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Historiale di Cassino
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Cortona, Italy14 contributions
Unsatisfactory visit to Cassino Historiale Museo
Sep 2019 • Couples
On our first Historiale di Cassino visit we had an English speaking guide but a late group of German speaking tourists were added to our small “English language tour” - the guide struck up an immediate rapport with them and mainly addressed them throughout the tour and basically scolded us for the difficult decisions made by Freyberg to bomb the abbey and town - a local narrative which of course we must respect, but a discourteous and insensitive, and obvious bias on our guides behalf in humouring the added contingent.

Our second Cassino Historiale visit earlier this year, sadly, was a “non-tour”. Having travelled in again from afar for the 75th Anniversary Cassino Battle commemoration week, it was a let down to find this important museum simply did not open for the influx of New Zealand, British, American, and British participants and pilgrims to the commemoration events. One wonders if again there is a bias in their approach.

On our third visit just this week we brought in 6 members of our family from abroad (NZ, CAD, USA) to tour their grandfather’s battlefields and gain an appreciation for the his service with the NZ Div. Upon arrival at the Historiale we were told in Italian there was no such thing as an English speaking tour (even though we had one previously). My repeated request was utterly refused. We decided to go ahead with a young Italian barely out her teens as our “professional historian and guide” and use google translate (as we were a small group of 8 and there were no other visitors at the museum). Our tour never came about however because the operator refused our request to pay by credit card, repeating stridently in engish, “Cash only!” “Cash only!” — not having the full amount in cash available we forfeited, wonder ‘why cash only?’ when on other tours we made group payments on credit card. Was this again another show of bias and disrespect? If it was merely a cash only policy of Cassino Historiale then it is bad business practice for such an important “attraction”..

I hope other English speaking visitors and especially those directly connected to the Allied forces who fought and died in the terrible battle for Cassino are not similarly treated as I feel we were, 3x.

My recommendation as a war buff and writer, and frequent visitor to Cassino: by all means visit Cassino Historiale Museo and hopefully get the benefit of viewing the displays in an objective impartial presentation in a language you can understand. However do not be surprised if you hit a wall of inappropriate rudeness and insensitivity, and possibly a show of bias, or no go because of who you are, as we we have concluded after three “experiences” here.

On a positive note... visit the Winterline Museum at Venafro (less than 30 mims from Cassino) for an impartial and englsh language-welcome guide through a very well worthwhile museum to WWII in the region.
Written 22 September 2019
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Peter S
Wijchen, The Netherlands53 contributions
75th Memorial ceremonies Battle of Monte Cassino
May 2019 • Friends
We are visiting the city of Cassino in Italy to follow my wife's her fathers footsteps during his time he served in the 2nd Polish Corps on the hills of Monte Cassino in May 1944.
The first place to visit in our plan was the historical museum in Cassino. However as we arrived we found the museum CLOSED. Not for 1 day but for all time. Even on this week, its exactly 75 years ago that the allied forces started the final battle of Monte Cassino with the 2nd polish corps. It is a shame and showing no respect for the soldiers who gave their lives and for those who survived this battle. The city council of Cassino should not allow such a disgracefull action in especially this period of rememberance for the fallen and their families. No clue who can think about closing down a place like this in a time like we live now. A great shame.
Fortunatly some private actions are organised and foreign countries keep the honor for those who died and those who fought alive and visible. The city of Cassino doesnot look to be interested in all of this.
Hopefully the foreign allied forces can free Cassino from this big failure and keep the museum open.
If that happens we will surely return and visit.
Now we will join many other ceremonies organised in the area of Monte Cassino.
Written 14 May 2019
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Bruno Casalucra
Glasgow, UK1 contribution
War Museum
Apr 2018 • Solo
I'd been longing to see this place for a long time , having been born just 15 miles away. If you're looking for Tanks, guns, possessions, then yes, you'll be disappointed. Although there are a few, it's (rather, wasn't) that kind of Museum. Yes, they should've had multi lingual guides, and that's my reason for not giving 5/5.

It was a 'Virtual' Museum. You experienced the sounds, smell and views experienced by the poor souls at the time. The ability to buy pictures and view Destruction Percentages was amazing. AND I learned that the Rapido changes it's name further down and thus Allied Ordnance Mapmakers got it wrong leading to thousands of unnecessary deaths. The Holograms by the two armies' leaders was breathtaking, giving their reasons for being there. Such a shame it's moved as I've been raving to everyone about it. For those who've had a bad experience - I'm sorry but it was astounding Visit was in 2017. Selector doesn't go that far back
Written 17 March 2019
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Neil P
2 contributions
Shame that the brave are being forgotten!
May 2018 • Solo
Closed for the winter... in May... the town itself looked in a poor state with many shops and restaurants boarded up. I totally understand that some attractions cannot pay to be open all year but May is hardly Winter in Italy. It actually disgraces the memory of the fallen in WW2 - got the sense that the tens of thousands that lost their lives here will soon be forgotten... perhaps Cassino would rather forget? Couldn’t even see a sign to the Commonwealth Cemetery... kind of glad my Grand Father is not alive to see this...
Written 8 May 2018
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Province of Naples, Italy120 contributions
Worth the stop
Feb 2017 • Solo
I’m not a big fan of guided tours and was disappointed at first that I would have to be guided through the museum. However I was pleasantly surprised by the tour. This museum is not much of a collection of old stuff, but rather more of a multimedia presentation about the battle. The tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable and I’m glad I visited this place before heading up to the abbey.
Written 7 January 2018
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Hamilto11 contributions
So much history captured in the novel: CASSINO CONQUEST OF THE MOUNTAIN
May 2017 • Business
I'd recommend reading CASSINO CONQUEST OF THE MOUNTAIN before or as part of your visit. Excellent introduction. This novel is the biography of a Polish teenager who was captured at the start of the war, who escaped after being imprisoned in concentration camps, who joined the Polish forces in Syria, and who fought with the Polish II Corps in four battles in Italy. Available on Amazon.
Written 26 September 2017
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Daniel S
Victoria, TX1 contribution
Jul 2017 • Couples
Beautiful places connected with history
I recommend!!!! Worth seeing with family as well as friends.
Written 14 July 2017
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Gold Coast, Australia1,470 contributions
Modern museum directed at wrong audience
Jun 2017 • Couples
The museum is very modern with very interesting multi media displays, however it is all in Italian. For the significant investment that has been made in this museum I can not understand why they do not have bi lingual Italian English and Polish. We toured with a guide that needed to translate all the multi media presentations into English, this was extremely hard to hear as you have the displays playing loudly and you are trying to hear over this What a waste, I came here hoping to learn about this significant part of our history.
Written 18 June 2017
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James Mckendrick
Caenby Corner, UK439 contributions
Very informative tour
May 2017 • Friends
Good little museum in Cassino this is, fantastic tour and very informative, it is a couple of issues though. Very noisy inside, I know it's supposed to be ambience but it's just distracting and there's no boards in English. Otherwise all good and visually it's very pleasing, great special effects. Never been in another museum like it that's for sure, it's well worth a visit
Written 25 May 2017
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Greater London, UK74 contributions
Apr 2017 • Couples
Came across this accidentally on our walk from the station to the cemetery and so glad we did! I sunbathed in the garden with a beer while my husband was given a guided tour in English which lasted about half an hour. He said it was very interesting and really complemented our subsequent visit to the cemetery to visit the grave of his uncle. Recommended.
Written 9 April 2017
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