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Stefan O’louve’
Whitehorse, Canada35 contributions
Awkward, Creepy aggressive weirdos all over.
Jun 2021 • Couples
Avoid! Creepy vibe and aggressive, weird people all over.

I have heard this beach used to have a mellow, laid back local feel where you could be carefree without worrying.

Little beach now has got to be one of the most awkward and uncomfortable experiences I’ve ever had. First off, on the weekends the beach is awful. Last time I was there, as soon as I came down the path, there were probably 10 gay guys ( not feminine, the big hairy guys) in speedos who were very aggressively hitting on me, ok no even though I made it very obvious I wasn’t interested. One kept asking “what is it you are looking for”… When I walked past, 3 guys actually followed me for about 100 feet, right behind me. It was very creepy. They finally left me alone when I met some friends.

Then there were two or three teenage boys (thankfully clothed) who were pretending to body board but were really just perving on the naked ppl who were trying to sunbathe. As soon as my friends took their clothes off these kids literally ran over to where they were and just stared like creeps. Everyone put their tops back on and the kids ran off to the other side of the beach where more people were sunbathing.

Then some old guy started marching his wife around like she was a parade float, they didn’t sunbathe or get in the water, just walked up and down the beach and when they got to people, she kept trying to low key position herself as if she was in a SI photo shoot. It was so pitifully obvious they were just exhibitionists. They left within 15 minutes when no one paid them any attention.

On top of this, while I was sitting down getting my snorkel gear off, a blonde girl who had been in the water came up (naked) and started dancing (weirdly) about 20 feet in front of me. At this point I was the only one sitting in the area and it felt really strip clubish. She did this for literally 10 minutes and I just tried to ignore her. Not what I was looking for in a relaxing beach trip. Then some guy who I guess was with her came up and they started making out like teenagers at a movie theater. They started giggling like maniacs and She started touching him (yes, really) but stopped when more ppl walked by. I walked to the rocks and they walked by me asking me if I was from Maui, how long I’d be there, if I wanted to take a picture with them etc. Very over the top and very cringey. The whole vibe of the beach was just weird and creepy. Very uncomfortable.

