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Socotra Island
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Mariana P
6 contributions
The best tours operator I highlightly recommended them
Apr 2021 • Solo
For the bold
When you've traveled to as many countries as I have, you learn that some places you enjoy, some places you forget, and some places will leave you completely transformed. It's not fair to even describe this experience as "once in a lifetime", because once you've actually experienced it, you'll forever daydream about the next time you can return to explore this island. I spent a week with the Welcome to Socotra team in December 2019, and if I return I know I will have to spend two weeks. Their incredibly hospitable teams takes care of your visa, camping, cooking and all arrangements. While the island is not "popular" by any means, I arrived on a week the other tour operators had very full tours. The team at Welcome to Socotra reversed their usual itinerary to help make sure we got to experience some of the same incredible places and to avoid the "crowds" since most companies follow a similar itinerary. I've never enjoyed so much fresh, incredible seafood or experienced such amazing views and scenery. The hospitality of all the locals is second to none.

If you expect glamping or a high end experience, hotels, electricity, cell service - let me be clear, this is not the tour for you. This is an extremely raw, rugged, and adventurous experience. Good physical condition is really needed to maximize your enjoyment. Much of the terrain is very steep, rocky, and there are so many views to be had after a good climb. This is an experience meant for an active, curious explorer, and not one for relaxing and unwinding completely. It is difficult to describe all you get to experience in a full week because one single day can be so full and rich, it feels like a hundred days packed into one - but it flies by fast as a minute.

I'm grateful I managed to "get in" this trip after the borders opened for tourist and before Covid shut them back down. I'm looking forward to when I can return again.
Romaine W
Romaine W
Socotra trip
I absolute recommend visiting this amazing island of Socotra and use Welcometosocotra tours who will take best care of you and show you all of the island secrets and treasuries.

I was happy I used them as they took care of everything from the visa to the flights, and then everything once I arrived. So my time there was just basically enjoying the ride, the hospitality of Welcometosocotra, and people of the island.

Let Welcometosocotra make your Socotra trip one you will never forget.

Visited Socotra Island, Yemen in Nov-2019
Visited Socotra Island, Yemen with Welcome To Socotra Team in the end of November, 2019.
Personally, I've been to more than 120 countries ever and I felt like this place was surreal & one of the most unusual place of the world!!
Although getting visa of Yemen and purchasing the flight ticket to Socotra Island are both difficult in this moment, however, Welcome To Socotra Team's was excellent and I didn't feel any difficulty. All communication were English.
While tour, they served delicious meals, shisha, local music and dance. Those are unforgettable experience. I wish I could be back to there in the future.

