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Things to Do in Guna Yala Region

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  • ViajeraEterna98
    Madrid, Spain3 contributions
    I visited the incredible islands of San Blas with my husband. Our amazing tourist guide Tamara Bueno Solis (+507 6324-2898) took over the entire organization of our honeymoon and created an incredible journey for the both of us. She made sure we visited the hidden gems of the island and that we talked with the indigenous people and got a closer look of their incredible culture. I would highly recommend travelling to San Blas with our tourist guide Tamara. Take a look at the pictures below and enjoy.🤗🌊☀️
    Written 25 October 2022
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  • OldPee
    Boston, MA81 contributions
    Our group of 3 families, 11 people, spent 1 night on Isla Perro. We tried to research an overnight trip to San Blas prior to our trip, but it was hard to find reliable information and we were pretty anxious about what we'd find. I'm pleased to report it all panned out. Spending the night here is a once in a lifetime experience. If you're waffling about going to San Blas, stop waffling and go! There are huge hassles but it's worth it. We booked through a tour company, both the transportation to San Blas and the overnight stay. My strong recommendation is to pay the $50/person to have them drive you rather than try to do it yourself. The road is theoretically paved but full of potholes and steep inclines and you'll be on the potholed part for at least an hour and you'll wreck your rental car if it isn't 4-wheel drive or high clearance ... beautiful scenery though. The "port" of carti is a dirty chaotic mess and we appreciated the tour company shepherding us from the car to the awaiting boat. The boat ride takes 45mins and can be a bit of a roller coaster but we didn't get as much sea-spray as we anticipated. There are dozens of small islands and we visited only 2 and stayed on 1, so I can only comment about Isla Perro. The island itself is maybe 5 acres, covered in palm trees and sand. The beach is classic powdery soft "caribbean" sand, with crystal clear water throughout. Lots of other islands around so views are scenic. Palm trees go right to the edge of the water so plenty of shade. There's a cool sunken boat for snorkeling and some coral and fish surrounding the island, but I wouldn't come here expecting fantastic snorkeling. There were only 3 thatch roof huts on the island and a couple camping tents, so maybe 15 people staying overnight. The huts are right next to the beach and have spectacular views, particularly during sunset/sunrise. The beds were surprisingly clean and comfortable. They have a generator on the island for lights/fans and they jerry-rigged running water for each of the bathrooms in the huts. Very rustic but comfortable. There's a large thatch roof open air dining/communal area which was lovely. Meals/drinks are included in the price and were "ok". We had lobster for dinner and half of us loved the lobster and half didn't. If you opt for fish or chicken, it's fried. You can also get plantains or rice, both of which were good. Drinks outside of meals were available for only $2 each. Don't day trip here. There were a few dozen day trippers until about 3pm and the island was significantly more chaotic and the staff seemed overwhelmed. But once they left, the 15 of us had the island to ourselves and it was amazing. The guna staff were very friendly however many didn't speak english and they weren't in a rush to get things done. For example, if they said "dinner is at 7", we'd all show up at 7 and sit for 20 minutes in the dining hall waiting for someone to start serving and it wasn't until we tracked down one of the staff that they'd even start cooking. Same goes for tours to other islands, where we'd show up at the appointed time and wait and wait and eventually track down someone in charge. So don't expect a traditional hotel experience at all. This is an "adventure" and we were all so blown away by the scenery and uniqueness of the experience that we gladly tolerated the inconveniences. We could have stopped at a guna village for a short stop on the way back to Carti but opted to skip it because we had to get back to Panama City by 6pm, so I can't comment on that.
    Written 2 January 2022
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  • RMDTraveller
    Zurich, Switzerland387 contributions
    From 4-6 Jan 2019 I went on a trip to the San Blas Islands - to Isla Ina (where we stayed 2 nights/3 days).

    We also made a boat trip to Isla Pelicano which was a nice treat and get away retreat.

    We went with tour operator San Blas Dreams(.com) and paid 147$ for 2 nights incl. transport and 3 meals a day (very simple and monotonous but made with love).

    At booking 32$ is paid by credit card. The 4x4 is paid 50$ cash upon arrival in the port or at the supermarket (before the long bumpy road to the port) and 22$ is paid for entering Guna Yula (Government tax).
    32+50+22= 104$ and 45$ I paid at the cabins on the island so actually paid a bit more then the advertisement of 147$.

    As always presenting the numbers:
    -Price to get there from Isla Ina: Free
    -Pelikan Island: 4.5**** most untouched/peace when you are a small group.

    Important take your passport with you as you go to an autonomous region.

    Overall Ina Island was crowded but I have been told not as crowded/overcrowded as Isla Franklin and Diablo.

    Therefore going to Isla Pelicano for the day or some hours is a welcome treat.

    See my review on San Blas for more details and how to get there.

    -When the ocean is ruf you will get wet, bring a waterproof bag for your phone and camera and money.
    -Bring money, there are no CC/AmEx/MC facilities.
    -Bring plenty water
    -Bring sun screen

    There is no shop on Isla Pelicano

    The island itself has beautiful palms and scenic views and the beach is white fine sand and a nice walk into the refreshing water which is cooling but not cold.

    Also note we were in early January so there is still light rain from time to time and morning overcast!
    You will burn also with overcast! ! !

    There are no sleeping possibilities neither toilets.

