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18:30 - 00:00
18:30 - 00:00
18:30 - 00:00
18:30 - 00:00
As dusk falls, get ready as over 1,000 nocturnal animals start their nightly rituals. Come up close to them as they frolic, graze and hunt. With an exciting tram ride that takes you through 7 geographical regions and more, embark on a fascinating journey through the world's very first wildlife night park.
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2-3 hours
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from €40.60
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Singapore299 contributions
Great experience
Oct 2021
The Night safari provides a really unique experience unlike the zoo which is common in other countries. There are 4 different walking trails and tram ride. We walked first before taking the tram which is a good choice as subsequently there are more people walking. It's quite a long walk. The tram ride is really interesting as there are some areas where the animals are freely to roam around and the animals can just be beside you with no enclosure!
My advice is to dress comfortably as the walk is quite long and it's hot! However, because it is at night, there might be some animals which are hard to spot and you may not see it.
The night show however, we are not aware on how to book the slot thus, missing it. We got to see the zookeeper finding the rhino though. So cute!
Written 10 October 2021
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Singapore, Singapore471 contributions
An Enchanting Experience only at Night Safari
May 2021
We know that some animals are nocturnal and thrive at night when majority of the species are sleeping and not all of us have a chance to see them at their natural habitat at night deep in the forest or high up the cliffs or in the middle of wide grasslands. Lucky enough, Singapore has designed the world's first nocturnal concept wildlife park zoo - Night Safari. Built in 1994 adjacent to Singapore Zoo in the Upper Seletar Reservoir on a 35 hectare land it has received many accolades, millions of visitors annually and just simply the best night time wildlife experience. I've been to Night Safari more than 3x and my review is my recent visit last 5/21 and it is an excellent review.

One thing unique visiting a night park is its uniqueness and mystery which really fascinates me. For us humans we are not nocturnal so we don't have always a chance to see and witness other animal species are night. Park opens at 6:30 PM in the evening and runs till midnight. Single ticket price is around $47 SGD for non-residents and $37 SGD for residents. I am a Friends of Wildlife member so I have unlimited access for 1 year for the price of $155 on all parks including Night Safari.

QR code is mandatory for contract tracing during this pandemic. Safe distancing measures are in place all over the park. Line is quite busy when I went due to a public holiday but it was very efficient and manageable. I was inside the park in just few mins and after I showed my booking. What caught my attention first are the lights all around the park entrance - it was indeed magical. The bright yellow lights illuminate the park entrance magically. Then first thing I noticed is the star of the park - the Night Safari tram ride. Shiny red classic guided tram ride around the park for 30 mins. Most of the guests tonight all went to the tram right after the entrance. There is the Creatures of the Night show stage to my right but its fully booked. On my left starts the Fishing cat trail and to my right is the Wallaby trail. I decided to go with Wallaby trail first.

My first 2 visits where just on a guided Tram ride so this time I will set off by foot, a first experience for me. Please be minded that it will be dark most of the time with some lights at the floor guiding your path. Night time photos is needed so you could capture the clearest shot as much as possible. The zoo itself is a natural environment for these animals designed with natural moonlight so as not to disturb the night time activities of the animals. Despite the darkness the park is so beautiful - it’s magical!!! There’s quite a few people on this path perhaps were the first ones to arrive. Other than me I just saw a couple of other guests ahead of me. I guess most of the visitors took the Tram first which is free part of the ticket.

I was greeted by a mini gallery dedicated to Australian marsupials. As I walk my way I could see a few of them enclosed in their natural like habitats and of course the cute Wallabies having their dinner that time. After Wallaby trail then there’s cave gallery showcasing animals living in caves - I specially loved the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, I saw some scorpions, rodents and tarantulas as well. The cave itself is whimsical and I could hear natural like cave sound and see the settings with its own indoor streams and lighting. As I made my way out I encountered the East Lodge trail this one is a bit darker and I saw the Spotted Hyenas, Malayan Tiger, Babirusa and Sloth Bear. A combination of African & Asian animals and from this trail, I could see on my right the Tram passing over. This one is an open air enclosures for the animals I’ve mentioned. I specially noticed the Spotted Hyenas playing and dining. They have an observation deck which you could go up to see them from above - I see 3 of them. They look like dogs but their actually members of their own species. At the end of the trail I saw the Sloth Bear sitting mightily on a big rock facing the main road where the tram passes through seemingly at us confidently. It was so cute that despite the darkness I could see its quite big specially its white patch on her chest.

You need to follow the trail from here on and cannot walk along the main road where the Tram passes through as there are free ranging animals. Crossing the main road I saw the Striped Hyenas enclosure which are distance relatives of the Spotted Hyenas before and their a bit smaller and I could not see them clearly from the observation. As I made my way again there is a dining area and a gallery of nocturnal animals and how they thrive at night. There is a toilet here, vending machines, and dining area so could eat, drink and get yourself refreshed. As you walk along you will be directed to the Fishing cat trail. Then what I saw really amazed me - the guided Christmas like lights passing thru a pond on a boardwalk where the Indian Gharial, a fish eating crocodile from Indian sub-continent resides. I see 2 huge Gharials here quite as big as Nile crocodiles. The mood of the starry lights makes you feel magical despite looking at big crocodiles. This is a perfect spot for photos. As you walk along you would see another intersection and some of the animals in this trail in their natural river and pond like habitats including the Fishing cat (I didn’t see them), Armadillo (I see a lot of them very clearly and their mighty scales), Binturong, Loris, and the Malayan Flying Fox.

