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Antelope Park
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06:30 - 16:00
06:30 - 16:00
06:30 - 16:00
06:30 - 16:00
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06:30 - 16:00
Known as one of Southern Africa’s “most intriguing destination”, and awarded The Green Trophy for the Environmental Award, First Runner Up Best Safari Camp Tented and Second Runner up in The Best Self Catering category at the 2013 AZTA Awards ( Association Of Zimbabwe Travel Agents.) We were also nominated for “Zimbabwe’s Private Leading Game Reserve” in the World Travel Awards.Antelope Park is home to the world famous African Lion and Environmental Research Trust (ALERT) lion rehabilitation programme, which is a multi-phase lion conservation initiative. It is Africa’s first genuine programme working to ethically re-introduce the offspring of captive-bred African lions back into the wild.The Park also welcomes guests and eco-tourists to its stunning campsite; a haven of tranquillity set in the African bush. Visitors can enjoy the relaxed environment as well as participate in the vast array of world-class activities offered at the Park, including lion walks, elephant rides and walks, game viewing, fishing, and many more. Antelope Park, home to Animal Planet’s popular wildlife series “Roaring with Pride”, with over 3 million viewers and airing in 33 different countries. Antelope Park have been the subject of a major UK TV wildlife documentary “LION COUNTRY” and the Park has also featured in a number of other wildlife shows including “Karina: Wild on Safari”. Our 14 part series called “Roaring with Pride” filmed at our park is still featuring on Animal Planet explaining in depth how our organisation is helping to save the future of the African Lion.
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Vungu Road, Gweru 0000 Zimbabwe
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M. Mwansa
1 contribution
May 2021 • Couples
We went through for a day trip and the experience was amazing!!!! There were some BEAUTIFUL Elephants along the 6km route to the reception, and for a person who loooves those creatures it was the best welcome to experience. Special thanks to the Security guard by the boom gate (unfortunately i can't remember his name) Sir Sean from reception and our tour guide Sir Desire for welcoming us and taking us through our activities.Special Shout out and hats off to the wonderful Lady Nyasha at the coffee shop!! She made us AMAZING burgers,home made pizza and hot chocolate, To top it off she was on shift all by herself taking everyones orders, cooking the orders, serving everyone and clearing up. She attended to everyone of us so well. We had an amazing time, will definately visit again SOON.!!
Written 16 June 2021
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Ro H
Bulawayo, Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe26 contributions
May 2021 • Couples
Arrived to no loo paper in the guest loo, followed by a demand for payment of meals up-front. I don’t know if I want a full breakfast tomorrow or just a light meal in the coffee shop in the morning. Dinner at 20usd for a basic braai (barbecue) is expensive n little choice as I don’t eat beef... and then they charged us 25 (only realised after partner had paid). The bar was not open but nobody had bothered to tell us. (Tried to claim ‘covid restrictions’ but absolutely untrue as all bars that serve food or bars in restaurants in the country are legally allowed open until 8.) We had not bought booze as just wanted a couple of beers n glasses of wine with dinner. Only after a fuss n having to go find staff did they offer to sort something. Disgusted n off the visiting list! Am not surprised the place is virtually empty (of all but paying volunteers)!
Written 21 May 2021
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Farayi C
Antwerp, Belgium2 contributions
Apr 2020 • Friends
It was one of amazing moments or a magnificent period of time i shared with my international representatives from Cyprus,Turkey, therefore, what an excellent experience we had "omg" I did a Lion walk and hunting with lions as well. It gives me an energy to koen a vibrant travel agency called Skyborne Travel Agency (
Written 3 April 2020
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Durham, UK301 contributions
Feb 2020 • Business
Went to zimbabwe to visit schools in the gweru area. Visited the park for the day and did the elephant encounter, the lion experience and the game drive. It was incredible.
Written 16 February 2020
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United Kingdom681 contributions
Jun 2019
We were part of a group that visited here. The basic offering is arrive, hot drink (it was cold in June), watch domesticated elephants, see lion feeding, then chargeable activities - bush walk, mini game drive etc.

Our superb tour on previous and later days left us in no need of the rather basic drives and walks here. This left us with hours and hours of time to kill. It only takes 25 minutes to walk around the whole area that is open to the public, so we ended up sitting reading. (We did see a family of mongooses on our walk, though).

The lion feeding is impressive - you have the opportunity to watch and photograph beasts very close up - although they are on the other side of a fence. (which is just as well).

Overall, though, we were left feeling very ambivalent about this park - unconvinced about its conservation credentials, to be honest.
