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Black Virgin Mountain
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Shaun T
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam977 contributions
Highest Mountain Ba Den in Sth Vietnam
Apr 2021 • Family
Really enjoyed our day here with plenty to do. We tried to take our 4 year old up the mountain but only got to the half way point given the climb and the steps... so will def come and do an adult climb. Plenty to do here between the alpine racer, multiple cable cars and temples as well as gardens to try and visit. To get the best out of the day... definitely best to come up the night before... Great day out
Written 11 April 2021
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Rhys D
6 contributions
Nic experience
Oct 2020 • Friends
Once the park at the top is finished it will be much better, but it was an intermediate climb (we didn't take the stairs route, we went up the jungle).

Written 24 October 2020
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Oksana P
Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine11 contributions
The highest point in southern Vietnam
May 2020
You can hike by your feet if you feel experienced hiker or otherwise you can use a cable car. There are two of them: one to the top of mount, the other to the beautiful pagoda.
Written 25 May 2020
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36 contributions
New cable car to summit now open
Mar 2020
Since my my visit in December, the cable car is now open. A return adult ticket is 200,000.
I also rode the Alpine coaster which was closed for maintenance last visit.
Unfortunately the ticket seller has no English. Be aware that it is best to walk or take the smaller cable car up to the temple and use the Alphine coaster for the down trip only. One way is 95,000 and a waste of money to catch it up the hill. The only alpine coaster I know of in Vietnam that is not a round trip.
All that aside, Black Virgin Mountain a wonderful day out. More and more to do with every visit.
Written 9 March 2020
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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam2,084 contributions
Should to be visit
Jan 2020 • Friends
We visited it on 18th of January, It just grand open the cable car go to the top of this mountain, it just take you 10 minutes, so fast. But to be honest, this was a little boring, we were so tired go up or go down by stair! This place is not suitable with older!
Written 18 January 2020
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Palawan Island, Philippines19,688 contributions
What is in the name?
Dec 2019
Black Virgin Mountain can be seen on the way to Cao Dai temple and it is interesting how it got its name. The mountain is one of the biggest in the area at 996 m high and there is a shrine halfway up the mountain. There are two myths, one involving Naeng Khmau, a Khmer god who left her footprints on the mountain, and another Vietnamese myth about a woman Ba Den who falls in love with a soldier , then commits suicide due to betrayal. Buddhists and Cao Dai followers consider the mountain very important.
Written 9 December 2019
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Toronto, Canada98 contributions
To Clarify Planning Information
Jul 2019 • Solo
I read a lot of reviews and tried to understand how to climb Ba Den the best way in advance. But it was not clear enough. So I will try and clarify everything in one review.

I climbed to the very top. There are basically 3 ways you can enjoy the mountain. 1 - go to the top, 2 go 60 percent of the way to the look out. 3 Go to the gondola top which is the area where the Pagoda's are.

I will talk mostly about 1 and 2 above as going to the Pagoda area is really for locals and their families and not for someone travelling there. I assume if you are going all the way to Tay Ninh you want to go up the mountain. However, if you are staying in Tay Nihn for other reasons then it is ok to go see the Pagoda or ride the car on the way down but i would say that is a family activity and not worth it for true travellers.

Here is my data.

Arrive at the park 7:35 am enter for 15k, I went straight through until i was climbing so these times are quite tight.
- 7:45 board tram that takes you from parking lot to the Gondala base. 7.49 board the Gondola for 150k. 7:55 arrive at the top of the Gondola.
- 9:35 arrive at the look out (which is about 60 percent of the way from the top of the Gondola to the Top of the mountain. ). 10:10 I left the look out as i sat and had a drink for 35 minutes, i met some people there and chatted.
- 10:55 reached mountain peak. 11:05 Left mountain peak. to go back down
- 11:55 arrived at the look out. 12:05 left the look out to go down
- 13:10 Reach Godola/temple area. 13:25 reached bottom. 13:35 left the location.

So it took me a total of almost 6 hours. 4 hours up and 2 hours down, this includes stopping for drinks/chats twice and seeing the various buildings and taking a lot pictures.

My fitness is ok, i am 55 years old. So it is possible you can do it in 5 hours if you dont stop for drinks, take less pictures and dont hang around in certain nice spots. However, that hour is time well spent enjoying the mountain.

So if you want to bike there from HCM, climb to the top and then bike back, it looks like it is a tough day. However, it can be done. But I was sweating very hard, my shirt was entirely drenched and so was my footware. If you read below you will see that often bikers from HCM would not make it to the top as they would run out of time. If you leave at 5:30am or so, from HCM then no problem. But bring a clean set of clothes and shoes for the bike home. You can leave a bottle of water in your bike too wash a little for the ride home.

The climb gets harder as yu go up. You will see, after the Gondola, an area of stairs, that is funny because it is misleads you into thinking that the climb is easy. But it gets harder. Most of the way up to the look out though is pretty easy but you do have to use your hands several times to help you over or up a given bolder or cluser of bolders. The top 40 percent, yu use yur hands a lot. However, it is not a walking hike, it is using your quads a lot.

