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Plopsa Indoor Coevorden

Plopsa Indoor Coevorden
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195 reviews
Very good

Steenwijk, The Netherlands202 contributions
Magical place!
Oct 2018 • Family
This is magical and beautiful indoor amusement center for bigger and smaller kids. They also have outdoor playground which is great with nice weather. You can spend the whole day here; there are quite a few attractions the kids can go to and also spots for them to play. Great show is done at least once a day and you can also meet a couple of the characters.
Written 21 October 2018
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Whakatane, New Zealand91 contributions
Jun 2018 • Family
This was an amazing day out. The kids had a fantastic time and spend many hours enjoying this indoor fun park.
Written 18 June 2018
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Zeist, The Netherlands48 contributions
Nice for young children, but somewhat old
Dec 2017 • Family
We visited Plopsa with our 3 year old daughter. There are different size restrictions for the various fair's so she could not enter all yet. The restrictions are like <85, >85...100 and >100cm. For some games you still have to pay extra and you can only pay with cash/coins. There is free wifi (password: plopsaland), but it is very slow and not always a strong signal. The fairground itself is getting old and could use a fresh-up. The food is fast food mostly and during lunch time it can get very busy and you need to stand in a very slow line...
Our daughter loved it never the less.
Written 2 January 2018
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Swansea, UK12 contributions
Decent enough park for its target audience, but the prices are ludicrous.
Aug 2017 • Family
Before you get in:

Standard fee is pretty steep at €10 for a small child and €20 for anyone over 1 meter. There are vouchers to be found online & probably printed media, but why ask your customers to find these?

The positives:

- The park is clean, well kept and has enough nice rides and attractions to keep the kids amused.
- When we visited the weather was nice enough to also use the outdoor area which gives you quite a few extra options.
- The staff is very polite & helpful
- There was no queuing anywhere when we were there (in the summer holidays)

The negatives:
- As if the entry fee isn't steep enough, you are asked to pay an additional €6 for parking your car. We didn't find out until we left when we were suddenly reminded by signs that if we wanted to be let out, we better cough up this extra charge (when you get in the barriers simply open and let you in without any mention).
- The theatre show is a joke. About 10 minutes in and over half the audience have left.
- The prices in the shops & restaurants are simply insulting. To ask people to pay €11 for a small meatball with a few chips or €3.50 for a lolly is beyond greedy.

- Most rides are limited to ones height, if your kids are outside of the 85-130 cm range, this park is not for them.

The kids enjoyed themselves but everything just shouts greed at you which ruins the experience. Won't be back.
Written 4 September 2017
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Muiderberg, The Netherlands38 contributions
Only the thrill rides excited our 4 year old
Jun 2017 • Family
The title says it all, I literally cannot think of much positives to take away from this visit. Yes, the parking lot is free and right next to it, but that's about it.

To quickly sum up the negatives:
- famous characters only come by quickly for 5-10 minutes and one at a time
- the Bumba show (main attraction) is only at 2:30 pm
- adults pay money for entrance, while there's nothing at all to do for adults
- the food/drink prices are extremely high
- fast food and horrible snacks everywhere!!!!!
- there is 1 healthy thing to eat: a € 5,50 sandwich the size of a Subway footlong, but half of the quality
- there is 1 healthy thing to drink: water
- servings are very small and quality is reasonable if I'm being positive
- rides are being altered between ride A and ride B all the time
- rides are based on length only, which is ridiculous
- the area is very small

To elaborate on some of these: the rides are based on length, including shoes, and that determines your ticket price as well. Our son is 4,5 years old and just 98 cm with shoes, a lot smaller than other kids of his age, so he didn't get to go in the rides for 100cm and above, while he's a thrill seeker first class. He's very brave and not a bit afraid of roller coasters or anything else with speed/height/drops. Of course I understand there has to be a limit and some rides require a certain length for safety, but they should look at the combination of age and length for everything else.

To give you an example: he was allowed to be accompanied by me in The Lighthouse even though there was a roughly 10cm gap between his legs and the safety bars. Next to us was a father who was quite fat to say it bluntly and I noticed that because of his posture, there was even more room between the legs of his daughter and the safety bar. Even though I estimated her at least 2 years older than my son. So it's a fake safety measure to just look at the kids length.

Our 1 year old daughter also came along, obviously, but there were only three thing to do for her: the playground next to the restaurant, the carousel and the frog ride. The frog ride didn't interest her one bit, it's not at all more thrilling than riding in the car seat with mom or dad at the wheel. That's of course not to say we try to make a car ride thrilling, not at all. It's just to state how boring it is even for a 1 year old. Luckily, it's free for her. But be warned when you have a 1 or 2 year old that already has reached the 85 cm limit. We do think it's an attraction for 3 to 8 year olds roughly.

We ended up spending 4 hours here, including a roughly 45 minute lunch break, the 20 minute Bumba show and a short coffee break.

