Nglanggeran Mountain

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Nglanggeran Mountain
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Singapore, Singapore58 contributions
Not a difficult hike with nice views from summit
Sep 2019 • Couples
It took us slightly over a hour to climb to the top in the hot afternoon. It's an extinct volcano so the steps are either cut into the rock or cast concrete so be alert as it can get slippery with sand on stone.

There are campsites along the way and near the summit. The summit was windy and offered great view of the area: terraced paid fields, a reservoir, another summit (Five Fingers) and Jogjakarta in the distance.

We came down by the other way and met a family of macaques which were not friendly even though we did not disturb them. Just take care of your belongings. There are some local farms with chicken, goats, cocoa beans at the bottom of this track.
Written 6 October 2019
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Yogyakarta, Indonesia54 contributions
Magnificent photo spots and view
Oct 2018
Nglanggeran ancient volcano is 700 meters above sea level and located in district Gunung Kidul, +/- 1 hour away from Yogyakarta by motorbike/car.
Mt.Nglanggeran is an ancient volcano that used to be an active volcano million years ago and being in active since 60 million years ago.
I visited this place few times there are 2 peaks, the east peak and the west peak,the east peak looks higher when i saw it from the west peak, but i haven’t been to the east peak because the west peak offers more spots for photography as what locals said.
The hike to reach the top of Mt.Nglanggeran (the west peak) will takes +/- 60 minutes, including few stops to rest a bit, enjoy the view and to take some photos, it’s not a difficult hike and suggested to hike around 16.00 - 16.30 so you can enjoy the sunset once you reached the top (sunset in Yogyakarta usually around 17.20 - 17.50), during the hike sometimes you will hear monkey’s noises or see some monkeys in the forest as well.
If you plan to hike after 17.00 it’s recomended to use a mosquito repellent, there’s no mosquito at the top of the mountain because the wind is strong but there are plenty in the forest and they’re only active when the weather is colder and darker.
On the way to the top,if you love photography, you will find many amazing and wonderful spots, the path between the giant boulders, the rocks formation, the nature and many more, but when you hike at 11.00 - 15.00 it’s a bit difficult to get a perfect shot because the sun is very strong and the weather is too hot, i haven’t try to hike after the rain but in my opinion it’s going to be wonderful.
Once you reached the top you will be amazed by the view, the landscape and the horizon are magnificent to see and from the top of the mountain you will also see,”The Embung”, which uses to collect the rainwater to irrigates the fruit gardens and the rice fields around the reservoir, especially during the dry season.
On the way back if you choose another way when you came, you will pass through a village, you will see a lot of chocolate trees (this village also produce chocolate), livestocks and meet some nice and friendly villagers.
Mt.nglanggeran is also open for a night hike or camping, i haven’t done the night hike, but i wish someday i had an opportunity to do that, since not so many light pollution around the area at night, i’m very sure that it would be beautiful to enjoy the stars and the city lights.
This place is worth to visit and my advice is don’t forget to bring enough water, the first time i hiked this mountain was at noon with a friend, 15 minutes after we hiked we realised that we don’t have enough water with us, but we kept going because we thought that it would be like a common touristic area where you can find a small local shop selling drinks, but we’re wrong, we didn’t find any until we reached the top, so we decided to go back down immediately once we reached the top, because it was so hot that moment and we’re so thirsty. It’s really an unforgettable moment 😂😂😂.
Thank you for reading my writing, if you need more informations about our city, place of interest, where to eat and what to do, please don’t hesitate to text or drop by to our hostel (aftermidnight hostel), we’re not only providing an accommodation but a friendship and some information as well, forgive for any lackness in my writing, hope someday we had a chance to explore the city together, happy traveling. 🙏🙏🙏
Written 29 October 2018
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York, UK1,442 contributions
Excellent 90 minute hike
Jun 2018 • Couples
We stayed in a homestay at the foot of the mountain and made the ascent to the top in under an hour. No major dramas a couple of steep bits but we are in our late 50s and got there without much trouble. Good views from the midpoint and the top which are worth the effort. Nice way to spend a couple of houre
Written 6 June 2018
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Yogyakarta Region, Indonesia484 contributions
The Best Way To Love The Nature
Aug 2017 • Friends
Thia site actually a little part of an ancient site that show up from the bottom of the sea and made the Java Island. That is why the site's name is Gunung Api Purba (Ancient Volcano). The way to go there is very good, it is about 60 minutes from Jl. Malioboro to this Wonosari area.

