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Vaehikkaelaentie 11, Tervakoski 12400 Finland
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Helsinki, Finland1 contribution
Worn down, expensive, kids will still love it
Jul 2021 • Friends
Buffet food is expensive and just bad. Bring your own lunch/bbc.

Customer service
Straight from the USSR. Teens who look like they couldn’t care less about anything. Pro tip: you can TRAIN your staff, especially when they’re young and still learning.

The park
Needs a lot of renovation. A lot. Everything looks like it’s from the 80’s. As it is (I remember). The flower arrangements were pretty. Water in the water park area is freezing cold. Not much to do for teens/older kids.

Overall experience
Kids had a blast. Will come again next year.

More complaints
We also visited Puuhamaa in June on a very hot day. No shade, no drinking fountains. Remember to bring your own water bottles and fill them in the toilets as water/soda/anything is very expensive at the park.
Written 31 July 2021
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Visit Häme
Tavastia Proper, Finland124 contributions
Active and fun summer day with kids
Jul 2019
Puuhamaa is a different amusement park, because all the activities are so that you have to exercise and do by your self.
The area is big and some of the equipment are bit old, but that doesn't matter. Spending a whole sunny day in Puuhamaa and the kids are so tiered in the evening. Active day is good time to spend family time. There is also many things that parents can join their kids.

Nice thing is also that you can take your own lunch with you and have picnic. There is also open fireplaces where you can cook also.
Written 11 February 2020
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Göran O
3 contributions
Happy kids almost an entire day
Jul 2018
Very fun for kids and childish grown ups. Lots of water things, but also an assortment of nice activities on dry land. Quite expensive admission fee, but all activities are free when you are in. Everything is outdoors, so decent weather is a must. It is possible to bring your own pic-nic in. Carts to pull your stuff are available at the entrance.
Written 8 November 2018
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Rosen V
Sofia, Bulgaria69 contributions
Authentic finnish amusement park
Jul 2018 • Family
Experience an awesome sunny relaxed day with the kids in a finnish way.

There are lots of things to do and the best thing is that all the activities are suitable for parent& child interaction - talking about quality time. I love that you can bring your own food and grill it yourself for free.

Once you have paid you can move freely in the whole area and even leave to buy groceries if you need to.

The park is open only during summer time when the schools are closed so be sure it's open before going.
Written 8 August 2018
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Helsinki, Finland776 contributions
Old style activity park with relaxed feeling
Jul 2018 • Family
We spent here a whole Saturday in high season weekend. Parking space was large and had guidance. In the entrance there was some queue at opening time but people scattered over the large park and it didn't feel overcrowded at all. There wasn't queuing almost at all. The park area is large and actions are placed sparsely around leaving spacious and relaxed feeling.

People have said the park is outdated but it wasn't that bad I expected, not at all. Of course most places are old but almost all functions were working well and nothing were totally in bad condition. Park is mostly do-it-yourself activity park with some amusement rides for smaller children. Activities are mostly jumping, swinging, sliding, pedal and motor vehicles, huge playground area and some indoor activities.

Waterpark is the essential part of activity. It's large and versatile enough to fulfill expectations for a whole family. Only toilets, changing rooms and restaurants were not up to date. Food options were basic fast food and that was expensive! So bring your own picnic and have it on the one of many outdoor grills and picnic tables around.

This is an old style, good feeling activity park for families. Waterpark is absolutely half of the park or more. You can easily spent a whole day, or split visit in two days. Overall feeling was functional, relaxed and smooth. Perfect fun for families.
Written 29 July 2018
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Helsinki, Finland65 contributions
Happy 5 year old, and childhood nostalgia for parents
Jul 2018 • Family
I have been in Puuhamaa many times as a child, and now the first time with my own kid. It was still fun, even though a bit dated already. The water park was nice on a hot day! Also the other activities were very suitable for a 5-year old, so we had a good day there! The buffet was not great for adults, however our kid liked the food.
Written 24 July 2018
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Krister K
Helsinki, Finland30 contributions
Kids will enjoy the park
Jul 2018 • Family
Been here as I was a kid and now visited here two times with my own kids.

Like other have written, the park is showing it's age and would need some new attractions and some remodeling. The kids playing in the park will hardly notice it and every time the kids have had a great time.

Maybe Puuhamaa should cut the costs on the TV ads and use that money for some remodeling and new stuff.

