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Things to Do in Tolon

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  • Lothlorienlass
    Warlingham, UK311 contributions
    It's a 30 minute walk uphill, take lots of water! Still think of the calories you'll burn so you can eat well later..... What a view at the top though and such a pretty little church. Lovely.
    Written 25 October 2019
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  • stinkwink
    Sydney, Australia7,389 contributions
    Let me start my review with the texts that I wasn't able to provide in my request to change the location of Panagia. First of all, it was in the wrong place on the map. Now, I replaced it in the right spot. Since we visited Ancient Asine and this chapel regularly, year by year, following the progress of the restoration, believe me, we know where it is.
    Here are some quotes fro my research. "Chapel of the Virgin Mary inside the archaeological site of the ancient Lower City State of Asini in the Argolis Regional Unit of Greece." “This site is the acropolis of the ancient city-state Asine (Asini in modern Greek pronunciation). It occupies a promontory about a kilometer from the north edge of Tolo and is called also Kastraki by the locals.” So, as it says, it is about a kilometer from the north edge of Tolo, therefore can't be in Tolo. This wrong location also applies to Asinin Te Tavern, that is opposite the church and next to the fence of the Archeological site. Asinin Te also listed in between the restaurants of Tolo, but actually it is in Asini. And now, my review.
    In 2016 I already reviewed this church, only that time I didn’t know its name, and also didn’t recognise, that Tripadvisor listed it. This little chapel is soo charming that I immediately fell in love with it, and wanted other travelers, to have the same delightful experience visiting this hidden gem. Since it is in Ancient Asine, when I reviewed that place, it was a possibility to mention Panagia as well. Since that time I published some photos, now I just took a few of them but tried to retrieve and attach my old ones as well with no success. If it were a person, I would call it photogenic, with its lot of paintings, icons, chandelier, and its all-encompassing tranquility.
    I have to take off my hat in front of the Greek government, or whoever is responsible for this great job that they did in this archeological site, and that we excitedly followed year by year during our regular vacations. In this year a new addition appeared, a room next to the church, where you can see a free video about the very eventful history of Tolo, from 5000 BC, till the current time. Panagia, The Virgin is still a working church. When we were leaving a gentleman arrived, obviously to pray to the Mother of God, in this peaceful, quiet relaxing chapel.
    Written 18 August 2019
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  • TheArcher888
    Bucharest, Romania9 contributions
    I spent about a month with the Intro Dive team and learned they are not just a diving center, but they are a large family. The level of attention shown by the instructors was just unbelievable. Quality facilities and equipment, fast boat, perfect instructors, awesome diving spots, personalized training, good laugh and good music :-)

    To all Intro Dive team: Chapeau!

    Happy to be an Intro Diver! I can't wait for the next visit!
    Written 5 November 2021
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  • Alfonso de Orleans-Borbon
    Montreux, Vaud, Switzerland7 contributions
    If you want to have a cooking class in an idyllic location, this place is what you are looking for. Not only does Irina do an amazing job (and I am very picky with what I eat) but she uses all natural ingredients which just taste fantastic.

    It is an amazing culinary experience, with a great teacher in a fantastic setting. It is the third time I have gone because it is a lot of fun.
    Written 27 September 2019
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  • Jonofromcas
    Castleford, UK1,112 contributions
    To us this cruise seemed an easy way to visit two islands in Greece we’d not been to before. The cruise left exactly on time and if you wanted to catch early sun, the left hand side of the boat was better.

    We sat in the deck with the bar as the upper open deck was not open to sit in when we set off.

    Yes, as others have said, the time on the boat is long, but you’re on holiday, so relax, look at the scenery, have a drink, enjoy.

    First stop was Hydra after c2.5hrs and we were told it was the Monte Carlo of Greece in July/August when the super yachts line up in the harbour. The harbour was relatively small with restaurants and bars lining the front. For its position as a destination for those with loads of money, the prices in the restaurants did not reflect this and we had an excellent meal at ‘normal’ prices.

    The village steps up steeply from the harbour with mules / horses carrying baggage and people up the hill. This was a pleasant place to just wander before heading back down but it was really warm with little shade. On the left hand side of the harbour (looking out to sea) was an area where people were sunbathing on concrete steps which also had access to the sea.

