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Themepark Slagharen is a whirlwind of adventures. You can step straight out of the Wild West into Mexico, then celebrate carnival to the rhythms of New Orleans before searching for gold in Yellowstone. If you prefer, you can set out on a quest to explore Jules Verne Adventureland and embark on the spectacular Expedition Nautilus, then cycle to the top on the Magic Bikes and battle the raging waters in Fogg's Trouble. You can also watch an exciting 4D film or go to the thrilling stunt show in the Western Village Theater. Do you wonder how the Native Indians used to live? If so, let American Indian whisk you back in time so that you can experience it for yourself!
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Linda P
Amsterdam, The Netherlands2 contributions
Jul 2021
My main complaint about Slagharen is the security.
There was one security guard that verbally abused and threatened my son.
He asked him “Are you crazy in the head you mental idiot. “ “ I’m going to break your neck you filthy Jew, I hope you get cancer.! And I cant wait for you to something wrong so I can brake every bone in your body”
This all happened on our 3rd night, but I will start from the 1st day.
Day 1.
We arrive at the park, my 3 children and 1 of their friends, and unpack in our wigwam. Whilst the children played outside I made the beds. Well tried to. As anyone knows, who’s slept in the wigwams, the sheets don’t fit. No mater how hard you try . No-one wants their children sticking to a plastic mattress through the night. Terrible. Then I went to the shops to fill the fridge with food for a few days. So far so good. The children have already made 4 new friends and all excited for our stay. I was told I would have to book a time slot for swimming, but I was unable to do so for that day because of limited number of people. { This wasn’t mentioned on the internet.) Ok , we booked for the next day, and went to the park. When we came back later I noticed the fridge wasn’t cold. The light came on but the fridge seemed to not be working. Seeing if I could solve the problem by re-plugging it in, I found the plug but it wasn’t even plugged in! To plug in the fridge I had to either unplug the oven ( that also didn’t work ) , or the heating. Crazy! Some of the food I had bought I had to throw away. Dangerous to eat after not being refrigerated for so long. So I plugged in the fridge and replaced some of the food again for the next day. The children all played well and the evening went very nice.
Day 2.
Breakfast .... The fridge still hadn’t cooled! Obviously broken. So once again we had to go and buy more food, and throw more away again. I called the reception and someone came out to have a look. He said he had reset it and all should be ok. Apart from my money that was now on the second day going a lot faster than it should have done. So I then bought more food for us all and put it in the fridge. After the park closed we all go back to the tent to cook and play. Once again the fridge hadn’t got cold, so I had to throw more food away again. We then also noticed that the oven wouldn’t work. I called again and someone came, reset it and said if its not cold in 1 hour to call again. Of course it didn’t get cold, I did call but said that they can come back the next day as it was getting late , the food had already been thrown, and there was a lot of rain so didn’t feel it was the best time to bring us a new fridge.
Day 3
We had to buy breakfast again then carried on with our day. Seeing new friends and having fun. Buying food rather than having some with us as planned. Once again after the park closes we all went back. We had received a new fridge but I had nothing to refill it. I had received a complimentary pizza for the inconvenience so we had eaten. The children by the third day had made many friends and were all playing together, either hide and seek , or tag , or with toys they had brought. It was a very nice time for everyone. Parents relaxing having a glass of wine or a beer and socialising. At 10.10pm a man told the children that they had to be quiet because he had a 4 year old trying to sleep. The children said sorry and kept on playing their games, which wasn’t in front of the persons tent but sometimes they chased each other and past the tent, like many others. He was not happy with this so quite aggressively came to me. I explained that it is very normal here that the children play together, it makes the holiday more fun. And that his daughter will fall asleep, they always do after a day in the park. I’ve stayed here before when my children were younger so I do understand his concern but the children weren’t doing anything wrong, and only 3 of the now 20 children were mine. He got rather angry at me and his wife was asking him to calm down and leave it. I think that he knew I didn’t have a man with me and he could manipulate me. Some of the other residents ended up also arguing with the man about his behaviour. It was all rather strange and it was now almost 11pm and then the security turned up. Everyone was told to go back to their tents and be quiet. Myself and other people tried to explain what had happened but in the mean time the man was still shouting about us. Because of the drama the police then turned up. We had to explain again what had happened. It seemed that because I was speaking English my opinion didn’t matter. I do speak Dutch but was speaking in English. We heard at that time the security saying to not listen to one of the ladies because she was German. She didn’t understand what he had said because she spoke neither English or Dutch. Her son had started to film what was going on but he was told to turn his phone off and go away. It felt that I was surrounded by racists. We was told to leave the park. I had to explain to the police man we hadn’t done anything wrong , but they didn’t seem interested. I had enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine and there was no way I would drive. I wasn’t drunk but had had more than one. I was the only one with my children so still had a responsibility as a parent and adult. I explained this to the officer and he realised he couldn’t force me into a car with my children. It was all so ludicrous. Everyone was told to calm down and get back to their tents, which we did. The rest of the playing time was well over now and everyone was confused, disgusted, gutted, upset, tired and glad the nonsense was over.
