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Preveli Beach
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates152 contributions
The Palm Forest trail is a must!
Sep 2021 • Solo
The payed parked (2€ cars) is on top of the mountain and then you follow the path downhill towards the beach. Many touristic boats reach that beach along the day. you have a café in the beach to supply your hungry and thirsty.
next to it, you will find the Palm Forest trail (a track along side the river). It's a beautiful spot, and you can enjoy walking int ge river (it's shallow and clear water). The Palm trees offer a nice shade for the sunny hit.
Written 13 September 2021
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Bucharest, Romania112 contributions
Totally worth it for us, a unique experience!
Aug 2021
TLDR: we think it was a trip worth taking, the views are nice, the palm tree forest is beautiful and somehow unexpected (unless you com from a place where you have palm trees everywhere). The hike up and down the stairs can be a bit rough, the bar is expensive and not worth it, the sea water is cold and the river is even colder.
Get there, admire the view, look for shade under the trees, use sunscreen and stay away from the geese! And don't leave garbage behind. And try not to smoke or use any kind of fire. There are 3 ways you can reach Preveli beach: from the parking lot (from west), by boat or from the Dyonissos Taverna (from east).

Full Review: We chose to stay in Rethymno just to get to Preveli, since the place where we wanted to stay in actual Preveli got booked before we managed to make a reservation. So Preveli beach was a must for the both of us.
We went there on August 30 2021, left at 10 am from the Rethymno bus terminal in a nice comfy bus and the trip took about 30 minutes.
Once you reach the end of the bus trip, the driver will go further to Preveli village and you're on your own on the road. You'll have to take the way down and walk to the parking lot. Once there, things get a bit easier to figure, but harder to do.
So, first thing first right off the bat, you may want to have some proper shoes. I've seen people going down to Preveli beach in flip flops, I had some sneakers and my partner took her hiking boots, thing is we wouldn't have wanted to go down those stairs in flipflops.
Second, it's not easy and if you have problems with height, or going down on steep stairs or you're not in at least basic physical shape, you may want to think twice. You don't actually need top physical condition, at least when going down, you can take it easy and take your time. But look for pictures and take an informed decision. You'll also have to go up those stairs, and then it's when muscles start to burn a bit, so calculate your time so you don't miss your bus. We work from our desks and and not very sporty, I do walk a lot (like, by foot) in my city and my partner started very recently to go to the gym. We don't go on hikes regularly, we don't run, and we loose our breath in a minute when chasing a bus or the subway train. We're a bit over 30 and we basically work sitting on a chair. And we were fine, just a bit of sweat and maybe a bit of accelerated heart rate. I had a banged knee I was worried about and I had zero trouble.
Third, slap some sunscreen on, even at 10:30 in the morning, in august sun starts to heat up.
Now the beach itself is not the best beach. The sand is rough and stony, the water gets deep pretty fast, there can be problematic waves at times. Water is cold. Not as cold as the one flowing from the mountains in that beautiful river that wets the palm forest.
It can get crowded, since while you go down the steps, there are people who come to the beach by boat, so look for that, that may be a better option if you're not up for a bit of effort.
The water is cold, did I mention that?
Once you get there, look for shade. There were no umbrellas or beach chairs, so either bring your own umbrella, or try and find shade under a tree, wherever, later on you'll be thankful.
The palm tree forest is nice, there's a winding path along the river on the left side (and one on the right, but I didn't go there). The path can only take you so far, you'll see some big stones and a low waterfall, and that's pretty much it. If you're dressed for that, you may try to hike further up, we tried and still didn't get very far. We had to cross the river (shallow as it was, we still had to wet our boots ankle deep at least and we didn't want that).
There are a lot of nice spots to take photos, high rock walls surrounding, chirps of red-rumped swallows and house martins above your head, sometimes sight of a buzzard or even eagles further up in the gorge.
One experience I've seen people going for (and my partner did that too) is entering the river upstream and then walking downstream. There are big fishes swimming around you, and the water, cold as it is, is not that bad after a while. Would be advisable to get yourself some watershoes, the bottom can get stony, though you can do it barefoot.
If you choose to go downstream, leave your belongings on the beach or have someone hold them for you, especially if you're short (the water can get neck-deep for a 1.60 m or 62-63" person, towards the ends of it, and then gets shallower).
There's a bar on the beach that can cover some of your basic needs like cold water, awful coffee (probably made from instant coffee and mildly heated coffee for 2.5 or 3 EUR), small cold beers and some stuff to eat. We packed some snacks from home and we made the mistake to get a coffee from the bar, really awful.
There were also 4 geese (2 domestic, 2 Canada geese) who can get agressive (they didn't while we were there, but they were scary af).
There is a bathroom and a changing booth (both free) in the back of the bar. There are showers (at least one) if you want to wash off the salt without getting into the cold river water.
We also climbed the cliffs to the east side, wonderful views of the Drymiskiano Ammoudi beach, good landscape photo opportunities, just watch out you stepping.
Now you will have to get back, sun is going down and temperature will be dropping quite fast (you're in a gorge basically, surrounded by sand and cold water and steep rock walls). If that's your preferred angle of approach, you'll have to be up the stairs some time before 19:00 or 7 pm.
We again had little to no trouble hiking up, but I've seen people losing their breath in a jiffy and a lot of complaints in reviews. The hike up takes more effort than the hike down we began with. The views are astounding and there are some photo spots to take a break if you need.
You also have to walk up from the parking lot, so take that into consideration.
We took enough time to hike up, walk from the parking lot and still a bit of time to kill on the little oleander path you'll see, which is quiet and nice.
I'm a bird freak, so this may also be a better birding experience than mine: I spotted the aforementioned red-rumped swallows, house martins (and maybe other kind of martins), a vulpinus buzzard and some eagles very far away, a northern wheatear and a stonechat near the bus stop. Senn some other birds in the palm forest but couldn't get them on camera.
Enjoy your bus trip back.
Final advice: choose your way to get to the beach, west (more difficult hike), east (less difficult hike) or boat (no hike). Get proper footwear. Get sunscreen. Find shade. Don't leave garbage. It's worth it if you approach it well and know what you'll find there beforehand.
Written 11 September 2021
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Alina Francesca Maldera
San Rafael, CA8 contributions
Worth the hike! 🤩
Sep 2021 • Couples
The hike is totally worth the visit! We loved our visit there! You have to option to swim in the open sea or in the small freshwater palm beach and it was so good! They even have a restaurant down there and always food options to eat around. 🤩