Written 1 November 2019
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Dear Ursosarctos, Thank you kindly for your review. We are sad to hear that your experience was not what you expected. All our activities are aimed to assist our conservation initiatives. These being our ALERT program, the rehabilitation and protection of Chizarira National Park and supporting the local community through conservation education, building & construction, healthcare & supporting those in need. Please note that thanks to your stay you helped support the above causes and for that we thank you. You can keep updated on our efforts with these initiatives with our regular newsletter which is updated on the blog tab on our website monthly. Antelope Park is a family environment which is catered for relaxation from the bustling city life. We are working on some extra board games that can be played on the deck while guests can view the bird/mammal life in between activities. We are so glad you enjoyed the Lion Feed. We hope you can return to Antelope Park and we can provide a better experience for you and your group and possibly take you to some of our conservation/community projects so it can be seen first hand what we do. Wishing you a blessed 2020.
Written 8 January 2020
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Nairobi, Kenya16 contributions
Sep 2019 • Friends
We explored Antelope Park on the back of a horse for 3 hours, getting as close as possible to Antelopes, Giraffes, Impalas, Kudus, Wildbeasts and Zebras. We enjoyed this activity the most, funny, it is the activity, we were most tempted to snub in favour of the Lion Encounter. In our view, the lion encounter was not only over rated but also over priced all it entails is sitting on a truck and following semi wild lions as they try to hunt. Previously, the Park used to offer lion walks which may have justified the price but the lions are a bit grown now and the same is no longer offered. This should be made clear to tourists. The elephant encounter was great and the price sensible. Elephant rides are no longer available though.
Written 22 September 2019
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Thank you for the review Nduseman. We are so glad you enjoyed the Horse ride in the park and meeting our orphaned elephants. Yes, our Lion walks have stopped as we focus on our impeding release into the wild however we do believe our Lion Encounter is a fantastic experience with the possibility of watching them make a kill! Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a kill being made which may have been the let down you experienced. I hope we can welcome you back to Antelope Park in the future to enjoy more of our activities and excellent service.
Written 24 September 2019
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Vimbai M
Gweru, Zimbabwe5 contributions
Dec 2018 • Family
I had an awesome time with my family at this place that those magical moments I will never forget. My kids enjoyed watching wild animals first hand, cruising in their boats & trying to ride one of Africa's giant animal, the elephant. The experience was too much and I cant wait to go there for the second time. The food was superb, I must say their Chefs are just good. Their accommodation for those who want sleep overs its beautiful. I must say Antelope park is the place to be in Gweru, Zimbabwe.
Written 3 July 2019
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Vimbai thank you for the wonderful review!
Written 11 September 2019
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London, UK7 contributions
Jun 2018 • Solo
Staff excellent. Lovely people.
Owner and projects/ activities offered - very dubious. Lions meant to be released several years ago, and quite frankly the excuses given are poor. They never will be so stop fobbing people off. You can argue you needed ‘a gene pool’ to work with, but your logic is flawed. You would only require about 10 lions for the case you argue and yet there is over a 100. Shambles. These excuses are fed out to visitors and volunteers. I wish people would just ask more about what happens to those precious lions they are walking with.. to be caged for the rest of their lives. Bred for business. Anyone who believes the excuses should simply talk to a real conservationist. I have a background of zoology and this is not good practice; it’s a business simple as that. Yes, we all have to stay afloat in this world, more so in a country with a turbulent economy. But there was word that these exploitative walks would stop April 2019. Evidently, from pictures , this is not the case. I wholly welcome and expect a generic response telling me all about Alert and what they’re hear to do blah blah but I’ve heard it several times already. I could never go back or recommend.
Horses are also in a terrible state since the previous manager left. They are emaciated and still ridden several times a day. It is pleasing to see the elephants are no longer ridden or expected to do tricks - I just hope those bull hooks aren’t used to get them in bomas..