The police went away but the security stayed. My eldest son heard a noise outside our tent and went to have a look, only when he put his foot down he stood on a glass one of the friends had left on the floor, and cut his foot. He still went to see who was at our tent and he saw the security guard. The security guard said to him “ Are you crazy in the head, what do you think you are doing throwing glass you fuXXXXX mental idiot!!” My son tried to explain someone had left a glass on the floor and he had stood on it. The security then replied “ You’re leaving, where is your mum?” my son replied “ she’s asleep “ ,( I actually heard him ask this , I wasn’t yet asleep ) he then said to my son “ I’m going to break your neck! You filthy Jew ! I hope you get cancer, and I can’t wait for you to do something wrong so I can brake every bone in your body.” By this time I was up and very angry. I went outside to speak to this person. There were 2 security guards outside my tent. I asked who has just spoken to my son like that. The biggest said “yes that was me, he is causing problems.” I told him that my son had gotten up to see who was outside the tent and he stood on a glass, he wasn’t throwing anything. I was telling him that he cant speak to people like that and then the man shouted at me to get back to my tent now. I was fuming. I actually should have phoned the police back but didn’t feel it would make any difference. So I went back to help my son.
Day 4.
We went swimming as planned 11am-1pm , and looked forward to our last day. After swimming we decided to split up a bit to go on different rides. I was with my daughter and son eating when my eldest phoned me. He said ”Mum I see the woman from last night and she’s looking at me and phoning someone. Mum the security are here I’m at the grass come quick. MUM they’re taking me away. “ I started panicking, I didn’t know what was going to happen. I could only think of how they had dealt with things the night before. I was very scared. When I got back to the grass my son was gone. I managed to get through to him and I could hear him saying “ I want to get my mum , I’m allowed my parents here. Let me go . Mum I cant get out , I am locked in a room near the entrance, please mum hurry up!!” We rushed as fast as fast as we could to find him. When I arrived near the entrance I saw the German family that had the wigwam next to us and had gotten involved the night before. The son told me that they were getting thrown out of the park. We couldn’t believe it. The people seeing them out, then lead me to my son and his friend. Ryan my son was shocked at what had happened and was angry at all the accusations about him. He was stating his point that he has done nothing wrong and the security guard had threatened him. He had become angry in the room and kicked a few chairs and they said that we had to leave the park. We argued our point about all the abuse we had received the night before but it was no use. The management said they will deal with the security, but I really wish we had called the police at the time and pressed charges against this racist, horrible bullying security guard. We were not allowed to enjoy the last few hours of our holiday. This was the worst holiday experience we have ever encountered and find this totally unacceptable. Unfortunately I didn’t get the name of the security guard.
Written 2 August 2021
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L Mina
Amsterdam, The Netherlands6 contributions
Sep 2020 • Couples
Wonderful time 😍 walking on air and love with your partner in Slagharen .
I admire the Organization & Behavior of the stuffs👍🏻
Written 20 September 2020
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Dear LMinati, Thank you for your visit and kind words! Untill next time in Slagharen
Written 30 September 2020
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Wesley M
Lelystad, The Netherlands596 contributions
Dagje uit
Aug 2020 • Family
Is oke for visit it once. However the park is rather big with many attractions, in comparison with other parks, this was didn't impressed us a lot. We bought tickets with food included, but after waiting in the que for ordering the food cashier told us that they can't scan the code and we need to use it in special place (wasn't mentioned on website). So to get our lunch we had to wait another half hour in the que in other restaurant. Price - quality we paid for food is not the same, so it's bit expensive.
Written 2 August 2020
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands2 contributions
Great mini vacation
Aug 2019 • Family
Our family of four enjoyed our 3 day stay in our cowboy cottage. Nice accomodation complete and clean. Well maintained park very clean and not crowded (at least when we went there). The lines are acceptable and not too long, some of them you don't have to wait at all. The kids also enjoyed Aqua Mexicana, the slides are awesome. We will definitely come back.
Written 1 September 2019
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virgo's view
The Netherlands265 contributions
Wild western amusement park
Jul 2019 • Couples
This place is far from Amsterdam about 2 hours drive.The theme of place is based on wild western (American frontier).
The time limit is 10am till 6pm and for waterpark 10 to 20pm.
If you want to have a chance to try all attractions,you sould be there at 10 in the morning.
The price of food and beverage slightly high price (2.80€ for a coke 330ml)
Overall,it was good experience.
If you have any further questions,you can ask me!
Have a great day :)
Written 10 July 2019
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kerstin m
Zaandam, The Netherlands12 contributions
Nice long weekend
Dec 2018 • Family
It was a long weekend in country cottage with small sleeping room with 4 beds 2 on each other. Small open kitchen and bathroom. It was great to have this place for a break visiting the park. Especially after swimming in the evenning. The park is a nice once for a time out in my opinion for children until 10 or 12 as the park was smaller then expected. It was great that you could park the car in from of the house. After dark there was an outside show parade, very nice for children. Me person would not go again as the park is smaller as u thought and from my living place almost 2 hours away I would rather go for some kilometre driving to a bigger place but enjoyed the own cottage a lot!
Written 19 February 2019
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wieky j
2 contributions
Fun but the park gets real old
Oct 2018 • Family
We've visited with 2 kids, 2 adults, one disabled (in an active wheelchair). We went at the end of summer brake, on a Thursday. It wasn't to crowded, which may be the reason why lots of restaurants or snack houses weren't open??

