Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavathy Temple

Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavathy Temple, Malappuram

Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavathy Temple

Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavathy Temple

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Very good

Thrissur District, India1,346 contributions
Feb 2020
One of the best temples in Kerala which is well known for its great history and colourful annual fest which lasts about 10 days . This temple has a significant connection with 'mamakam' a cultural festival in ancient India which was held in the banks of River bharathapuzha once in every twelve years. even today we can see some remainings of that cultural festival in the temple area.
More over it's a wonderful place to spend your weekend with family in peace.
Written 9 April 2020
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Palakkad, India44 contributions
Nov 2019 • Friends
Devotional place, devotees with many feeling and prayers. Prayers who are suffering from marriage and family issues, not getting married, child and other too.
Written 17 November 2019
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Vijay Web Crs
Kochi (Cochin), India44 contributions
Aug 2019 • Family
Devi temple is it. One of the historical temple here had a chaver thara. And this temple treditioal pooram had 11 days of festival
Written 2 November 2019
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Jacob P
Kochi (Cochin), India57 contributions
Oct 2019 • Family
I'm not a relegious person, but I suggest that if you are going through any tensions or something you can find inner peace and positive energy in abundance at this holy place.
Written 31 October 2019
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Ananth 727499
Tiruppur, India1,318 contributions
May 2019 • Solo
This Temple is situated in the N.H of palakkad to Kozhikide road.

Ample space for parking your vehicles...

Situated in a small hillock, this Temple complex has
A) Bhagavathy Amman Temple
B) shivan Temple
C) Krishnan temple

The lingam itself was worshipped by mother PARVATHI..

Lord Shiva gave it to the ardent devotee of
HIM, who ruled this place, a long time ago..

After a fierce battle, to test the king's devotion and bakthi Mother PARVATHI let this Shiva lingam to be worshipped in this
Place itself..

She also kept her daughter Bhadrakali near Shiva sannithi..

Come, Pray here and you could feel the problems and troubles in you vanishing like an ice cube exposed to sunlight..
Written 11 September 2019
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Chennai (Madras), India111 contributions
Jan 2019 • Family
Car park is available. We have to climb some steps as it is slightly hilly. Systems and Procedures are slightly complicated. They can make it simple.Good Dharshan and mostly it is full of crowd.
Written 29 July 2019
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Thangam M
Chennai1,466 contributions
Jul 2018 • Couples
Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavathy temple is a famous Bhadrakali temple located at Angadippuram in Malappuram district of Kerala. Thirumandhamkunnilamma was the official goddess of the kings of Valluvanad. Located on a hillock, this temple commands a scenic view.

The legend goes that after having ruled his kingdom for several years, King Mandhatha of Surya dynasty renounced his kingdom in favour of his successors. An ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, Mandhatha thereafter undertook intense penance – pleased with his sincere devotion, Lord Shiva appeared to Mandhatha and offered him any boon. Mandhatha beseeched Lord Shiva for a Shivalinga that he could worship until his death. Lord Shiva gifted him the most holy Shivalinga at Kailas, which was dearest to Goddess Parvathy’s heart and worshipped by her.

Bearing the Shivalinga on his head, Mandhatha began his descent from Kailas. He reached the hill now known as Thirumandhamkunnu. Captivated by the beauty and serenity of this spot, Mandhatha decided to stop for a while. He took the Shivalinga off his head and placed it on the ground. The Shivalinga immediately affixed itself to the ground and could not be removed. Mandhatha then decided to start worshipping the Shivalinga at that very spot.

Meanwhile at Kailas, Lord Shiva’s consort Parvathy returned from her bath to find her precious Shivalinga missing. Extremely upset about the Shivalinga having been given away, she spoke to Lord Shiva who told her he had no objection to her getting it back. Parvathy then dispatched Goddess Bhadrakali and the bhoothas to Thirumandhamkunnu to repossess the Shivalinga.

However, the Shivalinga installed by Mandhatha emitted such amazing brightness that Bhadrakali and her army of bhoothas were blinded by its dazzling brilliance and unable to ascend the hill. The power of the Shivalinga gifted by Lord Shiva and the strength of Mandhatha’s devotion was such that even after a battle of fifteen days, Bhadrakali and her army were forced to concede defeat in their mission to take back the Shivalinga.

