Mount Tsukuba

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Mount Tsukuba
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Very good

Hong Kong, China1,967 contributions
Stunning views & interesting rock features
Mar 2020 • Friends
We took the cable car up the mountain, then hiked up both peaks of the mountain and down via one of the trails. Sweeping views of the plains and fields and on this very sunny and clear day, we could see as far as Mount Fuji and the Pacific Ocean. There were many interesting rock features along the trail downhill. Very enjoyable hike!
Written 6 March 2020
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Shyam N
Tokyo, Japan20 contributions
Hike up
Aug 2018 • Family
Mount Tsukuba trail is fun and challenging. We parked in the parking area and hiked up. Our dog also enjoyed the hike. We spent sometime on the top as the view was awesome. We headed down using the cable car which was pleasant. Definitely recommend if you like to hike. Not very hard.
Written 18 July 2019
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Calgary, AB512 contributions
Peak Attraction
Jun 2019 • Friends
This mountain provides good views on clear days -- or so I was told! Unfortunately we had a hazy day when views were not so good.

But that didn't stop us enjoying the day out. My 70-something Japanese friends drove up to the lower train station are, where we had a bite to eat, then walked up at least 300 steps to reach the train.

The train journey up through forest was pleasant, and would be wonderful in autumn colours. At the top there are a number of restaurants and shops, and hiking trails to reach the 2 peaks. We took the longer, marginally higher one, a rocky path that was quite slippy due to the morning's rain. The trail was quite busy -- several groups and 3 parties of schoolchildren were on their way down. There is a shrine at the top, and a very small, slick rocky promontory from where you can enjoy the views.

The ropeway down is nearer, and you can go down that way, but it does take you to a different lower station.

We returned the way we had come, and had a good, inexpensive lunch in a restaurant where we could look down the hillside.
Written 4 July 2019
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Jennifer N
15 contributions
A lovely hiking trail through the woods
May 2019 • Friends
Starting from the famous Tsukuba Mountain Shrine, you will make your way on a exciting and lovely hiking trail up to the mountain peak. And here is the surprise: Mount Tsukuba actually has two peaks, which makes this hiking really special. After passing the rest area (inbetween the two peaks, where there are restaurants and souvenir shops) you can decide wether to climb the "female" or the "male" peak or both. For not that trained visitors there is a cable car and a ropeway. Enjoy your hike!
Written 4 June 2019
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Tsukuba, Japan2 contributions
A Great View of TOKYO and Mt.Fuji
Dec 2017 • Family
In the early morning, or, in the beginning of evening, you would be able to see a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji from the top of Mt. Tsukuba. The Mt. Fuji is really shinning by a rising sun or the sunset. The color changes black, white and red, depend on the weather condition. The dry season i.e. winter is more recommended since the humidity of air is very low and you can get the clear view. You can easily climb up on the top of the mountain with the cable-car or the lift.
Written 8 August 2018
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Tokyo, Japan14 contributions
A beautiful view, but manage time carefully
Jun 2018 • Solo
I took the bus from Tsukuba train station using my Suica card at about 9am. It was very convenient, took about 45mins.

Going to Mt Tsukuba was a last-minute decision, so I had with me a small suitcase and no hat (it was a warm sunny day). However, I thought I'd be ok as I did have water, sunscreen, I was wearing sneakers, and my handbag was more like a fancy backpack, so I could leave my hands free.

I got off the bus at the Tsukuba shrine entrance, and went to the tourist information centre. The nice couple working there allowed me to leave my suitcase with them for 500 yen, as it wouldn't fit in a locker.

After eating an onigiri set meal at the small restaurant opposite, I walked up to Tsukuba Shrine where a guide showed me around (mostly using Japanese, so maybe don't expect an English guided tour).

The shrine tour ended at the funicular railway station. As I wasn't really prepared or experienced for a hike, and I was alone, I bought a ticket that included the funicular railway journey up (about 10mins), and then the cable car journey down the other side. I think this cost about 1600 yen.

At the top, I first climbed to the top of Nyantaisan. This took me about 15mins, and got very steep and rocky towards the end, a couple of times I had to use my hands for balance. Going back down was a little tricky in places too.

After picking up some souvenirs at one of the shops, I then walked across to climb Nyotaisan, because that side had the cable car station. This took about 15 mins again and didn't seem quite as steep as Nyantaisan.

It's a bit precarious getting to the edge for a photo of the view, especially when there are lots of people, and while I was there one guy fell over and sprained an ankle coming back from the edge.

By the time I got on the cable car (which I think comes every 20mins) it was about 2:30pm. The ride down only took a few minutes.