We've had to search for toilets for disabled people. When I thought I've found it, I had to go a long way before entering the toilet. And even then I wasn't there yet, it was on the back end of a huge women's toilet, which was very annoying. First I had to get past every one who either got out of the toilet or washed their hands. It was a narrow way to get there. One lady bumped into me, which isn't strange because there just isn't enough space. They should open it on the outside, so disabled people can get in on the other side.

Not every path is very 'wheelchair friendly'. And when we drank coffee somewhere it was hard to get onto the porch where the tables were. Without a wheelchair, you probably wouldn't have complaints about it.

The park was clean and looked nice, but very old. You shouldn't spend the full ticket price, it's not worth it. Make sure you get cheaper tickets.

The staff was very nice.
Written 22 October 2018
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Eindhoven, The Netherlands108 contributions
What a great place!
Sep 2018 • Family
We got a special deal online, 140 euros, 2 nights in a wigwam & 2 days park entrance. It's certainly worth the price, we all really enjoyed it. Wigwams have all the basics, there actually quite roomy with fridge, tv, small hob, roof heating, your own toilet & shower etc. Our son loved it & was quite upset when it came to leaving. The park itself has loads of attractions for young and old & all the staff were very friendly. Even the entertainment (Bit like Butlins) on a night was good fun. Food, drinks etc. are a good price compared with other similar places as was the onsite supermarket. Would certainly recommend this place, its got its own charm & leaves lasting memories. we'll be back next year for sure!
Written 3 October 2018
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Jesse K
Nice, France29 contributions
Worth the money!
Jul 2018 • Friends
I've been going to this park since I was small and it's been renovating and getting new rollercoasters which are far more exciting! In one day it's perfectly possible to get the full experience, since the waiting lines are very short.

Although, food? No vegan options at all, could only eat fries. Which restaurant doesn't have vegan options in 2018? Will take own food along next time.
Written 15 July 2018
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Lelystad, The Netherlands270 contributions
The "Old West " in the Netherlands
May 2018 • Couples
We visited the park midweek and were pleasantly surprised that it was not that busy. There are enough rides and attractions for all ages and the lines were not long. There are a couple of live shows and a 4D movie. The theater was a bit dated and this is not your top of the line 4D experience.) There is a parade along main street and ends up in the square with some dancing and singing western style. The really nice thing about the park is that it offers a swim park and also an indoor swimming pool. Lounge chairs and also sand beach area with some water attractions. (check pricing on Slagharen web site.) The park offers several places to eat from sit down dining to fast food. The main restaurant which was a buffet was very pricy but there are several other options which were reasonably priced. Lots of toilets around the park and kept reasonably clean. The staff and workers were friendly and outgoing. The park turned 55 this year and could use some renovations, repairs and updates.
Parking was an additional €7,50 and is close by to the entrance.
*check the website before purchasing tickets as it seems their prices vary.
Written 18 May 2018
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