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Dinosaur Museum
08:30 - 18:30
08:30 - 18:30
08:30 - 18:30
08:30 - 18:30
08:30 - 18:30
08:30 - 18:30
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Great place for dinosaur enthusiasts!
Dec 2016 • Friends
Amazing corridor of fossils.. Really impressive to see how many they have discovered in this one small area! Great museum as well with huge skeleton displays and fossil eggs. The main exhibit is now covered by a massive shed.. But it looks like there was another open air site on the complex that we didn't get to see

We were taken here by locals who live in the area, otherwise I'm sure it would be difficult to get to! Worth the effort if you are in this part of China and have an interest in dinosaurs. I saw signs for at least another couple of sites too for dinosaur fossils and museums, but we didn't have the time.
Written 3 December 2016
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Auckland, New Zealand52 contributions
Cool thing in to do in town with few attractions
Aug 2015 • Solo
I found this museum quite fascinating as I had no idea that China harboured so many dinosaur fossils. I visited the museum as an English speaker and I didn't have any trouble gaining entry or understanding the displays, however their placards could benefit greatly from an overhaul by somebody fluent in English. There was a cheesy part to the museum which had disco lights and some other stuff you wouldn't expect in a museum, but the range of fossils on display was vast so overall it was quite an interesting experience.
Written 5 July 2016
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Melbourne, Australia847 contributions
North China's largest collection of dinosaur bones
Sep 2015 • Friends
Since 2011 this museum has the largest collection of dinosaur bones, skeletons and footprints in North China. The museum is well maintained with reasonable English detailing its history on display. For example it outlines each excavation and profiles the archaeologist.

I recommend you spend at least one hour here - two to three if you have a strong interest in dinosaurs.

I visited the museum on a weekday and it wasn't crowded. I imagine it would only ever get crowded during Chinese New Year Festival as it is located in a village making it a challenge to access if you do not drive in China.

The museums is open to the public seven days a week 8am – 5:30pm and the entrance fee is $100 CNY.

You can buy the usual trinkets, snacks and drinks that are sold at most tourist attractions in China.
Written 29 January 2016
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Upbeat A
8 contributions
Hunting for dinosaurs in Zhucheng
Mar 2015 • Friends
This place is awesome.

I constructed my recent trip around hunting for dinosaurs in China. Unfortunately there's not a lot of info out there on how to get to Zhucheng and navigate around Zhucheng. I've reviewed this attraction, and other dinosaur attractions in Zhucheng on my blog : http://upbeatadventures.blogspot.com.au/2015/05/how-to-hunt-for-dinosaurs-in-china.html which I hope will be useful for dinosaur lovers.
Written 5 May 2015
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Lancaster, PA94 contributions
Surprise Attraction in Zhucheng
Mar 2014 • Business
The Dinosaur Museum was an amazing attraction which given the chance to see I would recommend. The museum was well laid out and provide descriptions in both Chinese and English. I was there very early in the morning and it seemed that the whole museum was mine to explore.
Written 25 March 2014
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Kamal Narang
New Delhi, India109 contributions
Not a fun place to be in winter
Nov 2013 • Business
The place closes early and there is not too much to see at least during winters. It is basically a covered excavation site where you can find a lot of dinosaur extractions including bones piled in heaps.If you are an enthusiast, you may want to check out this place. But its not a place kids would enjoy.

No ATM or facilities near by so you have to carry cash. The museum itself is ok with lots of good exhibits made by reassembling of dinosaur bones.

Worth visiting if you are a true dinosaur fan.
Written 23 November 2013
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Lenore L
New York City, NY77 contributions
Zhucheng Dinosaur Park: World's Largest Dinosaur Pit
Oct 2012 • Solo
Whoa. This is Dinosaur Pie. Dinosaurs bones are packed into the earth, one on top of another. There are so many bones here, the excavation site is the main exhibit! A roof has been put overhead and a paved path leads you down into the pit so that you see everything for yourself. Located in Shandong Province, the city's tourism website, www.tourismshangdong.com, says that excavation began in 1964, when archeologists uncovered tons of dinosaur fossils including the Shandong Dragon, which stood eight meters tall and fifteen meters tall. The world's tallest Hadrosaur skeleton was unearthed here between 1989 and 1991. This site was opened for tourism in 2011. Adjacent to the excavation pit is the Zhucheng Dinosaur Cubic, which is the museum where you can view the re-assembled skeletons of the largest and scariest dragons, and stand next to single bones that will dwarf you. There are also fossils of dinosaur babies that are less scary. There's also a room, located outside of the museum, generating white dust power tool noises where workers are busy cleaning off bones and readying them for future exhibits.

The entire city of Zhucheng is apparently a dinosaur pit. I'd read elsewhere that there are 30 excavation sites throughout. The city has opened three other dinosaur museums, including one devoted to dinosaur footprints, and another one to dinosaur eggs. How cool is that? I've also read that for millennia, the people here have been pulling the bones out of their yards and grinding them to make medicinal soups.

Zhucheng is an industrial city located about a two-hour drive from Qingdao Airport. I had the good fortune of having a friend of a friend (Shandong native) pick me up from the airport and take me to the excavation site. These friends had informed me that there is no easy way of getting there. Even my native driver had to stop and ask for directions once we got into the general area of the site, which is located among the small villages south of the city. There are no signs here, just dirt and gravel roads and farmers traveling by foot. There are no restaurants either, unless you ask a villager who will point you to a house that is an unmarked restaurant serving the local families and farmers. No English or Mandarin spoken here, only the Shandong dialect, but you can point to a vast array of fresh produce from the surrounding farms and to many choices of frozen fish in a freezer and they'll fix you up a feast. SOOO yummy! But beware, even the fish here have dinosaur teeth!

Without a local driver, you can probably take a taxi from the airport to the site. A two-hour cab ride will cost you about 400 RMB/one-way, if you negotiate hard. Otherwise, you can look for a bus that will take you from Qingdao to Zhucheng, and from there you can take a cab. But make sure that your cab will wait for you (more RMB!!!), as it will be hard for you to get another one and you could very well end up as one of the permanent displays.

I didn't stay locally, but you might be able to find lodging in the city of Zhucheng.

Take CASH. No credit cards or ATMs in the Cretaceous era.

Definitely worth a visit, especially for adventurers who like time travel.
Written 30 August 2013
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