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Very good

Tirur, India4 contributions
Dec 2019 • Friends
It's most old ayurvedic museum and very nice is the expertise in the Indian traditional medicine system of ayurveda
Written 1 July 2020
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Thrissur District, India1,346 contributions
Jan 2020
Good and experienced Doctors with consultation is free. Very neat and clean clinic, Medicine is a little bit expensive. Tokken system is they follows but it is useless some times because the staff of the clinic allowed their loved once to see the doctor without tokken. It leads some quarrels between patients and staffs
Written 10 April 2020
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Hong Kong, China6 contributions
Jan 2020 • Solo
1. Admin staff is not friendly. Email is not responsive. Call always not answered.
2. Unclear price list. No one can tell me the price of treatment until I get the bill at the end.
3. Doctor didn't explain any! He just tells me to do massage for a week. No explanation at all.
4. The two massagers just put oil on my body. No pressure. Only touch my tissue several time randomly.
5. The massage asks me to go to the opposite pharmacy to buy rose water for them. What? I thought medicine is included in the bill.
6. The biggest problem is, I hv no idea what I can do in this city. Massage only takes one hr a day at 3pm. What else I can do except spending time and money in hotel? I visited on Jan, winter time. But it is super hot. I got sweaty walking ard the empty city.

I am not sure if in-patent would get better treatment. But as a out patient, I am totally disappointed. I thought the doctors would provide nutrition and exercise guidance. And the environment should help provide physical training and meals. But what I got here only no pressure oily massage and herb pills.
Written 19 January 2020
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Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), India15 contributions
Oct 2019
Kottakkal AVS is by far the best Ayurvedic facility in the country, attracting patients from all over the country and abroad. Its occupancy rate varies from 95% to 100% throughout the year and rooms are booked months in advance. The hospital specialises in classical Ayurvedic treatment and medicine and has some of the finest Ayurvedic physicians in the country , led by the 97 year old Dr. PK Varier, Padma Bhushan, and the Chief Medical Physician, Dr. PM Warrier. The treatment are for various durations but the most popular is the 14 day course. Treatment is customised for each patient and can vary from day to day depending on the status of the ailment and the progress of recovery. It has a centre for post-treatment treatment of cancer patients to help them recover faster from the after effects of radiation and chemotherapy. To meet emergencies, it has a few allopathy doctors also. There are branch hospitals with inpatient facilities in Delhi, Kochi and Bhaddi( HP) and several branches and walk-in dispensaries all over the country.
Written 6 November 2019
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Neeti K
Raipur, India76 contributions
Sep 2019 • Solo
To stay healthy is a must, specially when you have a universal humane purpose to fulfil through this body. Healthy mann ( inner ) & healthy body,that’s what is needed.

Past 10 years were all focused on keeping mann healthy now getting aware to keep the body healthy too.

Even before elopathy or the chemical treatments were discovered,for thousands and thousands of years man had been treating himself with herbs and we call it Ayurvedic treatment. India is the master of it. Unluckily people have commercialised it and it’s purity seems to diminish.

Now the story starts. Its been always a desire to have an ayurved detox/massage once a year. I have rheumatoid arthritis so as it is hot oil massages are soothing for me.
So this year I decided to include my mom in it. She has arthritis. And she was very happy to accept my proposal. So,began the search,where to go. After a long survey again & again Ayur Vaidya Sala Kottakkal,kerela appeared on screen. I contacted them via email and they said they are booked till 2020 July 😳🤷🏻‍♀️🙆‍♀️. But I didn’t gave up. I requested them to book one for September 2020 as my mom is 80 years old and she had her desire to visit kottakkal. And that is true also. While I was doing my survey she kept on saying let’s go to kottakkal...

But AVS kottakkal was not free. So I surveyed again and blocked Aura Vaidya Pharmacy Baddi ( both are different AVS kottakkal & AVP) and Poovar island resort. This took nearly 15 days when suddenly one fine day I receive this mail from AVS kottakkal staying due to cancellation they have a slot free from 5th September 2019 for a 14 days treatment.And so the journey started. Mom was super super excited like a little child getting his/her desired toy.

How to reach Kottakal - by flight the airport is Kozhikode 26kms from kottakkal. Calicut is a near by city. But to come to kottakal you don’t need to go to Calicut. The airport has a Pre-paid taxi counter and they charged 1080₹,which was fair. There’s no cheating there. Kottakkal is in Mallapuram district, Kerela so you need to search for train connections. But rest assured people don’t cheat here,are helpful and speak English and a bit of Hindi language.