Speaking of coffee: the coffee served in the restaurant is of reasonable quality, but a very small cup, regardless of cappuccino or regular. There are also coffee vending machines near the sides where you can pay € 2,80 or 3,50 for a size S or XXL cup and even the size S cup is twice the size of what you get in the restaurant. I wouldn't bother with the cappuccino however, because my XXL sized choice was 9/10th milk and 1/10 coffee. And not even a strong one at that.

All in all, it was enjoyable for our 4 year old, but it was expensive, especially the food. Everything was literally twice the price of what we paid in Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen. It's completely ridiculous and like I said before, it's also horrible that 99% of all food an beverages are very unhealthy choices. I'm not going to pretend I'd like to see a quinoa salad and spinach juice on the menu, but this is even worse than a McDonald's, KFC or Subway in every single way. Each of those also have some sort of a healthy option, Plopsa Indoor Coevorden hasn't.
Written 10 June 2017
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Bram H
Breda, The Netherlands93 contributions
Don't expect too much
Jan 2017 • Family
Being winter and freezing cold, the rides outside were closed, but out 3-year old son had a wonderful time!!! Mainly because there were only 50 people, so he/we didn't have to wait, meaning he had a blast!!! If it would be busy, I woudn't recommend it.
Written 12 February 2017
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Werner B
78 contributions
Onlogisch duur, klein en beperkt.
Feb 2017 • Family
Make sure before you go to check for Internet discount, you ll be off way cheaper that way. Normal price is currently about 10 euro a kid, mind length etc and 20 euro an adult. We went in the winter, so all outdoor activities where closes and this isn't taken in account for the entrance fee. Inside there are just a few attractions which don't really add up to the price. Food, like stated in many other review range from above normal to absurdly high.

Enough negativity, we went in with a baby, a nearly 2 year old and a nearly 3 year old. The baby was free and the 2 year old slightly above 85cm in length but we didn't have to pay for her gladly, otherwise it was 10 euro and just a few attractions for that.

The kids loved it, and that's what it's all about, the play ground alone is enough to enjoy them self's so what am I worrying about!

To keep it short, fun for kids but mind the wallet!
Written 11 February 2017
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands160 contributions
Bring your own Food!
Aug 2016 • Family
Although the entry prices are reasonable (there are always discount tickets online. You can avoid long entry rows if you print tickets yourself), the food and beverage prices are ridiculous. Especially if one regards them from a quality and variety point of view. Today we paid nearly 4 euros for a small bottle of water and similar for an un drinkable coffee. I fully understand the fact that the majority of people bring big shopper bags (and even cooler boxes) of their own food. We've had a fun day out with our kids but will follow the Dutch example next time!
Written 3 August 2016
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North Shields, UK48 contributions
Great little place but limited for older kids/adults
Apr 2016 • Family
Having already bought a week's pass through Centreparcs before I saw the online reviews, I was worreid for my 9 and 12 year olds but I needn't have been. My 9 year old isn't very brave so there was a lot to entertain him. The adrenalin junkie of a 12 year old found it cheesy but fun and still wanted multiple trips but the rides did get a bit boring for her by the end fo the week. Top ride is a spinning,swing, snake ride. Rollercoaster is tame and good for all. Themed around a european TV channel, if you were a child of the 80's and remember Vicky the Viking, it will bring back memories. Nice outdoor area for 4-9 year olds with water play area and some out door rides.
Written 9 April 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Friesland Province, The Netherlands118 contributions
Nice park for children
May 2015 • Family
Very nice small indoor- outdoor park. Of course no Disney, but a very nice cheap and near alternative. We went a Friday (may 15) and it was not super crowdy… There are several attractions for all ages, but agree it is a park addressed to children (max. 12 years) . Our 2 year old daughter enjoyed the hole day. She loved the Bumba playground. She enjoyed also the flying frogs, the high slides with mats (with daddy of course), the beautiful Carrousel in the middle of the park, the very nice theme store, with lots of nice products. There are other rides for bigger kids like the Mega Mindy bikes, a Roller coaster, an Anubis swing, Freefall tower, a disco, bumper cars and more. Outside an outdoor playground with sand, a climbing tower (which my baby found great, not me), a firefighter ride (can get a bit wet). At 2.30 p.m is the Bumba Show, don´t wait till the last minute to find a seat! Very nice!!! At the end they have a good bye party with music, baloons, figures van Plopsaland. And the children can get pictures with the figures Maya, kabouter plop, etc...

FOOD: After reading some reviews I was very worried… but it is a very nice one. You can choose among hamburgers (we had them, good), schnitzel, sandwiches with lots of fries and drink, for like 12 Euros. There´s a kids menu (6 Euros, I think) with a very nice surprise (2 colors, stickers and color pages), great to keep them distracted… There are lots of tables, baby chairs, everything very clean. They are a bit slow. Lots of people where having their own food… They don´t check at the door… There are 2 coffee machines in 2 points of the park with very nice coffee. Also other points to buy Ice creams and small things…
We searched for a discount in Google for the tickets but had to pay full price parking (6 Euros).
Written 25 October 2015
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