Pico De Orizaba

Pico De Orizaba, Central Mexico and Gulf Coast: Address, Pico De Orizaba Reviews: 4.5/5

Pico De Orizaba
This glaciated volcano offers a challenging climb for experienced climbers.
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Avoid going with guide Ivan
Sep 2020
Planned a trip to climb Pico de Orizaba with Guided Ascent guide Ivan. We got to basecamp and it was pouring rain all night so we couldn’t climb. I was pretty disappointed since I’d paid about 10k pesos for all the expenses of the trip, plus taking time off work. So at 2:30 in the morning, Ivan and I agreed we wouldn’t attempt to climb in the rain, and I would instead join another group in about a month.

I had paid upfront for his fee, plus all the transportation, food, 3 sets of batteries he bought for himself, etc. So I was losing a lot of money and would have to spend it all again the next time, minus his fee. By joining another group, I was making sure he’d get paid the same but actually would make the climb once instead of twice. I had paid 1500 pesos to rent his clothing, and the one thing he said he would reimburse me for was the gear I didn’t use at all, which was 650 pesos worth.

As we are in the taxi to his house, where I left my bags and needed to grab them before going back to Mexico City, I asked for the 650 reimbursement. He gave me 500 pesos. I pointed to his calculation of the rentals and said it was 650. He said, “No matter how pissed you’re going to get or pout this is all you’re going to get.” I told him using the word “pout” for my simple request was misogynistic – he proceeded to say “if you were a man I wouldn’t give you anything”. Then he conveniently decided he was “done with me”, would not take me on a tour or speak to me anymore about the fact he was stealing to me and breaking our verbal contract, went to his apartment dramatically taking my bags out, triple locking the door behind him, telling the taxi driver to come up because he didn’t trust the “gringa loca” (I am a 110 pound female and he is about 3x that) and calling me a “b****”. !!!

At basecamp he had moved from the bigger one to the tiny isolated one when another group of climbers came up, saying “they won’t stop talking, plus they like you and are going to ask questions, like do you have a boyfriend, and maybe you don’t, and maybe they’re lucky,” which I thought was particularly odd thing for him to complain about – the idea that someone might ask me if I have a boyfriend? He had no sensitivity to me being a vulnerable female traveling alone with him - but worst of all, after his screaming at me in the taxi and stealing from me, he went on to text me a bunch of very ugly insults, attacking me for being Catholic, etc.

He also seemed to have no regard for his other clients. We saw the forecast that it was going to rain much more the following night, and he had a group coming to climb. I asked him if he should call them early so they could turn around, since they were driving from San Luis Potosi. He told me, “They wouldn’t want to turn around,” and so didn’t call them, so they could go through a similar experience that I did.

TL;DR: Avoid going to Pico with Ivan. He could steal your money, time, and sanity.
Written 2 October 2020
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New York City, NY29 contributions
Great time with OMG
Oct 2019 • Solo
If you want to climb Orizaba then these are the guys to use. Robert runs a great outfit. The guides, food, hospitality , lodging, and help with logistics were all perfect. I booked by trip literally 2 days before but they were able to accommodate me for a great climb.
Written 9 October 2019
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Robert A
9 contributions
Orizaba Mountain Guides
Apr 2019 • Friends
We coordinated a travel itinerary with Roberto Flores, who owns & operates Orizaba Mountain Guides, to include an acclimatization Hike to Malinche and then a summit attempt on Pico de Orizaba.

We were picked up at our Mexico City hotel and transported to the base of Malinche for a self-guided acclimatization hike. Upon return from the hike, our driver offered snacks, fruit, and water. We then drove to the OMG lodge at San Miguel Zoapan.

The accommodations at Zoapan were excellent, with comfortable beds, hot showers, and nourishing meals prepared by (2) wonderful ladies at the lodge.

The next morning we woke up for breakfast, selected and packed our climbing gear, and met our climbing guide, Julio. We then drove for about 2 hrs from the lodge up to the Grande Piedra hut at about 13,800’. We then went for a 1-hr acclimatization hike with Julio, learned basic self-arrest technique with the ice axe, and became familiar with the use of the crampons.

