly recommend to do it as you will have a great panoramic view of the entire western side grottoes, great photoshoots.
13 Ways to experience it
Yunnan Shaxi Ancient Town Dali
The views in the valley are just amazing and for someone who lives in a large, industrial Chinese city in the East, it's a good reminder that there is great variation in this country.
It is marvellous to wonder around enjoying the sights and the atmosphere.
2 Ways to experience it
Dialogue in the Dark Hong Kong Hong Kong
While tourist plan of seeing all the wonderful sights of Hong Kong, Dialogue in the Dark offers just the opposite.
Without spoiling the experience for others...............just go! Go with an open mind and come out with a different view of the world.
1 Way to experience it
Shanghai Tower Shanghai
Once you reach the summit, the views are truly incredible, especially as Shanghai has such a fascinating variety of architecture.
The view from the top is phenomenal as even though this is the second tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa is tallest) it has the highest public observatory and fastest elevator (atleast at the time of writ...
27 Ways to experience it
Bund International Architecture Exhibition Shanghai
The best way to see The Bund is by river cruise at night Amazing sights and colours From far can get a good grip of the buildings The different styles of the buildings are amazing Walking is good too Sometimes hug...
It is definitely the best view in the city, especially at night time with all the magnificent lights from the skyscrapers and boats crossing the Huangpu River.
77 Ways to experience it
The Great Wall of Gubeikou Beijing
Right after the first uphill, you're treated with gorgeous mountains and copious snaking views of the Great Wall.
The Gubeikou Great Wall is an unrestored part but the view was spectacular and it was a comfortable hike.
21 Ways to experience it