Bring your own food and enjoy the barbeque place on site.
Written 10 July 2018
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Espoo, Southern Finland, Finland24 contributions
Affordable, whole day play and water park for kids. Chilly water, worn equipment. Still worth considering!
Jul 2015 • Family
Kids like this place: They don't pay attention to unpleasant details, and most of them tolerate cold water... Reserve the whole day (10 A.M. to 5 P.M), too short time causes unhappiness. I believe that the pros of this site are mentioned in other TripAdvisor reports, so that I can concentrate in cons...

The park is very large (in Finnish scale...), and there's a plenty of equipment and pools (water slides, tubes etc.). However, water in pools is chilly, in some pools even chiller than in others. I had (unintentionally) a thermometer with me, so I could get actual measures and not just feelings: The lowest water temp was 22°C (72°F) and highest 24°C (75°F). Rest were in between... Well, 22°C is just unacceptable for enjoying. The absolute minimum (in my standards) would be 24°C, 26°C would be very nice and 28°C would be luxury. Here in Finland we have even public swimming halls (fee: 3-6€ for anyone) which have that 28°C! So, If you're for pleasant water temp enabling you to enjoy for hours, this may not be your place.

The place was built some 20 years ago, and it must have been like a paradise back then. However, there has been minimum maintenance or no maintenance at all, and the result can be seen. Don't take me wrong, I don't want to be negative, but I don't think any commercial amusement park in western welfare country should look like this. My photos are kind of a horror collection of the worst details, so they don't give you a fair general view of this place. But in the end of the day, none of the photos are manipulated...

The mini golf course is one the rare items in this park which would suit for adults, but its condition didn't tempt for a family tournament. The photos tell it all.

There are so many lacks in Puuhamaa, that I'm not sure if they are interested in customer satisfaction at all. Let me list:
- There were no clocks in the water park. In water park people don't carry watches or mobile phones with them, so they can't know what time it is. Especially near the closing time the importance of current time will emphasized.
- You don't find fresh paint. You find rusty details.
- A single-rail moon machine were out of order (see picture, a yellow car with two moons), preventing also the other car to move (same rail...). I'm 100% sure it was due to lack of maintenance. There were no "out-of-order" -sign, so that all the people went there, tried to move the car and disappointed. I wouldn't call this customer orientation...
- The shower room were like from a cattle farm: There were a plenty or cracked tiles, and the automatic taps didn't deliver right temperature water (thermostats not working properly). In ladies side the water were almost dangerously hot. And this place is for kids!
- The lockers in water park dressing room work with 2€ coin only. This wasn't informed in entrance, where it would have been the most natural place to change money. No right coin: problems, frustration and disappointment.
- There were no water temperature info tables in water park. Well, you can live without them, but having them would have been good service.
- They website isn't working: Clicking a link in English site may open a Finnish page. Also they opening hours were next to impossible to find, they were hidden behind "Tickets" topic (not a logical place). When I informed them about this, they made a change very fast. (Yet they didn't reward me with a ticket or two, which I think would have been reasonable. Now I don't feel like my trouble were appreciated).

In places like this, you don't usually get affordable food or drink. Puuhamaa made no exception... However, there should still be some minimum level... We had a lunch in some buffet. The level of food was standard lunch restaurant, the price was double. The interior were like from some institute (school, hospital) restaurant. And - there were disposable tableware!

All that said, I didn't find any lack-of-maintenance related safety issues there (except too hot water in showers).
Written 17 August 2015
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Tampere, Finland202 contributions
An "old school" activity park that your young kids will enjoy anyways
Aug 2015 • Family
It is not a pretty place. Some of the rides are very old, but small kids will not notice that. It is a fun place to have a picnic and there are almost no lines for the rides. Even small kids (under two) may enjoy the park very well. The restaurant is terrible, I'd say horrific - serving only junk food for kids with no other options. Also the level of hygiene is questionable. Still, if you live not that far away and you are looking for some day out with kids, Puuhamaa may be recommended. If you live far away, save your money. Some of the rides do not even work, for instance Niagara - you can not slide that thing at all.
Written 9 August 2015
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Helsinki, Finland148 contributions
Spacious playground
Jul 2015 • Family
Puuhamaa (with two a's at the end) is a very nice, spacious playground. It's actually not an amusement park because you don't just sit on the machine and let it spin you. In Puuhamaa kids can and they have to take control of many things. There's lot's of different kind of go-carts, boats, jumping hills etc. And of course there's also an aqua park.

Because the place is quite spacious and there are many restaurants you don't have to wait in queue for long.

Kids love the place and want to come here again and again.
Written 18 July 2015
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