We can hike up to the mountain, it is only 700m dpl, and the track is very easy. Even you are at 50, you can hike easily, as ling as you are in a good health.

So, this time I survey of this site and will bring along my teenagers to come here. They can burn their energy off here in a healthy way, they can learn how to build a good team work, abd of course they can test themselves about their adversity.

The management has provide all you need if you want to makw a camping here: tents, bonfire, toilets and even they can provide you with lical food. Here is also bungalows that you can rent, for example to make a research here.

There are many photo booth that you can take picture of beautiful moments here

After you soend time here, you also can go to the little lake nearby, called embung Nglanggeran. It is very beautiful in the night. Just spend IDR 10,000 to get ibto the embung.
Written 8 August 2017
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Novandi H
Jakarta90 contributions
Definetely worth to hike
May 2017 • Friends
The trails are full of challenges, the entire hike is uphill which can leave even the most fit people a little breathless, however, the view along the way is simply amazing and once you reach the top and see it's magnificence, you'll forget about the long, uphill hike it took to get there.
Written 5 July 2017
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Elizabeth S
Jakarta, Indonesia60 contributions
fascinating destination for adventurers
Feb 2017 • Solo
Mount api Purba Nglanggeran is an ancient volcano. It takes 1-2 hours to reach the 700 metre summit and the trail is quite easy especially if you often to do hiking. Once at the top you will be treated to breathtaking views. Some people like to hike in the afternoon so they can reach the summit in time to see the sunset. This is definitely fascinating destination for adventurers.
Written 17 April 2017
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Mataram, Indonesia380 contributions
One of the best spot in Yogyakarta
Nov 2016 • Solo
As soon as i arrived on top of Nglanggeran hill, o feel that this place is on of the best spot in the region. On the east side is ancient mountains, with really amazing texture, on the center you'll find small pool for irigation (embung), and at the west you'll see Yogyakarta from way up high, so always cloudy.
This place is the best for sunset, from above the pool, the view is amazing!
Make sure you come on sunny days, because on rainny days the road may become slippery and the chance to see sunset diminish.
Ticket price is cheap.
Written 11 November 2016
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Hyderabad, India379 contributions
Oldest Mountain in Indonesia
Aug 2016 • Solo
Located in Gunung Api Purba, this place is approx 1-2 hours drive from Yogyakarta center. It is maginicient range of mountains and oldest in Indonesia. It is not Volcanic and the whole range of mountains is impressive. One has several options in this area-rock climbing, trekking, overnight stay. There are different levels where one can climb and see the beautiful sunrise or sunset. The view, the atmosphere is just beautiful, clean. StayIn options include activities too. As an alternative one can climb the stairs to a plateau which has the artifical water body from where water is used for agriculture of local fruits and vegetables. A great vantage point too. Do visit this place, set time and be close to nature.
Written 3 September 2016
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Lita K
Yogyakarta Region, Indonesia563 contributions
Ancient site mountain
Mar 2016 • Friends
It is located about 1 hour from Yogyakarta in the south (Gunung Kidul). You will find almost of flinstone era where around are rocky mountains. So using comfortable shoes is a must.

You can track to the top of the mountain, but prepare your stamina. The path is good and dividing to several top before the ultimate one.

If you are tired, they have facility to sit and relax enjoy the scenery before you climb up more. You will walk through giant rock or even narrow way between wall of rocks.
The scenery is so awesome. You will see Yogyakarta from the top and green trees around the mountain. Local people usually climb to top 1 (the lowest one) to see sunset. It is so beautiful, and they climb up and do camping to the ultimate top to see the sunrise.

It is natural beauty n breath taking scenery but lot of tracking. So adventures and challenging but worth to do.
Written 23 June 2016
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