A trip of a lifetime
After a week full of adventures, sea food, hiking natural trails, swimming in nature made infinity pools, ponds, Arabic sea and Indian ocean, exploring caves and walking on breathtaking virgin beaches, getting a tan and getting soaked by rain, goodbye became very hard. Such an amazing team @welcometosocotra and wonderful group we had. We will always have the lifelong memories. Singing in the car and hiking up the mountings and bonfire every night was all amazing. Learning about Socotra and the traditions and history from the Welcome to Socotra team was one of the main highlights as well. This is an island where you have to let go of your electronics and enjoy the walks, hikes, serene natural beauty and simplicity of what life is all about. We also had an amazing chefs and we enjoyed fresh cooked food and seafood and seafood and more amazing seafood.
I was a solo traveler who joined other travelers I have never met on this trip and Welcome to Socotra made each one of us feel welcomed.
Don't know if it was the simplicity of that place molded into it's magical nature or the fact that Socotra proved to me that happiness is a state of mind and being content. Whatever it was, it definitely left a mark on my heart and I am hoping to visit again.
Carissa W
Carissa W
Out of this world
I travelled to Socotra earlier this year, a trip I had been dreaming about for a long time. I had very high expectations even before I arrived, but the week we spent on the island surpassed anything I could have ever imagined. From the moment we arrived the Welcome to Socotra team showed us the island in a way I feel only locals can do. We felt welcome and at home, and each day we spent was more spectacular than the next. Matteo and the team provide a perfect compliment of ecological knowledge about the island's unique flora and fauna, as well as its culture and history. The time I spent there was not nearly enough, I left wanting so much more but I can say with certainly that it was the first of many trips to the island. I can't wait to get back!
Incredible experience with Welcome to Socotra
Traveling with Welcome to Socotra was such a highlight of my time there. They were extremely organized, knowledgeable about the island, and introduced my group to such wildly different, stunning areas. The food cooked by the chefs was fabulous and very fresh (a lot of grilled fish) and I'll never forget waking up to the sound of waves each morning while camping on the beach.
Robert Pljuscec
Robert Pljuscec
Life changing
I was working on Socotra with Wild Sea Expedition as a photographer and we end up secluded on island because of Corona for three months. During that time I had a luck to spend most of the time with Nicolo and his team from Welcome to Socotra. As a person who works in professional fishing guiding, I know a thing of two about getting to known a place...that been said I was blown away by Nicolos knowledge of the island, not only the locations but also the flora and fauna of the place. You can know that much only if you feel deep connection and love for the place. And as a photographer I can also say that many time he had a eye better than me for places we would visit... so i had an easy work on that field to...just point and shoot. I would recomend them to anybody that comes to the island. This team of tour operator are the top in their
Experience and friendly lovely team and if you go to the island ...for you there should be no other choice than this team.
Written 5 September 2021
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Mark H
Zurich, Switzerland5 contributions
Relax, enjoy and eat
Feb 2021 • Couples
I can't stress enough how beautiful this island, it's a small but has many things to offer, you will find yourself in a stress-free planet surrounded by incredible nature with nothing but relax, eat and enjoy. The driver Ahmed was so friendly, the sea food was so fresh, the toilet condition in some camping sites are not the best, but it is what it is, I used to organise my tour, it was easy process, made the payment online, got the visa a week later, highly recommended. I went in February, weather was warm not crazy hot, totally safe place for anyone, I met solo travellers from Europe along the way, overall, a trip that worth every penny.
Written 4 May 2021
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Mariza V
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Awesome experience in Socotra island
Mar 2020
My very long search on Socotra island was rewarded by the best decision i could have ever made, to book a tour with socotra-travel-tours , which is run by locals...I found this company by chance and booked without much hesitations due to their easily accessibility and responsiveness.I landed into the paradise of the spectacular landscapes of Socotra in the beginning of March 2020 and spent one week on the island. Everything was very smooth and well-organized. As i was a solo female traveller, i joined a group which had already booked with this company. I was able to hike in magnifiscent canyons, explore caves, swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean and the Arabic sea, and taste incredible seafood..Our drivers, who also took care of our every day handmade lunch and dinner, were highly responsible and seemed genuinely delighted to serve us...Our guide was detailed oriented and shared his extensive knowledge on the flora and the culture of the island with us.I feel as every minute there was magical...I highly encourage anyone who wants to explore the beauties of Socotra with a professional team to request a tour with them
Written 2 October 2020
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Cape Town Central, South Africa2 contributions
Mar 2020
I was recently very privileged to be part of a running adventure group, organized through Z Adventures, to visit Socotra, an island off the coast of Yemen, and relatively untouched by the civil strife on the mainland. Our local agents, Welcome To Socotra, were most excellent, and thoroughly recommended if you want to visit the island and have a unique and most satisfying experience. The WTS team are run by 2 Italians, Mattias and Tim, who have a wealth of experience in the tourist industry, in far-out places and locales, and who were most generous in their organization of our arrangements on the island. Their accompanying teams who catered for us, our drivers, cooks, porters, were all local, and they were exceptionally friendly, the food was wholesome, fresh, and plentiful. We can't thank them enough ! Lots to do and see on the island, although we didn't have time to do all that we wanted to do, due to the travel restrictions, and closing of air-spaces, our trip being curtailed. Thank you for a wonderful time, lots of happy memories to take with us !