After this initial training, we had a wonderful dinner prepared by Julio and his assistant, Juan. We then hung out for a bit, cleaned the dishes, prepped our gear, and waited for sunset to get some rest.

After a sleepless yet restful night, we woke up at midnight for a 1 am departure. Julio is an excellent guide and will allow you to dictate the pace, within reason. We reached the summit around 7:30 am and returned to the hut around 11:30 am.

After a bit of time to rest at the hut, the 4WD picked us up to deliver us back to the lodge in Zoapan. We were allowed to shower, pack our bags, and have lunch, before returning to Mexico City.

I highly recommend Orizaba Mountain Guides should you plan to embark upon any high altitude adventures in Central Mexico.
Written 9 April 2019
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Alex Bowen
Santa Monica, CA1 contribution
Orizaba Mountain Guides
Nov 2018
I cannot say enough great things about Orizaba Mountain Guides. Roberto has the calming demeanor of a man fulfilled by his work; he runs a family operation and demands high standards from his guides. The lodge is beautiful and charming. Lupita and Claudia will cook you some of the best food of your life! My friend and I climbed with Ulysses and Ricardo and felt secure and safe the whole way through. Never once has OMG had a climber die, and between all the guides, they've made thousands of successful summit trips. From the transportation, to the tents, to the food, to the climb, everything was top notch. We smiled the whole time. I will be going back!! I could gush about this experience forever.
Written 2 December 2018
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Ella M
5 contributions
Climb with Orizaba Mountain Guides
Aug 2018 • Couples
Roberto’s company, Orizaba Mountain Guides, are amazing. Although not included in the price, Roberto picked us up from Mexico City and drove us to his comfy lodge in Zoapan. Claudia cooked us a tasty meal and we had an early night before heading to base camp the next morning to relax for acclimatisation and eat more yummy food. Roberto is very concerned with this and takes every measure to make sure you feel comfortable and safe for the climb.
Base camp is pretty cold at night and very basic but is the general hut that everyone climbing Orizaba uses. You leave there about 1am to climb Orizaba and get to the summit for sunrise - it’s beautiful. Juan, our guide, cooked us great food and was very relaxed. We had contact with Roberto through a radio if we wanted.
After the descent we were brought back to the lodge where we were fed more yummy food and then Roberto even let us stay for free before he took us to Puebla at 5am so that we would get to the airport in time for our flight. He is just a genuine, generous man that runs his company very well.
They provided us all the kit too.
Written 14 August 2018
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Dallas, TX3 contributions
Localadventures service is awesome
Nov 2017 • Friends
I was impressed with the level of organization of LocalAdventures. When you arrive at the camp in Tlachichuca you eat delicious food and are greeted in the friendliest way. When you arrive at the camp, everything is ready so you do not worry about anything. The guides especially Alex and Juan are very nice, professional and always attentive to the whole team.

You start the ascent at dawn and waking up with the mountain is definitely something impressive. At all times I felt safe and confident, the altitude factored in at some point but the guides are always aware of you every step you take. Arriving at the summit was the most rewarding experience for me, it was so challenging but after hours of effort, being on top of the highest mountain in Mexico, makes it all worthwhile.

THANKS Localadventures for helping me to have a life-long experience!
Written 30 May 2018
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Richard B
20 contributions
Orizaba Mountain Guides
Mar 2018 • Solo
Arranged 8 day trip through OMG to climb Malinche, Iztaccihuatl and Orizaba. Everything was taken care of starting with pick up at airport, initial night and final night in nice centrally located hotel in Mexico City with transport back to airport for return flight. I had one guide for all three summits. He was excellent! Spoke fine English. I was shuttled around hundreds of kilometers between the mountains staying at nice cabanas or OMG’s private cozy lodge in Zoapan. All meals (tasty) and transportation covered in one single extremely affordable price. I don’t know how they do it. On Izta and Orizaba the huts are primitive run by park service but guides prepared food coffee tea etc for very early alpine starts. Everybody was very friendly. Just a perfect climbing trip by a company run by climbers. 5 stars for OMG.
Written 20 March 2018
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Canada/UK128 contributions
Best Way to Acclimatize!
Feb 2018 • Couples
We've done high altitude hiking before so we did a lot of research to find the best travel schedule and the best company tour to give us the best chance of summiting Pico. Pico is very unusual since most of the time when you hike mountains you don't start at over 4000m, but this is what happens here as the refugio hut is at approx 4275m and you get driven there from either Tlachichuca, San Miguel Zoapan or Mexico City.

