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High Voltage Karting
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Very good

Cleveland, OH10 contributions
Ok activity, but way overpriced
Nov 2019
The track is far too narrow, so when you're in a race with 9 other drivers, there's no space to maneuver to pass without causing a crash, and every crash stops all vehicles (but the clock is still ticking). Because the track is so SHORT (even with the other traffic and several accidents, our group was taking laps at 30s or less), you end up lapping the same slow drivers repeatedly with no hope of overtaking and staying ahead of them. These problems would be incredibly simple to fix with a slight redesign that better utilizes the building (which is enormous). For instance, there's an entire bar area that can be used as a waiting area, so there's no need to have 25% of the warehouse space dedicated to empty space, arcade games, and tables. Create slightly wider tracks, maybe even mark in lanes to encourage folks to stay far enough out of the way for a pass, and lengthen the course to eliminate folks from getting stuck behind the same slow drivers repeatedly.

In addition to the frustrations faced on the track, the neck pillows they hand out for safety are useless because they're too small, and the helmets STINK inside.

Great concept, love that they're real go-karts, but there are definitely a lot of improvements needed to make it worth $30 for a 7-minute ride.
Written 30 November 2019
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Ohio4 contributions
Fun and fast but at a price!
Aug 2018 • Family
My son heard about this from kids at school and we decided to drive 30 minutes to check it out. All riders need to fill out the waver on the iPads provided and all riders must have closed toed shoes, they told us they have shoes you can borrow if needed. It was about $36 for two races per person and each race is 8 minutes long. They will give you a hair “net” type thing to wear under your helmet, once your race starts they will go over the flags and signs and will tell you to get your helmet and neck brace, I had trouble strapping my helmet in and I asked for help and they said it was on enough and don’t worry about it.... then you are told to move to your pre assigned car number and strap your self in, I again had trouble making the strap tighter and when I asked they told me to pull the shoulder strap and they kept walking away... once the race starts they will remotely slowly make the cars go faster and after the first lap your going at full speed, there is some serious tight turns and you will get motion sickness! I did for about 24 hours after. If your like me and can get motion sick pretty fast then two laps will be plenty! Also we noticed our hands started hurting by the second lap from the steering wheel. Still had fun but kinda wish there was more straight portions. Recommend if your in the area.
Written 19 August 2018
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Wooster, OH19 contributions
Excellent Activity When School is Out
Jul 2018 • Family
This was a VERY fun experience, especially for my 14-year old son. We bought the deal in July where if you buy two races you get a third one for $1. The cars really are quiet and the track is long compared to the relatively small space of the building. The track is part indoor and outdoor and it's VERY curvy, which makes it long. Because it is part indoor and outdoor, a parent can watch their kids/group from an area that has tables and chairs and a score board. (I wish they kept the score board up a little longer so we as drivers could see how well we did.) The cars do go fast, but I didn't think you could get a feel for just how fast they go because the track has a lot of turns. We went during a weekday in the summer (1:00ish). It was surprisingly empty, except for another group of four. The races are 8-minutes long, so your stay could be very short. Because there was just a small group of us, we could wait in between races as long as we wanted (I'm not sure you could do this during a more crowded day because they have a screen that indicates who is racing next.) The facility itself felt very clean and well-maintained. One thing that was kinda of gross, though, is I grabbed a helmet that some else had previously used and it was damp with the previous person's sweat. I don't know how you get around that though, unless someone monitors the use of the helmets. Also, I didn't see any food, unless I missed a vending machine. It is pricey, but it was worth it as part of a day trip.
Written 21 July 2018
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Cleveland, OH352 contributions
will be back
Apr 2018 • Family
we took my 10 year old son here because he is an indoor electric go kart fiend. because od their policy he had to use the junior go karts even though he is experienced on adult karts from other locations. he was willing to try the junior size and liked it enough to go on a 2nd time. there is 1 45 degree sharp turn that seems to make alot of people bump into others but he negotiated just fine. we will be back now that we found some place local that he can grow into. you have to be at least 13 5'5" and be able to lap 25.5 seconds before being allowed on adult go karts. staff was great too.
Written 8 April 2018
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Daniel M
Medina, OH7 contributions
Excellent clean fun
Jul 2017 • Family
These are not the go carts I grew up driving!!! WOW these things move out and WOW a lot of fun this is a hidden gem in medina Ohio
Written 5 July 2017
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Berea, OH139 contributions
May 2017 • Couples
We went there last Wednesday (5/3), in the evening. We walked in and noticed it was empty. My wife and I had the entire track to ourselves! The cars are quick, and I accidentally hit my wife twice. So, she was sore, and we only raced once. There are many packages, and that's the way to go. We talked to an employee during our time there, and he said the karts can go up to 40 mph. It's a blast! But, bring Advil or Tylenol.
Written 8 May 2017
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Rick B
5 contributions
Oct 2016 • Couples
I had been trying to think of something original to do for our anniversary.
My wife and I are pretty physically sound,and she was pleasantly surprised at what I picked for us, (although we enjoy roller coasters and we are in our 40's and 50's). We bought 5 races each and only ran 3 each because we were a little tweaked due to the extreme competitive attitude we took on going into this.we actually got within 2 seconds of the top score.
Yes 8 minute races with about 2 laps per minute..you will average 16 laps per race. That is a good long time with hairpin turns and a challenging course. Lots of fun or just cruise through and don't worry about the time. Any way you go it is fast paced fun!!!!! Enjoy!
Written 23 February 2017
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Diana P
Cleveland, OH9 contributions
Great way to spend the afternoon!
Nov 2016
Well run operation. Organized and clean. The track is challenging and the cars are quite zippy.Totally fun!
Written 26 November 2016
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Andrea B
Massillon, OH2,029 contributions
Loads of fun!
Nov 2016 • Friends
These carts are fast and it's a really fun course! I thought the $19.99 per race was a little high at first (you can buy 3 races for $50) plus a "license" which costs $7 and is good for one year. But after racing and enjoying it so much, the cost didn't seem so bad. The 8 min race actually feels a lot longer! Everyone is very professional, esp the gentleman that was in charge. It's not about racing others, you're trying for your best time. The turns are unexpected and sharp! You will get jostled. My left shoulder/side had a huge bruise! But it was fun! The only complaint is, they are supposed to wave a flag letting you know when you need to move over so someone can pass, but the person in charge of the flag wasn't paying attention for a bit and my husband was stuck behind someone for a few laps. Pay attention when they're explaining the flags! I couldn't remember what all of them meant when i was racing!
Written 3 November 2016
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Shelby Township, MI258 contributions
Very nice facility. Top notch racing karts.. and they are electric.
Sep 2016 • Family
The course design is great. Some fun technical elements, not boring.
I did not expect to be this pleased with electric karting. The OTL Storms drive very similarly to gas racing karts at other facilities. But... no fumes.

There was no perceptible falloff in performance over the course of a session, which I did not expect.

The only thing that could make it better is matching the karts a little more closely. I had three karts that all handled significantly different, most likely due to alignment and tire condition. This is my complaint about all US karting places. European karting tracks are the only I have seen that pay close attention to this.
Written 24 October 2016
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