The look out is amazing. If you decide to just go to the look out, you will have experienced the most beautiful parts of the climb. The top 40 percent however is the most interesting from the challenge or athletic aspect. The very top is actually a mess, it is not nice at all, But there is a an area where they have the beacon for the peak which has great pictures and is very nice. The top is worth it in my view because the trip itself is quite a long trip so might as well do the full climb. But if you bike from HCM and want to get back that day then it is perfectly fine to just go to the look out. You could even climb 15 minutes above the lookout just to have some climbing and then retreat.

Staying in Tay Nihn is the best way to go. Go up there the day before. The hotels there are great and very reasonable. There is a super vietnam war memorial. A very classy shopping mall, a high end hotel, some nice parks. It is not a busy place, but it certainly is a fabulous break from HCM.

I really loved it.

On the moutain, i only saw 13 other people climbing. They were all 15-20 year old vietnamese and they mostly wore bare feet. So on a week day you can get the mountain to yourself.

I took 1.5 L of water but drank it quickly on the lower parts of the mountian. I did not want anything in my hands or on my back. There are a couple of places to stop for water at almost the same costs as water in convenience store. So no need to worry too much about brining anything. Climbing with nothing just makes you feel more free. But that is my style anyway for most things i do.

I really poured sweat. I had a shirt i know is good for sweating in. It was not hot like HCM, I actually did not feel hot at all. Mostly you are in the shade. Sure it was 35 out but i did not notice the heat. Not like i do walking around D1. But the effort causes a lot of sweat. like a sports level of sweat.

It is a good work out. But not crazy at all. However, if you have never walked up a mountain for 3/4 hours, then this is not the place to do it the first time. It is harder than most tourist type walks up mountains that you find when you are travelling. If you like taking those walks up mountains, then this is an excellent challenge.

The Gondola saves you a long flat walk into the base. I felt it was worth it as 6 hours was enough on the mountain. However, if you only want to go to the look out and are wanting a hike rather than a climb, then it is perfect to skip the gondola and walk in and just go to the look out. If you want an 8 hour hike/climb, then skip the gondola and go to the top. Looking down, it seems like a very nice walk.
Written 6 July 2019
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Tran Khoi
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam134 contributions
every week end at the end of month.
Apr 2019
great for your strength, for training you heart, a lonely mountain in Tay Ninh province, a long history to know.
Written 25 April 2019
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Outdoor Steventures
9 contributions
Climb Black Virgin mountain DIY
Apr 2019 • Couples
Me and my girlfriend tried to do climb Black Virgin mountain on a day trip by motorbike from HCMC last weekend, but only made it halfway due to bad logistic planning i.e. ran out of time. Therefore if you want to do this, here a few considerations:

Even though we didn't succeed (some logistical problems making us running out of time), this trip is doable this way. However, make sure your leave latest 7am from HCMC D1. To get there is 3 hours (solid pace, including a short coffee break to give the bum a rest). Then it takes roughly another hour to park your bike, get into the park, take the chairlift and have some food, as you are going to need it. This is not a walk in the park kind of hike, but a bouldering trail, straight up. Some make sure you have proper shoes, snacks and more than enough water (at least 1.5L per person)
So contrary to what some people/blogs say, the chair lift, only takes you up a quarter of the mountain to 260m, so still 750m altitude to go, which roughly would take you 2-3hrs, including breaks and photo stops. Going down typically takes half the time of going up so, give it 1.5hrs including some time at the top. Then it is back to your motorbike and a three hours drive back to HCMC, ready to experience some lovely rush hour at the end :). So start at 7am, 3 hours drive, 1 hour to get to the start and food, roughly 5 hours up and down the mountain and then 3 hours drive back, gets you home at 7pm.

Doable, but I wouldn't recommend it. You will be six hours on a bike, of which 3 hrs after you are already tired from the climb, and climbing at the hottest part of the day. Our shirts were both drenched in sweat after 100m climbing, the hike is not in the sun, but sheltered from any breeze. Maybe ok in January when it is the coolest part of the year, not really in April, the hottest month. If you got a car, the drive might be a bit more comfortable, if you are ok with climbing in the heat and humidity.

If we would do it again, we would drive up the day before, stay the night and do the climb as early as possible to avoid the heat and not be rushed by time. This would also avoid us coming back in the dark at rush hour in HCMC.

ps. show a hiking trail leading to the top; this is not it (we made that mistake). The park from which the hike starts is on the east side of the mountain.
Furthermore, besides the cable car, there is also a luge starting at the same point, which might be a fun way to get back.

So is it worth it? It is a good trip if you are living in HCMC and want to escape the city for the weekend.
If you are traveling/on holiday/limited in time, I would use my time on something else. It is a good climb and the views are quite cool, but nothing unique or extraordinary that you can't see somewhere else and/or better. Considering what else is to see and do in Vietnam (and I have spent two months traveling around), I would not waste it on this hike.

Good luck wit the hike!
Written 10 April 2019
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Liz C
New York City, NY127 contributions
Beautiful Views
Mar 2019 • Friends
I had a wonderful time here with my family as we made our way up to the mountain via a one seater scooter. Along the way there were trees all around and it was a quiet trip up the mountain. After the scooter ride you will need to climb more steps to see the Buddha statue. There are some trash lying around but it didn't bother us. The view was breathtaking and lots of photo opportunities. We went down the mountain via the cable car tram. It is worth seeing
Written 28 March 2019
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