    The experience is unique and the views amazing, just be prepared for the trip there and back!
    Written 8 January 2019
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  • mmuntner
    New York City, NY142 contributions
    I booked on Airbnb. CHICHIME ISLAND is also known as WISSUDUB as a heads up. Requested a private cabin, and got one with a floor and private bathroom. The bungalows are open to the environment even with privacy. I do recommend a mosquito net as there weren't any provided. It's possible that at other times during the year they aren't necessary, but in July 2022 they were needed. Rooms were clean, and food was good. We always felt well taken care of. There are some island dogs that are really cute and friendly. On our last day one of the dogs went around saying goodbye to everyone that was leaving.
    The beauty of San Blas is otherworldly. Even though I didn't sleep well, the days were amazing and made the whole trip more than worthwhile. On our tour one day we went to a "sunken island" in the ocean where you are standing in one to two feet of water and can see star fish.
    I can't speak to other costs but will share my own: 155 a night for two people for two nights was 310, plus 43 in fees for $353. This did not include transportation or the tour for the second day. Transportation pickup and return from hotel was 60 per person for 120. Boat ride to island and return was 50 p/p for 100. Boat tour was 25 p/p so for two was 50. If you are keeping track the costs for the two nights with two people so far was 623. There is also a tax for foreigners entering the Guna Yala (San Blas) territory for 20 p/p, so an additional 40. So, total cost was 663. This doesn't include any drinks or snacks you can purchase on the island but three meals a day are provided.

    We didn't have cell service, but some people did. Definitely depends on the provider. Electricity was available a few hours a night.
    Anyway, totally worth it. Highly recommend! Once in a lifetime. Crystal Clear Water. Very very cool.
    Written 17 July 2022
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  • Dominic Markart
    3 contributions
    My girlfriend and I stayed with Carlos on his sailboat for 2 days and 2 nights.
    We were blown away by the beauty and uniqueness of San Blas and we were so happy to experience all this on a boat. On the one hand having the comfort staying on a beautiful yacht and on the other hand having the possibility to see couple of different magical islands was OUTSTANDING.
    The service of Carlos was excellent. He is a great cook and prepared for every lunch and dinner fresh fish, lobster, crab or other seafood available in the waters of San Blas. He is also very knowledgeable about San Blas and the Kunas and makes everything possible for you to have an unforgettable time. So visit Calors on his boat before San Blas will be flooded in the next 15-20 years. Thank you a million times.
    Written 18 February 2019
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  • Anton C
    Singapore, Singapore2 contributions
    Incredible experience! Paradises island with awesome views m. The company organized everything properly and with a great cost! Totally recommended
    Written 30 June 2021
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
  • Andrearv
    NYC8 contributions
    We spent an amazing three days on the Mambo Diablo catamaran with an amazing crew (Captain Daniel, Paloma and Jose).
    We flew from Panama City to Corazon de Jesus (definitely recommended to travel this way - a quick 40min flight with beautiful views). Captain Daniel picked us up right outside the plane and straight to the Catamaran by dinghy.
    The boat was beautiful and very well equipped (they had outfitted special requests for our kids 7 and 4 y/o including games and food).
    We felt so at ease and comfortable (food and drinks galore, the crew was always available for questions, knew how much to get involved, and easy going). We spent our days at beautiful secluded islands, jumping in and out of the water, kayaking, paddle boarding, and using the hugely popular Seabobs (my kids couldn't get enough of these - even the 4 year old). The snorkeling was also amazing, lots of coral, fish, star fish, etc. The water was so clear you could also enjoy all of the sea life from the paddle board/kayaks.
    The food was incredible! Fresh and amazing, we even went fishing one night from the back of the boat and caught tons of fish, they purchased lobster from local fisherman, YUM. My youngest wouldn't stop crying when it was time to leave - the kids throughly enjoyed using the net at the front of the boat as a trampoline.
    It's a little hard to sleep in a boat if you're not used to it, but by the second night our kids had gotten the hang of it. The adults slept half of the night on the catamaran "trampoline" then made our way down half way through the night. I am very prone to sea sickness but experienced very few issues (I took a dramamine once as a precaution and was sure to spend my time outside when we were traveling between islands).
    100% recommended! I had to pinch myself multiple times just to confirm that I was living my real life.
    Written 27 November 2022
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  • Valeria S
    1 contribution
    Our three day vacation at the Flying Ginny, sailing through the San Blas islands of Panama, was nothing short of excellent. The captain Elena and chef German were super friendly and energetic. I’m not a fan of seafood, but the combination of the fresh local fish and lobster, and German’s cooking talent managed to delight me every single time. The islands are breathtaking, the ocean is warm and full of reefs and sea life. We even saw dolphins! During only three days we snorkled multiple times, swam in the ocean, went fishing (and caught a barracuda!), had a bonfire, went paddle boarding, bought the beautiful hand made pieces which the native Kuna people sell, and enjoyed many talks, laughs and unforgettable meals. This was a beautiful experience for all of my family, we felt disconnected from any stress or anxious feelings and at peace during the entire stay. I couldn’t recommend this trip more. Thankyou Elena!
    Written 29 August 2022
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  • Stefan M
    2 contributions
    I highly recommend San Blas Wild especially!
    The organization was very professional and helpful.

    At the beginning I was not sure, but trust in it and you won't be disappointed at all.

    San Blas is a very unique experience.
    No luxury no stress, just relax.

    Written 6 December 2022
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  • cfbecker
    Lafayette, LA6 contributions
    My husband and I just returned from San Blas where we spent a great week with Breeze and Debbie. The boat is so roomy, comfortable and well maintained. We have sailed in Panama before on a catamaran but the quarters are so tiny and it gets pretty crowded up top even though we were just 3 people.
    Debbie and Breeze were so helpful in finding us he right places to tie up and snorkel, swim and enjoy the beautiful beaches.

    The Guna Yala are so nice and getting to know them is a once in a lifetime experience. Fortunately Breeze speaks Guna Yala! If you like getting off the beaten path and peace and quiet this is the trip for you!
    Written 18 April 2022
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