Coming from the UK (which is at basically 50m) we weren't prepared to shock our bodies like that so came up with a plan. We flew into Mexico City 2250m and stayed there for 3 nights while acclimatising and seeing the sights. We then travelled to Tlachichuca 2600m and stayed 1 night. Not much to see here but it was good to have a little look around. We then travelled to San Miguel Zoapan 3000m where we hooked up with Orizaba Mountain Guides. The next day they took us east of Pico to hike Sierra Negra 4600m. As expected, increasing altitude 1400m in a day created a noticeable challenge but it was totally fine since after we summited we came back down to Zoapan to stay the night. It was not until the next day that we went to the Pico refugio 4275m - another big altitude increase but it was ok because of Sierra Negra the day before. Once we arrived at the refugio the plan with OMG was to relax for the rest of the day but we weren't keen on that as in our experience with coping with altitude you should always go up and then back down. So we hiked up 200m on our own (easy to find your way) and then came back to the lodge. The following day was a guided walk up to the high camp area at approx 4700m. A bit of slog in the scree section, but otherwise ok. Then later that night we left the refugio at 1am to attempt the summit.

This travel schedule really helped us and neither of us experienced any high altitude illness. This was a real first for us as normally we both get nose bleeds and I usually lose my appetite. By increasing altitude more slowly we were able to really enjoy the trek.

If I was to do this trek again I'd do the summit walk the following day so you get more than a few hours rest between hikes. Also, I would insist that our guide gave us proper training in using crampons, pick axe, etc. We were told by OMG this would be the case but all that happened on the night was we put the equipment on and he said let's go! (despite us telling him of our lack of experience in this area). I also wonder if we would have been better off sleeping in a tent as the refugio is really noisy. It's amazing how many people are either completely clueless or completely rude when you're lying in your sleeping bag with your eyes closed trying to get some rest before walking through the night and everyone else around you is talking and laughing. Even with ear plugs it's really loud.

OMG was a great company to work with. They answered all our questions promptly, the accommodations at the lodge were very good, the staff were helpful and professional and the food was good too. Apart from the equipment training issue with the guide we have no complaints at all and would recommend Roberto and his team.
Written 21 February 2018
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Birmingham, AL15 contributions
professional / detailed / responsive
Feb 2018 • Friends
I was working on a customized, week-long, mountaineering expedition in the high mountains of Mexico and reached out to Servimont for assistance and they put together an excellent plan for our group. Although the trip did not ultimately come together on my end, the team at Enigma was professional, detailed and responsive in every way. I highly recommend them. They are real pros.
Written 11 February 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Northern Ireland79 contributions
Orizaba Mountain Guides
Dec 2017 • Couples
We booked our guide through Orizaba Mountain guides, who we found to be friendly and accommodating. Roberto was informative and sorted out everything we needed.
We were picked up at México city airport and taken to our hotel in the city to spend a day before the transfer to Zoapan, where the lodge is located at 3000mtrs.
The next day we met our guide Ricardo before our 4x4 journey up to the base camp at 4200mtrs. After an evening acclimatisation we did a short hike up to around 4700mtrs. The summit day was a 1.30am start after a breakfast cooked by Ricardo. The climb was great, although the winds were bitingly cold. We summited by 7am, just in time for a great sunrise over the crater. The views over the countryside were amazing, as Orizaba cast its shadow over the land below.
Would highly recommend Orizaba Mountain Guides.
Written 26 December 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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