Immediately downstairs from the gift shop where the cable car stops, there's a car park, public toilets, and buses back to Tsukuba. I got out at the shrine to pick up my suitcase from the tourist information centre, then crossed the road to get an ice cream (Okinawan black sugar flavour) and wait for the bus, which came to the car park (there's a bus stop/taxi sign).

I think I got back to Tsukuba station by about 4pm or 4:30 and I was back in Shibuya by about 7pm or earlier.

Even though I was an unprepared, out-of-shape, non-hiking tourist with limited time, I still feel like I got part of the experience and it was definitely worth it. I wouldn't mind going back one day with better preparation in order to see some of the other sights on the mountain. I think this is a nice day trip from Tokyo, thanks to the speed and convenience of the Tsukuba express train.
Written 1 August 2018
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Shubhansh A
Tokyo, Japan31 contributions
Easy Trail and Great View!
Jun 2018 • Couples
I have gone to Tsukuba-San twice in last year time period, and both the times I thought it was an amazing experience.

One of the trails is a bit difficult to climb and can take up to 3 hours where as the one with all the great views is much easier and takes about 2 hours to the top.

I had less time on the day so I took the cable car on the way down which takes about 15 minutes to reach the starting point.

All in all a must go for a day's trip from Tokyo.
Written 20 June 2018
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Amy S
42 contributions
Be prepared, but worth the effort
Apr 2018 • Couples
We took the bus from Tsukuba station. Look for the marker sign and make sure you either have a pasmo card with enough money or yen on hand. Each way was about 720 yen. I recommend going to the shrine at the base of the mountain first. It is a little difficult finding the cable car start from the shrine, but it is very cool. Plan to spend a few hours and to hike up and down boulders. Then, make the hike over to the rope car and take it back down.
Written 25 April 2018
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Janet M
West Kelowna, Canada41 contributions
Long hard climb for someone retired, but what a view!
Aug 2017 • Couples
We visited Japan to visit our son. He suggested we climb the local mountain in Tsukuba. We agree, because it is supposed to be gradual with pathways. The Japanese, even old people, walk a lot and climb mountains. However we did not get going until 1 pm but should have left much earlier. He tells us the top "closes" at 5 pm, which we did not expect, as there are shops and restaurants at the top and the mountain tram and gondola also close at that time. We had sent grandma up the tram when we started out, so suddenly we were in a panic to get to the top. We got lost and ended up on the far peak instead of where the shops were, so had to literally run up this mountain. We had to take the last scheduled gondola over to the shops to retrieve my mother as everything had just closed when we arrived there. A lady shopkeeper had pity on mom and stayed with her until we showed up. Although Mom and this lady could not communicate by words, the lady was unfailingly kind, giving my mom tea and taking care of her until we straggled, red faced and exhausted to get her. We caught the final tram down the mountain and the operators had radioed ahead to ask them to hold it for us until we caught it. This thing is like a caboose on a track like a stairway that rushes down the mountainside. Expect a 3-4 hour climb unless you get lost, then all bets are off. What we did see from the top was lovely if there is no haze or cloud cover. It's a great way to exercise, but if you have high blood pressure, take the tram.
Written 23 April 2018
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Penang Island, Malaysia133 contributions
Very enjoyable hike/trek up the mountain in the cooler months.
Mar 2017 • Solo
Mar2017. Here is my experience trekking up Mount Tsukuba. Bus from just outside Shimodate train station to Tsukubasanguchi bus station at the Numata village. Then ask the staff at the bus station to point the way to walk about 100m to the roadside busstop to board the bus that runs from Tsukuba town centre (just outside Tsukuba train station) all the way up to the Mount Tsukuba (either drop at Tsukubasan Shrine, or continue on the bus all the way up to the end.)
There are many trekking paths. The notice boards by the bus stop will show you some indication of all the paths There are many parts of the trek that are just forest and not built up paths, so if this is your first time, you might not end up at the summit but some other points instead.
If you drop at the Tsukubasan Shrine, you will see a gigantic red Torii. Then you can trek all the way up to the summit or you can take the Tsukubayama Cable Car (the cable car station is a bit of a climb from the roadside busstop).
If you drop at the end of the bus run, it will actually be the carpark of the Tsukubayama Ropeway (another cable car). There is a restaurant and even a children’s playground here. The trek to the summit is a bit shorter from here.
In the autumn, winter & spring time, I love to trek up Mount Tsukuba when it is not too hot. Summer is too hot for me. The good thing here is that you can trek up the mountain for the exercise and then take the cable car down to save time (and save your knee joints). FrancisTLim.
Written 17 February 2018
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