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Neighbourhood: Paradise
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  • MGM Grand Station • 5 min walk
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Sep 2021 • Couples
The people at the bar were very nice but the bouncers were the most inconsiderate and rude people I've ever came across. One actually said he needs the space and bumped me out of the way (I am a 110lb woman). They yelled at my husband who was just waiting for me to get out of the restroom. If you are not doing bottle service or reserving a table be sure that nobody will care about you and will treat you badly even if you are just minding your business and not drunk at all. Go to Encore beach club, they are really nice and the bouncer will treat you better, not like you are disturbing them.
Written 5 September 2021
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Lakewood, WA6 contributions
Aug 2021
Drinks are expensive, but just do it and enjoy it! Its a pool party!! You don't need a cabana, or a day bed or anything. Just grab a place by the pool side and mingle and enjoy yourself!! Soooo Fun!!!
Written 17 August 2021
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Kurt K
1 contribution
May 2021
This will be a long and truthful review of Wet Republic.
First off I would like to start by saying the venue is beautiful, and our waiter named Julian had impeccable service.
Now, let's begin: Our day pool club experience at Wet Republic.
We went in as a party of 8. We bought one of the cheaper tables ~$2000 min. table.
Our experience started off great. Our host Daario brought us up to our table, and passed us off to our waitress Jess, and waiter (or Jess's assistant) Julian.
We started off by ordering a typical $1300 bottle (yes this is what you pay for the large sized bottle). But this was expected.
What we didn't expect was for our waitress to constantly push us to finish our drinks so that she could refill them.
Jess was very pushy and it was uncomfortable at times. We get it, she is trying to make money, this is her job.
But, I think she could've acted more like a waitress rather than a saleswomen.
Next, Jess began to push us to order more bottles, so we did.
Our friend's birthday was this past week so we celebrated it as well, Jess INSISTED that we do a champagne spray, so we did.
One thing lead to another and we ended up ordering another bottle when we only wanted beer or claw buckets.
The worst part is, after all the drinking a security guard or bouncer with a low self-esteem begins to attack us verbally stating that one of us needs to be kicked out for being belligerent. No second chances, no excuses, nothing. The bouncer didn't even look at my face as I was trying to rectify the issue. I wish I could've caught his name.
At this time, as he is forcing my friend to leave. We are aruging, stating that we've paid all this money for this table we don't want to leave.
As that is all going on Jess comes and begins giving us our check, not even advocated for our side. She calculates tip for us, and everything as fast as she can to get us out so that someone else could fill our table.
Our bill came out to $5800. Then we left.
Yes we are responsible for ourselves, and blame ourselves greatly for all of it.
Hopefully some people who are going to wet republic read my review and be cautious. Do not let the waitress's pressure you into anything. You are there for a good time, not to pay a down payment on a house.
Did we enjoy our time, yes, but it was ruined by the bouncer's pride and Jess's saleswomen tendencies.
To conclude, I will probably never visit this place ever again, and it sucks because we have heard many good things about wet republic prior to our first visit.
Written 3 June 2021
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Brooklyn, NY115 contributions
May 2019
Awesome pool party at MGM Grand that you can do a lot of thing with. Party your way to the lifestyle of kings and queens Vegas has to offer
Written 16 April 2020
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Kent B
Pine City, Minnesota, United States91 contributions
May 2019
We saw Zedd at Wet republic over EDC Weekend and it was OK. I would say if there is a performer here that you must see do it but if you are just going to a pool party Encore Beach club has Wet beat hands down.
Written 1 November 2019
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Brenton Hilaire
Roseau, Dominica138 contributions
Sep 2019
I was part of cocktail that was held there for a conference that I attended. The venue is amazing. I love the set up with the pool and various tent areas.
Written 5 October 2019
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Jim V
Fond du Lac, WI121 contributions
May 2019
I took my two age 21+ sons with their two friends to Wet Republic. I am writing this review because we couldn't find a lot of information about the venue prior to going.
Our concierge was very helpful and directed us to the proper people for information. This is basically a Las Vegas night club that operates during the day around a pool. It has a DJ and depending upon who that DJ is (as in popularity) determines how much you will spend. Let me say up front that we thoroughly enjoyed the venue, the service and the day overall. The crowd gets rocking as the alcohol flows. The venue is very safe as the security is very tight (which is good) but you need read their rules so you know what you can or cannot bring into the venue. Everyone is checked to the point of a "pat down" if necessary. We had a day bed for which there is no charge but there is a minimum amount you need to spend on food and drinks to get that location. Since we went on an "off" day (not a name brand DJ playing) the day bed was only $250. Prices for the same day bed if Calvin Harris (for example) is playing will cost you $1,000's. It is very easy to spend the money. A six pack of beer was $72...a bottle of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum was $595 (but you get mixers free). If you have a daybed, cabana, etc. you are assigned a host or hostess and that makes everything easy. With tip, we spent about $1200 for the day but in Las Vegas with this type of venue it was actually a fair price. If you go to one of the clubs at night, the prices are the same depending upon where you go and whether you want reserved seating. You go to a place like this to enjoy the atmosphere and the experience. We had a good time and if you can afford it, I would highly recommend it.
Written 30 September 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

London, UK13 contributions
Aug 2019
My husband and I went to Wet Republic. It was a great venue and what could be a great day, but it was very over priced. Drinks could set you up for over $100 for two.(Depending on what you drink). I had soft drinks so it was cheaper.

Also do not bring cash, do not bring towels, do not bring drinks or chewing gum it will only get confiscated. Do bring credit card for the lockers to put any small belongings. Do bring ID or you will not get in. I advise you to book online before flying out to Las Vegas or you may not get a ticket. It is a great atmosphere, great weather and as you are in the desert we are looking at temperatures such as 43 degrees like when we went (Late August, beg September 2019).

Ps... Everyone wants to see Calvin Harris but unfortunately he arrived the week after we left. :(

Written 27 September 2019
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates841 contributions
Sep 2019
We visited Wet Republic for a Calvin Harris pool party and it was a bitter/sweet experience.

Calvin Harris obviously impressed and played banger after banger but the venue itself let the experience down for us a little bit.

We arrived to a MASSIVE queue, which seemed to last forever (even though we purchased tickets online in advance for $75 each!) we ended up missing half of the event queuing outside in the blistering heat.

Then once inside, the queue for the bar was just as long and full of people pushing and shoving, there was no etiquette whatsoever. We ordered a large cocktail (which was basically just water) and a bucket of 5 beers which came to $150! We then went to put our belongings in a locker (as we'd be in and out of the pool) the locker by itself was $65!! The prices were absolutely extortionate.

There was no space to move in there, they had more than overfilled the venue and the pool water was absolutely disgusting. It was full of wasted drunk people (some even looked like they were on something stronger than alcohol) and there were even people being wheelchaired out of the venue.

Overall we ended up spending $600 between the two of us for a very average experience.

Acts are good but not worth the money!

Instagram: @journeywithuss
Written 25 September 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Callum M
London, UK8 contributions
Sep 2019 • Friends
Read their FAQ....
No trainers!!..... loads of people in trainers
No Go-pros!!.... people with go pros
They dont seem to know what you can and cant do.

One of our party had shorts over his trunks. Got told he HAD to put them in a locker for like $50.... I turn up after him and the floor is little with peoples stuff. Like everywhere. You cant even sit on the floor with all the flip flops, tops, shorts, handbags.

The staff are rude if they dont get a tip... when you're buying 6 beers for like $90. The security...are rude and just push you along, as soon as you stop for the brief bit of shade.

There is absolutely no room in the pool.

It cost us $64 each to get in.
Written 24 September 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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