Then I encountered the Wild Singapore exhibit along the way displaying Singapore’s nocturnal animals. Finally, I saw the last of the trails which is the Leopard trail which houses the Sri Lankan Leopard (I didn’t see clearly), Porcupines and their long sharp spikes (I see about 6 of them), Otters and Eagle Owl. This trail is one of the busiest perhaps because its near the entrance. Then finally I reached the entrance and the Creatures of the Night show is still fully booked for the 9 PM show so what I could remember few years back about this show it was really entertaining and mystifying. I saw Owls and some Otters entertaining us during that time. I decided before I go home is to take the Tram Ride. For me, this is the best train ride in a park I’ve ever been. Riding open air at night and just guided by some lights, moonlight and the audio guided sound really is relaxing, magical and entertaining. It’s about 30 mins ride I took the back seat and it travelled along the park and all its open air zones and even free roaming animals - I saw some Deers, Goats and Tapirs walking and feeding along our way.

What I saw during the trip are the many species of Deers and Goats they house - mostly hilltop and mountain species. I especially saw the big ones like the Asian Elephants, African Lions, Flamingos, Rhinoceros, Spotted Hyenas, Sloth Bear, etccc. The cool air along the ride is really fun and soothing. It was the perfect way to end my solo trip which took about 3 hrs++ only here at Night Safari. They have dining options after you exit available for dine in and take way. I decided not to eat since it’s getting late and I would take public transport. There will be no more Express bus around this time but there will be taxis and public buses. Just like the River Safari, SG Zoo and Bird Park - Night Safari seals the deal as the best Wildlife Theme Park for me in the world. To close my Excellent review, I am proud to be a member of Friends of Wildlife, aside from my perks I get to support the conservation of some of the animals that they take care which are critically endangered. Kudos to you Wildlife Reserves Park SG!!! Keep up your excellent and significant efforts in maintaining the balance of nature by the conservations of the species of our Mother Earth.
Written 12 June 2021
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5 contributions
Expensive, total money waste
Apr 2021 • Family
The place is not a safari. It is a zoo. They gave a fancy name to charge way over too much for a zoo.
Written 21 May 2021
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Nicola C
Singapore130 contributions
Finally saw the panglion
May 2021 • Couples
Finally was able to catch a glimpse of the pangolin at night safari and the giant anteater.
I love the tram ride in the cool rainforest air, excellent atmosphere.
Written 17 May 2021
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Helen H
Singapore, Singapore42 contributions
Wow wow wow
May 2021 • Friends
Upon reaching Night Safari on a Friday evening, we had the complimentary tram ride. Exciting but couldn't see much. At the end of the ride we thought the journey was over as we couldn't watch the show due to the pandemic. We were encouraged by the ushers to try out the 4 different routes to visit the various exhibits. As it was 830pm we were worried that it was too dark n dangerous. But the ushers reassured us that there were lights n marshals along the way. We then proceed and did not regret our decision afterwards. The 4 different routes brought us to different exhibits and enlightened us with more to see and enjoy instead of just on the tram ride.
Its indeed worth while going to the Night Safari and do the explorations
Written 4 May 2021
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Rini Andi
3 contributions
Time wasted on long queues and miscommunication.
Apr 2021 • Family
Worse experience ever. We totally understand, due to the pandemic, precautionary measures are taken. For that, we came in very early 7pm entry hoping to catch the show early as well. But no signage or information details informing that you have to wait minimum 1hr-1.5hrs prior to the show to ensure you get the early slots. Alas, we ended up watching the last show. Even when you are early (for the last show) you don't even get good seating just because I have a group of 8. We were willing to split up but staff insist that we got the back rows. It's so sad that my kid's birthday was celebrated in such a manner. Night Safari should consider distributing queue tickets so that people are allowed to fully enjoy the whole experience without having to waste time on queueing or miscommunication. If entry to the attraction require you to book time slot, why not the show as well???????
Written 9 April 2021
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Neil D
Singapore, Singapore149 contributions
Evening in the wild - fantastic night!
Apr 2021 • Couples
We participated in “evening in the wild” where we got a priority tram and enjoyed a 4 course dinner coupled with a whiskey tasting with Royal Salute at the Tipi Tent. The service was absolutely outstanding! Food great in a very cool and relaxed environment. We also enjoyed a visit from two of the animal residents. A fantastic event and the team went over the top to make sure we had a memorable night. Which it definitely was!
Written 3 April 2021
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Singapore, Singapore139 contributions
Great family experience
Jan 2021 • Family
Using the SRV was a breeze and it was the first time my family had come to the Nighy Safari together. It was a great experience and every staff we came across were friendly, professional and beyond helpful. We had come with my elderly grandmother in a wheelchair and the staff assisted with getting her on the tram ride. The tram is definitely a must-do!

Special mention to Shu Wen from the souvenir shop who went the extra mile to assist me with a personal problem. Beyond grateful for her help.
Written 31 January 2021
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Karen G
Singapore, Singapore10 contributions
Attentive and considerate service
Dec 2020 • Family
Brought our elderly parents for their first time to the night safari and it was a pleasant experience. Since the last time I went was more than a decade ago, we didn’t realise there was a long queue and wait for the popular Creatures of the Night show. Seeing we were probably looking kind of lost and my mum’s mobility challenges, an attentive staff, Damian came forth to help us and made recommendations for us to go on the tram ride first and come back for the next show. He kindly helped us to the priority queue for the tram ride and when we came back later for the show, directed us to where my mum could sit more comfortably as we waited for our turn. Kudos and thank you to Damian and the staff at the Night Safari for their excellent service, friendliness and helpfulness!
Written 30 January 2021
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Nicola C
Singapore130 contributions
Great Experience/ Night Zoo
Jan 2021 • Couples
Excellent Night.
Staff handled the crowds well.
The tram rides are a great way to get around.
The trails were great to walk around too.
Written 16 January 2021
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