Written 28 March 2020
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Furkan J
London71 contributions
Socotra Eco-Tours - A Fantastic Company and a Unique Destination
Dec 2019
Socotra , Yemen has been a bucket list destination for me since 2013. Hearing that it had opened up again after years of closure made me hopeful I’d finally make it, and so I started my research. Socotra eco-tour came highly recommended based on the few intrepid visitors who’d started to trickle in, and I’m happy to report that I , too, give this outfit a ringing endorsement!! Socotra is one of those quirky destinations that doesn’t yet have an online presence, so after an initial inquiry email, the best way to stay in touch was via WhatsApp. Radwan, who runs the outfit, was always prompt with his responses, and ready with advice. Perhaps the most important thing he did for me is help me economise. Realising I shared dates with another traveller, and because the cost of solo travel was so high, he offered to check if the other traveller would be willing to do a joint tour. He did the right thing being courteous to her, and happily she agreed saving us both a substantial amount. I must admit I was very impressed that Radwan was able to maintain such efficiency in a fairly fluid environment. The tour itself was amazing. It’s not for people for whom creature comforts are important, but if you want to explore and see amazing things, the challenges of travel in Socotra are worth it. Radwan set us up with a fantastic guide, Adnan, for whom nothing was too much trouble and who spoke superb English. And Wael , as a driver/cook who not only got us to seriously off-road places but also made amazingly tasty grub every night , often with freshly caught fish. I can not recommend Socotra Ecotour enough for people who want to experience this magical island before the hordes discover it, and if you go, request Adnan and Wael to lead your trip!
Written 28 December 2019
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Mogadishu Adventure
Mogadishu, Somalia15 contributions
I have visit the Mars of the Earth
Aug 2019
Ayhaft Canyon:A natural pool rich in bird species
Wadi Daneghan:the starting point of the uphill journey
Kishan 及 Adoho Dema'alah:A marsh with a variety of endemic plants and animals
Written 17 December 2019
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Cancun, Mexico259 contributions
Feb 2019 • Friends
It’s possible again to visit Socotra, albeit for a small number of western tourists only
Our trip was arranged by Inertia Travel, a Canadian company
Thank you, Matt for doing a great job in setting this
Visas: only work visas are available. These should be arranged by the travel company or by the local guide or guide coordinator
For now only about 10-14 westerners a week will be allowed
Flight: there is only one flight available for westerners, by Yemenia from Cairo with an intermediary stop in Sayun. The airplane is a airbus in very good shape and very well cleaned and food is better than average on airlines. The flight leaves Cairo Wednesday morning. Delays are usual.
Immigration: Socotra airport is very small. The entry visa is not stamped on the passport
Hotels: there is one good hotel with AC and hot water 24/7, reasonable beds, reasonable breakfast
Hadibo: the capital city has main roads clean but all alleys full of plastic garbage
There are several local restaurants with good food; the restaurant geared to the tourists closed years ago
Telephone/ internet: on the island there are two phone companies, one Yemenite and the better one belongs to the UAE
There are several free ( free ) hotspots on the island with slow internet enough for messages
Souvenirs: despite the lack of western travel, travel from Arab countries especially emirates continued and the prices for the local honey are very high (50 US dollars/ kg). Other local staples such as frankincense and dragon blood resin are also more expensive than they used to be
Meals: on hikes meals are very basic; the highlights include Socotra or Yemenite bread, an occasional goat and fish when near the ocean. Fish and goat are delicious. In Hadibo one can also find local fruit : guavas and huge bananas
Mountain trek: we were the first tourists to do a trek in the mountains in 8 years. The roads are partially destroyed by the last hurricanes and so are some camping sites. The views are just unbelievable with prehistoric trees rising out of pure stone slabs
Beaches: could easily compete for the best beaches in the world
The best beaches are towards the western side of the island, the one with the lagoon and the spinning dolphin beach.. with a lot of dolphins in sight ( hundreds )
Diving : one of the beaches offers scuba diving. Visibility in February is not great; best in March and April. The reef is not impressive but the fishes are plenty large and colorful. Bring your own equipment. The one available is outdated and poorly maintained and the choice is limited
Diving is done from a fishing boat
Socotra is wonderful strange and enchanting
People are kind and the place is safe so far from the turmoil of the mainland Yemen
Strongly recommended
Written 28 February 2019
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Hong Kong, China123 contributions
A place you will never forget
Jun 2017 • Friends
It’s a truly amazing island and stunning view everywhere. My first time having the feeling that you are really living with the nature. I am glad that the island is not easily accessible so it won’t be ruined. Hope it can be preserved from the war...
Written 17 May 2018
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aden y
8 contributions
Apr 2017 • Family
It is the most beautiful city and the atmosphere is very beautiful. The accommodation is very available and beautiful
Written 7 April 2017
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Cleveland, OH69 contributions
Socotra Island
Feb 2017 • Business
Amazing part of the world that is unique and never like any other place. People there are are very humble and nice.
Written 14 February 2017
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