Written 26 May 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
Dear Flapjacktravel, Thank you for the review. We are happy to answer any and all your questions especially while you are visiting us at the park so we can have a hands-on full response :) For the time being: Lion Release: A recent decision was made to extend the period of walking the lions at Antelope Park until the end of August 2019. The reason for this decision is as follows: The Lions currently walking have started hunting successfully whilst on their walks. To stop at this point would be detrimental to them in the long run as they need to gain as much experience during this time in order to be successful in the future phases of the release program. Each lion as with any wild animal (and even humans) differs in maturity and hunting skills. Some lions are adept hunters at 18 months old and some are still learning, at this stage these lions are still learning. To remove them now would affect their hunting skills later on. Both night and day hunting are vital to the lions being able to be released so this phase is as important as the night encounters. The lions that are walking are: Luana - 19 months old Lalamika - 19 months old Pumbaa - 19 months old Phembela - 19 months old Lupane - 19 months old The age of stopping the walking with lions again depends on the lion, we have had lions that we have had to stop walking earlier than 18 months and some have continued to 24 months and older. Each lion has a different character and different levels of skill and maturity. There is absolutely no concern over safety with these lions, we rely greatly on the highly skilled professional handlers who have been working with lions for the last 18 years and they are confident that there is no reason for concern. Please note there is NO more breeding of Lions at Antelope Park as we focus all our efforts on our Lion release going forward. We do have 92 Lions currently at the park (including the release Lions) which are a mixture of saved Lions: A number of the lions at Antelope Park were rescued from farmers due to land reform programs. Some were rescued from farms where they were being neglected and mistreated. Some of the lions were new blood brought in from South Africa. The release program has so far successfully released two prides into fenced-wild areas, although with additional funding we would like to see these prides moved to larger fenced-wild areas; stage 3. Whilst finding suitable land to develop release areas for lions is easy, raising the funding to build fences and restock these areas with wildlife is not. It is a huge undertaking, but we are making progress towards developing these areas all the time. Our fundraising efforts are hampered by false commentary in the press about links to canned hunting and a lack of need to develop protected habitat for lions for a reintroduction program. These articles create controversy around our programs where none exists, but has a negative impact on our ability to raise funds. At the moment there is a small bottleneck of lions that are ready for release and for which land is available, but the funds are not yet available to prepare that land. There are 21 lions currently listed as being in this situation. We believe that as we continue towards achieving the ultimate goal of the release program, and as awareness of the need for this program to compliment in situ conservation efforts increases, that the funding will come. The current bottleneck will then be removed. We have already proven that a delay in releasing the lions has no negative effects on their ability to survive in a wild situation on their own. What they have learned earlier in their life remains with them and can be put into practice immediately upon release. Also please kindly note Our Lion enclosures are four times bigger than the minimum size based on standards set by the International Society of Zoos RELEASE: Chizarira National Park has been identified as a suitable release site. We have already over the last couple of years carried out a number of different projects there as well as the much-needed research. The park is 2000 square kilometres and is a non-hunting reserve which is the third largest National Park in Zimbabwe. The projects carried out so far are: Human-lion conflict mitigation Wild lion collaring and monitoring Building renovations Water reticulation National Parks collaboration which includes assistance with anti-poaching. With regards to our Horses. We have recently had a vet out at Antelope Park, he roughly rated the condition of 80% of the horses as a 9/10. The other 20% are horses that are harder to maintain weight on, these all ranked at around 6/10. Excluding 4 who got a rate of 4/10. Again these 4 are Old and have issues with weight management. We are always aware of the condition of all our horses, and we are doing out very best to maintain our excellent standards considering the current Zimbabwe economy. The Zimbabwe SPCA do visit to ensure we meet all standards for our animals' wellbeing. To answer overworking the horses, we have 39 horses currently in the stable yard. We make very sure that these horses are not overworked. At maximum, a horse will take 2 safaris a day, in total 3 hours of work in WALK alone. Overseas they will do 3 hours heavy loaded and a faster-paced work day such as jumping for 3 hours. We hope we have managed to answer all your queries. Please rest assured, Antelope Park profits go to many conservation and community efforts. You can read more on our website which is regularly updated We would love to welcome you back to Antelope Park for a complimentary stay so a good understanding of all that we do here is attained, please kindly email We look forward to hearing from you.
Written 4 June 2019
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Tony Stark
Southern Poland, Poland27 contributions
May 2019 • Friends
Amazing place! A lot of activities! Elephants, lions, horses, antelopes and more and more ...evetything so close:) We spent there (10 people) two nights in beautiful and comfortable Serenity Lodge (antelopes in front of the lodge in the morning). Good restaurant with delicious food and swimming-pool for free. For sure - I recommend Antelope Park Gweru!
Written 10 May 2019
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Thank you so much for the incredible review! Yes, Serenity really gives a wild experience being in the park :)
Written 24 May 2019
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Sydney, Australia205 contributions
Apr 2019 • Friends
Went for lunch here and we were advised that it wasn't a walk in lunch . We needed to have booked so that they could stock their menu. We were a bit disappointed and ended up at the cafe which had a decent burger. This is the first experience ive had in zim of having to call ahead
Written 24 April 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
Apologies for this, I have liaised with the Kitchen on this complaint and we will work on stocking extra in the kitchen for this purpose. I am glad that you had a great lunch at our cafe. Please do visit us again and thank you for the review!
Written 24 May 2019
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