Definitely will avoid in the future.
Written 15 June 2021
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Chicago, IL1,599 contributions
Little Beach has reopened
Jun 2021 • Friends
Went here on my last trip to Maui years ago and brought friends to check it out this week — is as beautiful as I remember! The beach was closed during COVID-19 for a time but has officially reopened. On weekends it closes earlier now at 4pm (and if I recall on weekdays 7pm). I read this was a way of using COVID-19 to get a firmer hold on the beach by the county authorities (e.g., Sunday drum circle). Nonetheless, found it peaceful and friendly. Some people sunbathing naked, some gay people, some people just wanting to relax in an open and quiet setting.
Written 4 June 2021
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Laguna Niguel, CA20 contributions
May 2021
Went to Little Beach yesterday.
It is OPEN, but there is a daily parking fee ($10), to park in the Big Beach lot.
Quite a few people there with a nice mix of straight and gay. All very nice folks.
Written 5 May 2021
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Asheville, NC7 contributions
Oh My God!!
May 2021 • Couples
This has to be one of the most comfortable beautiful beaches I personally have gone to for years now! Everyone is very nice, everyone! The water is so beautiful and warm, but one has to be carful certain times of the year! Sunday’s are very unique. It’s Drummer evening. The show is wonderful and many local folk come every week. They drum, there are body painters and sometime if your lucky there are fire wands that twirl in the air by a very skilled flame thower. People are clothed and done are not. No big deal, but I think everyone should be naked. From Kids to grandmothers! It’s very peaceful and beautiful. Apparently the only thing that I am ashamed of is the Maui Police. I mean why? It’s truly disgusting what I’m reading here. Not true at all! This couldnt be a more wonderful, peaceful, Georgeous beach that I have ever expierenced in 35 years and nothing has changed except a few county people that seem to have nothing better todo then pick on the crowd. If you don’t like a nude beach, don’t go! & if anyone leaves a cheese rapper or soda can or anything, be sure it will be taken away by one of the visitors or locals. And now, they are charging a fee to park... really?? Whose idea was that? That is disgusting! Don’t make something beautiful and turn in ugly for a small amount of silly (to put it nicely) people who seem to have nothing better to do then mess a beautiful thing. You know people from around the world visit this beach. From everywhere! Every year.
Shame on the Maui officials who have created this B.S. I find it really disgusting. You know it’s going to cause a huge problem now you all the visitors and locals who come every day, week, month and year. This certainly won’t go well!
Written 5 May 2021
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Steven Z
2 contributions
Open or Closed?
May 2020
Has Little Beach re-opened after closure for several months? I'm reading conflicting reports. If anybody has been there lately, please advise. Thank you.
Written 27 April 2021
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Brownwood, TX57 contributions
Mar 2021 • Solo
I think this lovely C O beach has been barely tolerated by Maui Parks and the virus restrictions have provided the reason for their toleration to end. In all the years I gave been going there there has never been any rowdy behavior. I would have never been hesitant to recommend it to friends.
Written 16 March 2021
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steve s
Manchester, NH48 contributions
We need Little Beach to re-open
Apr 2020
I have been going to Maui every years for 28 of the past 29 (unable to go in 2020 due to the pandemic and quarantine restrictions.) I am now fully vaccinated and Maui is the number one destination on my list. Although I could theoretically go there now, a friend on Maui told me that Little Beach was closed. While I fully understand that the authorities need to enforce social distancing and safety at all areas, what bothers me is that one of the cited reasons for closure was "reckless and illegal behavior" at the beach, especially on Sundays. In all of the years that I have been going there, I have experienced nothing but peace and fun there. No one gets hurt. Everybody respects each other. Let's hope that as the virus wanes that officials will allow the black to reopen as the haven of tranquility and beauty that it has always been. Little Beach is a unique place and a wonderful experience. I plan to make my next trip to Maui only when the beach reopens.
Written 6 March 2021
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Seattle, WA35 contributions
Closed as if 01/05/2021
Jan 2021 • Couples
Little beach is now closed for an indeterminate amount of time. The drum line crazies have, after repeated warnings by state officials blown it for everyone.
Written 11 January 2021
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Washington DC, DC146 contributions
fantastic drummers sunset
Nov 2020
Best experienced on Sunday afternoon for drummers sunset. If you are looking for out of the beatten path, fun, hippie style exprience, search no more. It is clothing optional, but you will feel comfortable even if you are not going nude yourself... it might even prompt you to try! Drummers, people dancing, jugglers with fire at sunset. We even got to sea whales jumping off the water from there (the only ones in our whole trip). Sooo good that we postponed our return to home to go back there the following Sunday :)
Written 29 December 2020
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Craig A
South Carolina739 contributions
Lovely Clothing Optional Beach
Nov 2020
We've been to many clothing optional beaches and Little Beach fits right near the top of our enjoyment list. As you can read in other reviews - it takes a bit of effort to get to Little Beach. There is a paid parking lot at Makena Beach and free on-street parking located a goodly walk from the beach. We were there on a week day during covid and the parking lot was wide open.

I would observe that the climb up the lava rock cliff was dicier than I'd expected (I'm a senior citizen in good shape) as it's steep plus gravel creates some traction issues. I wore flip flops and next time I think I'll wear tennis shoes. I carried a beach bag and chair which was about all I could recommend anyone to carry on the climb (up and back down). How do people carry a large cooler?

Once there, the beach is very pleasant. There is a clear pecking order much like what I'd read about Little Beach before hand. The first area is for locals as many sitting there seemed acquainted with each other. The far end is dominated by M/M beach goers and we saw a little PDA. The middle is for the visitors and newbies.

I'd say 50%+ were totally nude...Maybe as high as 75%. Ages ranged from the 20's to the 70's. There was a wide range of body types - and no one cares about that at all. The beach is pleasant, quiet, and the crowd was well behaved. We experienced no gawkers - though we wouldn't have cared either way. We'll return!
Written 3 December 2020
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