BUT bring hiking shoes for your trip down there! It’s totally worth it, however when it’s hot it is also a lot 🔥
Written 10 September 2021
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Fenia M
Thessaloniki, Greece21 contributions
Amazing landscape and beach
Sep 2021 • Solo
Outstanding landscape combining the cold salty water form ocean with the extremely cold sweet water from the river and the palm trees all around providing us generously with fresh air and nice shadow. We left the car on the parking (cost only 2€) and we got the path down to the beach and palm forest. The way down has steps that seems a bit steep, though you will manage it even with flip-flops. Be ready for the tough climbing way up but with some stops for photos or even admire the blessed landscape it is definitely worth it!
Written 7 September 2021
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John jb
England, UK3 contributions
The coolest place around crete
Aug 2021 • Couples
A little paradise, even if very crowded. You should have a tour from both the sides of the river... And in the river too
Written 6 September 2021
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Hari Kalanj
Novi Sad, Serbia2 contributions
Not worth the way down
Aug 2021 • Couples
It is an average beach which is not worth the way down all the steps and then back up again. The road before the parking place is quite steep so it was not very comfortable in our small rented car. All in all - you should go only if you are an adventurer but not with small children and not with a weak vechicle.
Written 1 September 2021
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Sofia, Bulgaria79 contributions
Exotic and adventurous
Aug 2021 • Family
Exotic palm beach with a river and sea waters in one. Access to the beach is a bit too challenging: one option is by car to the adjacent little bay and then a 30 min walk up and down OR accross the river (water is about 20’C or even less), carrying the luggage above your head. Quite adventurous! Ducks and geese around, sharing the beach towels 😂
Written 1 September 2021
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45 contributions
Definitely worth a visit
Aug 2021 • Couples
If you decide to go and visit Preveli by car, I’d recommend you follow Google Maps to the Drymiskiano Ammoudi beach on the eastern side of Preveli. If you’re afraid of heights then maybe this is not the trip for you since the mountain road is quite curvy, in this case you should try and reach Preveli by boat. From the eastern car park it’s only a simple 15-minute walk up some steps, then on a dirt road and then down the steps to Preveli beach.

The beach itself is not very impressive and I wouldn’t spend a day sunbathing there. However there were people that clearly had slept in tents by the beach.

I’d recommend going early, around 9-10 am and head straight to the western side of the palm forest (August 2021 the eastern side of the palm forest was not accessible). It’s a fun walk under the palm trees that feels like being on an island looking for buried treasures! It’s relaxing and peaceful in the morning when there are no people around, we even saw a weasel by the palm trees.

After the walk a refreshing swim in the sea is just what you need before heading back up the stairs.
Written 26 August 2021
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Alex J
3 contributions
A nice crowded beach
Jul 2021
Although it is a very beautiful beach, it is very crowded and without umbrellas, so if you decide to go, bring your own. Also, i didn't like the fact that the sea is full of rocks.
Written 24 August 2021
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Tomer Elkayam
Kfar Saba, Israel141 contributions
Amazing surprising experience (:
Aug 2021
We were on another side of Preveli beach after we found it mistakenly because we thought it was preveli beach, but actually, it was Palm beach.
A peach of quiet Heaven (:
Beautiful beach with clear blue water with few people and not crowded.
There is wonderful large rock 20 meters inside the water.
After I saw few people climbed up to the other side, which is where preveli beach,
I climbed also, and when i reached to the top i saw preveli beach more crowded, but beautiful. Although, I returned back to Palm beach.
Written 16 August 2021
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