Huutjarvi Lake

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Huutjarvi Lake

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Very good

Casablanca, Morocco7,651 contributions
Still beautiful
Jul 2016 • Friends
I popped off in Siltakylä to see a friend on my way back from Kotka to Helsinki for a couple of hours. Usually I spend a weekend here but my friend had other relatives from abroad. However, I insisted on making a half circuit of the lake and taking some photos.

Unfortunately the Helmi Simpukka restaurant which closed last year is being demolished. A new development is being built on the lake shore opposite Hutikka Beach. Nonetheless we set off to find and eat some blueberries on the western shore. There were plenty there. We didn't find the cloudberries that I used to pick many years ago.

It's so peaceful and pleasant. And the blueberries are delicious!
Written 22 July 2016
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Helsinki, Finland2,771 contributions
Very pretty, very small
Jun 2016 • Friends
I can hardly call this a lake, rather a pond. Beautiful setting, clean water?? Limited services. In this part of the country it deserves the rating. However, if you after real lakes keep driving towards north-east.
Written 5 June 2016
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Casablanca, Morocco7,651 contributions
I still love it!
Jun 2015 • Friends
I was here in June of this year but couldn't write another review till now as my previous one about last year was too recent. Indeed, the photos from this year that I took have been attached to last year's review.

There has been a kiosk opened recently by the beach. I'm not sure when as I didn't go to the far end of the lake last year. It sells simple food and drink.

As I suspected it would, the Helmi Simpukka, with its great view of the lake, closed late last year seeing as it no longer had customers; the main road is quiet now and all the through traffic goes along the new motorway.

I can also confirm the closure of the lovely old traditional-type shelters. They were being misused for anti-social and illicit activities so were dismantled. There had also been some vandalism.

As can be seen from the photos in my other review, we went virtually all round the lake this year and ended up at the Kebab place "Okan".

It was too early for blueberries, but the plants were there. I didn't see the cloudberry plants this year, but they are probably still around, hidden away.

There were a few hardy people swimming, but the lake comes into its own in late July and August when it's generally warmer.

It's a tradition that I come here when I'm in Finland. I never miss it. It's really beautiful and the village and its surroundings (places like Kokkovuori) are so impressive.
Written 22 October 2015
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Casablanca, Morocco7,651 contributions
Still beautiful
Jun 2014 • Friends
Like the other reviewer, I have known this lake for many years. He has detailed the changes and I must say that this is a wonderful facility for the village and its surroundings. I certainly wish I had one of the posh old villas in the forest by the lake!

You could get a great view from the Helmi Simpukka restaurant whose terrace overlooks the lake. However, I was warned that Shell might close the complex as the majority of traffic now thunders down the new motorway instead of the main road. I shall also report on this later in June.

I forgot to take photos last year, but will try to get some this year when I go back.

I have so many fond memories of Broby/Siltakyla.
Written 8 May 2015
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John W
John W
El Jadida, Morocco1,029 contributions
I've known this lake for 30 years
Jun 2013 • Friends
In those years, there have been many changes. At first, it was overlooked by the Pyhtään Motelli, which has now gone. There are still the Helmi Simpukka and Kebab Pizzeria Okan in the small complex that includes the Sale convenience store (formerly a bank) and the old cop shop. They certainly don't detract from the overall view. Walking down Kiviniementie you have the lake on your left. Some years ago small covered structures were installed with seats resembling rest spots in the north of Finland, but I didn't see them this time. If you know where to look, you can find cloudberries here! A few blueberries too. Along the way, there are enormous stones of rapakivi - indeed, the road has to twist and turn at one point to avoid a huge one. If you then turn left into Huutjärventie, you'll see some remarkable developments. Huutjärvi has had a lot of money spent on it in recent years. The lake has been dredged, the beach cleaned, fish seeded in the lake and washing and showering facilities have been installed for swimmers who come in the summer. In winter, it's used for skating. Also, a typically Finnish installation, scrubbing boards with running water for people to do their heavy washing. There's also a fountain at this corner of the lake which is both ornamental and to aerate the water for the fish.

Although it was always a spot for swimmers, it's a lot more comfortable and attractive now.

One more thing. If you carry on past the beach, you come to the Huutjärvi library. This is a building to have a look at in its own right, absolutely stunning architecture for a small village and it has a glimpse onto the lake.

On the other remaining shore, there's a small wood with some pretty exclusive old villas as well as a few new developments which can't be seen from the beach. These are along Kärsäjärventie.

I love it here!
Written 4 October 2013
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