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War Remnants Museum Ho Chi Minh City
War Remnants Museum is one of the most popular museums in Vietnam. it contains exhibits relating to the Vietnam War, but also includes many exhibits relating to the first Indochina War against the French Colonists.
We took a Cyclo Tour (fab) and it included the transport from our hotel, through the incredible traffic and the entrance to all the local museums - well worth it this way.
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I have a strong interest in minority cultures and have visited many museums in China and Vietnam but this one takes the cake.
If you are visiting Hoi An this is a highly recommend cultural highlight you have to visit: The Precious Heritage museum with a fabulous collection of ethnic objects and more than 200 photo's made by Rehahn.
Drink Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City
Amazing stay and the Herbal Tea & Spirit Museum
Great food Great drinks & museum, full of knowledge.
I can say it is even more professional than some other museums we have visited.
Great history here amazing military stuff best I’ve ever seen best 5 hours in a museum ever very tear jerking Vietnam section real soldiers photos the owner even came hello and had chat about firearms I had never...
Fantastic artwork, we loved all the themes and every room was a great new surprise.. guides accompanied us around the museum and helped us with poses and ideas and took great photos of us.
my husband first time he visited any 3D ARt museum like that so we’ve got so much fun for that day in Da Nang.
an amazing collection of Vietnamese tribal artifacts for travelers, locals, and museums around the world.
... but Mark inspires trust and guarantees all his items and I was delighted to buy a very old hairpin from him at a fair price considering its museum quality and it will be a great memento of my time in Vietnam.
It has the best signage of all the Hanoi museums, it faithfully represents the diverse and distinct cultures that make Vietnam what it is and highlights the essential and significant contributions made by Vietname...
I live in London and I always praise London for the multitude of great museums it has on offer(majority of them for free as well!!), but this museum became my favourite in the whole world!
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Despite being out of the way compared with other museums in Hanoi, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is worth a thorough visit, for those who are keen to learn about the multiculturality of Vietnam and for those who wou...
For the love of visiting museums,I choosed the famous museum of ethnology with students from Hanoi eBuddies.I was overwhelmed by the wide diversity of Vietnam's cultures and particularly the life style of ethnics....
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This museum coupled with the historic museums both in hanoi and saigon give a extreme good impression about live, love and history of the vietnanese, here in particularnthrough the arts.
In our travels in Vietnam we had enjoyed the Fine Arts Museums in HCMC and Danang but this one was the best!
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Given it is a private funded museum, every detail vastly surpasses the public museums of the country that all too often are badly run and poor organized.
We intended to visit the pottery village but found there is now a museum at the gates to the village, it was quite amazing, free entry and some wonderful exhibits of new and ancient pottery.
FITO Museum Ho Chi Minh City
The building alone is a must see; it is a small place but well worth a visit as the background and insights are different to what you see in the larger Museums.
What makes it really worth it is that unlike other museums, for the 50,000 VND entrance fee, a guide takes you through the entire museum explaining things and answering questions.
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We hadn't seen it on any maps or in online guides, yet it was certainly one of the most modern, professionally done museums in Hanoi.
Quite close to our hotel party of 6 , we were warmly welcomed and given a free guided tour, maps etc and our police trainee guide was excellent explaining both questions related to the museum and Vietnamese histor...
It is a nice contrast to visits to the larger, more commercial museums in Hanoi.
this is a fascinating little museum that really does bring Hanoi in its yesteryear to life.
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I visited the gallery after missing the opening hours of the Yersin museum and it was a great decision.
Well you know by now the Minister of War (wife) has a love affair with wine, any wine and when you incorporate jewellery, semi precious stones and rocks, beautifully carved museum pieces into the equation she is o...
The GAM Gemstone Art Museum & Winebar in Hoi An is one of those marvels/unexpected places you must find anywhere you go to enjoy.
So he might be more of a local asset than a national treasure, though he has exhibited his art in very prestigious allergies and museums.
This museum came as quite a surprise: an entire building dedicated to an artist who displayed work with Picasso and many other greats, just on Le Loi!
One of the best museums in Hanoi.
This is a very impressive and historically informative museum, which added to my knowledge of Vietnam's military history, including important events before and after the end of the well-known Vietnam war.
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Cotic Hoi An
This cafe is located near the folklore museum.
Through its small museum, memorial statue and preserved village ruins, this site does an admirable job of keeping the memory of the My Lai massacre alive.
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Amazing museum where you can easy spend all morning, easy to find, closes over lunchtime like most museums in Vietnam.
It is well presented on the whole, though the general lack of maintenance and care of these important sites is a feature of Vietnamese museums - sadly.
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Artinus 3D Art Museum Ho Chi Minh City
This was my favorite spot to bring my girlfriend during my short stay in Ho Chi Minh city and the experience really stood out compared to the other museums and activities you can partake within the city.
Many trick art museums have been opened in many countries and of course I who is very interested in art and performances have searched a lot of them.
Con Dao Musuem Con Son
It consists of 2 museums: the Old and the New.
Much os this history is recalled in this newly-opened museum, which is a definite must-see together with tours of the various prisons clustered about the small town of Con Son.
Museum of Vietnamese History Ho Chi Minh City
Of the many museums in Ho Chi Minh this was one of the best with spacious galleries, well presented exhibits and excellent English narratives attached to the displays.
If you have a chance to visit Saigon, you can take your time to see this historical museum.
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Fine Arts Museum Ho Chi Minh City
One of the best museums in Vietnam
The museum complex has three buildings, and we spent most of our time in Building 1, which houses modern art and art from the Revolutionary (Vietnam War) Period.
Hanoi has great museums but you must remember they are generally closed 11/2pm.
The museums "star" attraction one could say is the wreckage of a B52 which is laid out to represent the aircraft.
The population of Nha Trang is thanksfull to Alexandre Yersin and his work This museum is a great idea to show him respect The city has decided to rebuild his house too and this is a great idea Locals do go regula...
Small museum with lots of info can buy books to read later has also got originals of letters formulas etc lady who runs it lovely think 20,000 dong for adult 10,000 for my 11 yr old
I was very impressed by the museums exterior architecture built in French colonial times, and its gardens.
Housed in a sino vietnanese style historic building we find a supurb museum dedicated to the long and winding history of vietnam,and, together with the one on saigon and the fine arts museum in hanoi they give an...
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