As a last resort, Bhadrakali took on her viswaroopam in the form of Mahamaya. Mandhatha realized that he had no option left but to surrender the Shivalinga. Unable to bear the separation, Mandhatha embraced the Shivalinga even as Mahamaya tried to forcefully take it away from him. In this struggle, the Shivalinga split and in the jyothi that appeared from it, the thrimoorthis (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) along with Parvathy appeared on the spot.

Parvathy then told Mandhatha that even though the Shivalinga which had been gifted to him was very dear to her, given his obvious intense devotion she could not take it away from him either. As separation was impossible for her, Parvathy decided to enter the Shivalinga and stay there forever. This spot with the split Shivalinga is the Sreemoolasthanam. Parvathy appeared facing west while the Shivalinga at Sreemoolasthanam faces east.

Since her daughter Kali was no different from her and had reached Thirumandhamkunnu even earlier to her, Parvathy instructed that Kali’s deity should also be installed near her, facing north.

Since Parvathy had appeared here with infant Ganapathy, the baby Ganapathy (or Unni Ganapathy) is also worshipped here in the Sreemoolasthanam. As instructed by Parvathy, Kali (Bhagavathy) with Sapthamathrukkal, Veerabhadran and Ganapathy were installed facing north – this is the Mathrusala.

Thus, the major deities at Thirumandhamkunnu temple are Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathy, Lord Ganapathy and Goddess Bhadrakali.

Mandhatha spent the rest of his life in meditation and prayer at Thirumandhamkunnu and when he knew it was time for him to take leave of the world, he retired to the jungle nearby called Kukshipparakkad and used his yogic powers to free himself from his mortal coils.

Thirumandhamkunnu temple is especially famous for Mangalya Pooja, an offering made to Unni Ganapathy to remove all hindrances to marriage. Unni Ganapathy is very fond of kadali banana, appam, payasam and ada – and so this is the offering made to Him. The belief is that with His divine grace, all obstacles will be overcome and a perfect matrimonial alliance will be found for anyone who encounters any hindrance in getting married or whose marriage is getting unduly delayed, no later than their third annual visit to the temple.

Three Mangalya Poojas is mandatory – one every year for three consecutive years. Even if the marriage takes place at any time during this period, all three poojas should be done without any break. Earlier, Mangalya Poojas were done only on the first Friday of the Malayalam month of Thulam. However, to cope with the massive inflow of devotes, the Mangalya Pooja is now performed on all Fridays, Sundays and Tuesdays.

The Mangalya Pooja offering is as under:
1st year: Rs. 600
2nd year: Rs. 1000
3rd year: Rs. 1500

It is best to carry suitable vessels to collect the ‘prasadam’ after the Mangalya Puja is done. While the Puja happens any time between 9am and 9.30am, several devotees arrive many hours ahead of that time and place their vessels in a ‘queue’ in a covered shed near the place where the prasadam (appam, payasam, ada) is distributed. While not essential, this makes sense because if one’s vessels are at the end of the queue, it may mean a much longer wait to collect the prasadam after the puja is over.

Thirumandhamkunnu temple is open between 6am and 11.30am and then between 4.30pm and 8pm. Traditional Kerala attire is recommended at the temple for all. Males are to enter the sanctum bare chested.

Calicut Airport is about 40 kms from here. Shoranur which is 35kms from here is the nearest major railway station. Shoranur is also connected to this town by bus. The nearest comfortable accommodation options available are in Perinthalmanna town which is just 3kms from the temple.
Written 18 February 2019
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Manoj Kumar C V
Thrissur, India694 contributions
Jan 2019 • Solo
This temple is in Angadipuram in Malappuram district of Kerala. This is in the Palakkad - Kozhikode National Highway. This is a Bhadrakali temple as well as a Siva temple. This is an ancient temple.
Written 3 January 2019
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Jyothish K
Malappuram, India4 contributions
Nov 2018 • Family
Beautiful location. Temple is very well maintained, clean.
Neither the board or the Pujaris here, run for money.
You can peacefully go, pray and come back.
On few days the temple will be crowded.
If you can reach there early in the morning, then you can have a good darshan.
Written 11 December 2018
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15 contributions
Apr 2018 • Family
It's a famous Temple of baghavathy in malappuram. The temple is very calm and has high positivity around . The festive days at the temple is amazing to see.
Written 23 November 2018
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