    The three hours passed relatively quickly and we then cruised back towards Tolo and on to Spetses which took another 1.25hrs.

    The front here was smaller than Hydra and far less appealing. There were restaurants as you walked away from the centre, but the incessant and I mean incessant noise and smell of dozens of mopeds racing round the centre were at best annoying and at worst dangerous. Two hours here was long enough and probably too long. I’m sure once away from the centre, it would have been better, but first impressions.. well not for us.

    A further 1.75hrs of cruise took us back to Tolo. At this point we were on the top open deck and so you could take in a bit of late sun.

    Great day out, boat was clean and tidy, staff were friendly, bar was stocked.
    Written 24 October 2021
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  • Herman V
    Beveren, Belgium32 contributions
    The lady of the shop crafts everything herself. You get a very good explanation for every article. Nice selections of jewelry.
    Written 19 May 2022
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  • Laurie W
    11 contributions
    While in Greece earlier this month on a charter with Greek Seas, our skipper graciously arranged a tour for me to visit the village of my YiaYia located about an hour and a half from Nafplio in the tiny spot of Hristovisti — near Tripoli.

    Christos Didaskalou and his daughter Dimitri picked us up in a big, comfortable clean car. Dimitri is a university student, so she translated for us, as I know only a few words in Greek. We traveled to the village, where Christos stopped at the welcome sign so I could take a photo.

    We then ventured into the virtually deserted but well-kept village.

    Christos was so determined for me to gather some information on my family that he would hail people from the road and ask about my Pro Papou (great grandfather). One of the villagers pointed us in the direction of where she thought my family had lived. Excitedly, Christos led us up a hill where the crumbling remains of my ancestral home still stands — from 150+ years ago.

    Christos and Dimitri could not have been more accommodating, enthusiastic and energetic about my possibly connecting with my distant past. They were wonderful; knowledgeable, courteous and fun.

    And tireless! After our three hour journey, Christos traded vehicles and picked up the rest of our group (six total) and we toured Semeli Winery – which was fantastic. And on the way back to Nafpilo, we watched a video on Mycanae to prepare us for a stop to see the ruins.

    I highly recommend CJ Tour & Transfer for tours or transfers. Wonderful people, wonderful experience.
    Written 22 October 2021
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  • tommy2shots1989
    Swindon, UK14 contributions
    Took out an hour of wind surfing lessons as well as the motor boat. Fantastic instructor who took his time to teach me, explained everything at a good pace and actually got me going on my own. The motor boat was fantastic, good speed on the motor and easy to use. Can’t wait to go back tomorrow for another go.
    Written 9 August 2021
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  • evifrank
    Athens, Greece66 contributions
    We took a five-day sailing cruise from Tolo to the Aegean islands of Spetches, Milos, Kimolos and Polyaigos. Dionisis was an excellent skipper, ready to satisfy any crazy thought we had... so we left the Aegean for an 11-hour night sailing and reached the end of Peloponnesus, Elafonisos!! And then Monemvasia!! Extraordinary experience!! Thank you dear capitano for 5 days, 9 places, 300 miles and 44 hours of fantastic sailing!!
    Written 7 August 2020
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  • Alex
    1 contribution
    Thanks for the good transfer!
    Christos was on time, the car was very new, beautiful, clean and we had a lot of space and drinkings on board.

    At our transfair we even stopped at the canal of Korinth to take a look!

    The price was very fair for a safe, professional and very friendly ride!

    Thanks for the olive oil :)
    Best regards from Germany!
    Written 25 June 2019
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • Aleksander H
    Oslo, Norway5 contributions
    If you’re going out for a drink in tolón, you should definitely check this place out! The variation of different beverages are amazing and it’s made with quality liqour and craftmanship for a good price. Especially the Mojito was my favorite, a 10/10👌🏻

    The variation of music is good and the volume allows you to have a chat with your friend/partner, but also getting jiggy with IT if you’re in the mood! You can also request songs in the bar wich is recieved with a smile from the barman.

    The guy who works at this place makes you feel very welcome and he often takes the time to sit down and chat with his customers, and indicates a servicemind beyond what’s expected.

    ViBE is a bar where it’s easy to return night after night!
    Written 13 October 2017
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
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