How to prepare for your stay during treatment -
1.Medical documents if you have any.
2. Cotton clothes to wear after massage. So if you are here for 14 days you’ll need 3-4 pair of cotton clothes. 3-4 pair of under garments. Towels if possible thin ones so that they dry fast. Toiletaries. They have Laundary services are here and very affordable.
3. 2-3 pair of clothes for evening wear or for market visit. Remember people here are conservative so get some covered clothes.
4. Best time to visit is September onwards till March.
5. Keep your medicine and medical kit. Keep few anti allergic as these people are pure Ayurveda and our toxic body can show some reactions. But don’t worry or stop the treatment or get afraid. They have full support system.
6. Don’t forget your umbrella.
7. There are two canteen. One is a restaurant on 7th floor with beautiful green kottakkal view and the other in other building ground floor. You can eat anywhere but after first day we decided to cook for ourself. 7th floor restaurant serves continental food on demand.
8. What to bring if you want to cook. 1 non stick tava,2 ganjiya 1 lt. 1 small,2 bowl,2 small bowl ( katori ),4 table & tea spoons,one cooker,2 big plate plastic,2 small plate,one frying pan ( kadhai),2 glasses,one strainer,if you are a chapati lover,bring belan. And if you don’t like readymade wheat flour get 1 1/2 kg. Better to bring your own turmeric powder and in case you prefer home made ghee. Rest all you get here. We still brought poha,khaand ( sugar), tea some snacks. Market is close by walking distance or if you want to go to bigger market it’s 25₹ one side fare. Don’t forget to keep some kitchen napkins & a sponge swapper to clean. They give 2 glasses,one flask,one water jug,induction is available at 85₹/per day. I have brought a mall electric kettle also. Which actually is not required.
9. Milk is really good here so don’t worry for milk powder or pouches. 50₹ lt and comes between 8-8.15 am sharp every day.
10. Be prepared that few things you have to do yourself otherwise you get paid services for care takers & cook.
11. No need to worry for cleaning of the room or washroom. These people are very systematic and organised.
12. We also brought a roap to spread clothes after washing. Though one can buy from here.
13. Slippers should be non slippery.
14. If you get time there are paid yoga and Physiotherapy services also. ( but our schedule is tight )
15. Don’t bring extra Bedsheet’s,blankets,mosquito nets etc. mosquito net is at 175₹ which we can take. They give plastic bed sheets which is billed so you can take.
16. The rule here is one is the patient who is charged high,2nd patient is called 1st attendant who is charged less. This cost includes room rent,all treatments and medicines. If balance is left they refund. And you’ll either have to make payment 7 days before or on the day you do registration. We did prior bank transfers.

Once you are here,remember to reach the right AVS kottakkal. It’s in a lane where both the sides are owned by AVS.

In the reception the care taker will check your name and handover you the keys,one ayurveda soap,one bottle water.
Now we were allotted this semi delux room but it’s good. It has an attached treatment room ( normally every room has it),attached bathroom,one pantry with fridge ( not in every room), one balcony one room,with two beds,study table,TV,ac etc.
Your routine starts next day. The working time here is from 8-5pm.

Then you will have to go and meet the administrative staff for your registration. And here you’ll meet the most energetic,multi-tasking,always smiling and helpful Vinod betaji. And you then go to the cash counter to check with your transaction of money for the booking you have made. And it’s done. Be in your room. While doing all this you’ll off course try to read all that’s written on the walls,the names,the post and here you meet one of the always smiling,energetic administrator from P.S.Warrior family. Oh! my you just can’t stop loving all these people.

P.S.Warrior is the name behind AVS,since 1869,imagine how many years. The hospital is 100 years old. Imagine the amount of years they have dedicated in doing researches,preserving,experimenting and treating. They have medical college,herbal farm,herbal medicine factory,herbal medicine outlets,charitable hospital and what not.

Here you’ll again meet Mr Sudhakar bhai,one solution for all the problems. He heads the care taker department.
The dr & the team visits and checks you. Dr Smitha is our senior physician ( Ayurveda). Then they take files to study and plan your treatment. But we get our first massage... wow one,4 trained girls,hot medicated oil and believe me heaven is there.
One hour oil massage the one hour rest with plastic sheet on the bed. Then they come to inform you their plan of treatment. So I had three treatments each one of one hour. 1 massage,then 1 hour rest,one hot herbal solution bandage then keep it for one hour ( you have to take them out yourself and wash it every 3rd day), then potli ( a cloth packet with herbs in it ) massage one hour rest. Then you can bath,try not to apply soap and wash hair once in 3 days.

What I and mom achieved here ?
Well mom had sever cough problem since years and she had tried everything and it got cured. But she also got allergic and her ear lobes swelled but we had anti allergic and drs took her care. Her arthritis is very old,fingers de-shaped and she’s too late for the relief here. ( our next door neighbor just had a slight pain in knee and he came here for detox and treatment so that his body remains healthy.)
I had been on methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis and due to it bad gestro refluxes,loose motions and vomit. So the GI Gastro part,reflux,vomit and loose motion all got cured. I had a painful jaw joint it got cured. I had prolactinoma tumour,it got cured earlier but I had its side effects it got cured.

Dr Smitha had a good session with me about how to tapper my methoraxid doses ( which already the elopathy dr’s are doing after introducing me to the new drug.). She answered all of my questions very patiently,discussed my routine,my diet plan,each & everything. Very politely she told how to stay in touch with her. I told her I am fed up with chemical medicines and it’s side effects. And how nicely she handled it and explained me how to manage a balance between chemical medicine ( elopathy ) & Ayurvedic medicine.

Not to mention in the last about how we met Eintesar & Ahmed bhai from UAE. She came here 6 years back in wheel chair suffering from rheumatoid and how her husband Ahmed bhai brings her here every year. Now she is off methotrexate,on feet,walking running,balancing diet, using her knowledge to explore the right & wrong of her body. Oh! What a couple,I just love them.


At the end,we will have to return to nature. We need to understand that our body is made of bio-order & natural things,so only bio-order and natural things can cure it and heal it. We need to turn the clock & go back to dadi ji k nuskhe, granny’s diary. We need to have the knowledge of right routine,diet,sleeping habits,so that the stomach remains healthy,body gets time to heal and immune system works. If you have purpose in life,you’ll understand your being on earth and keep yourself healthy. Else like foolish me,torture mann & body to the core where mann healing has to come first cause then only we agree to focus and see our relationship with nature and becomes important for us to stay healthy.

Our body continuously indicates us everything but we are so busy that we miss it’s signals. So,stay tuned with Mann,keep it healthy & happy to receive body signal and healthy happy. Form a tradition of the same.

The best and the only authentic place for Ayurveda treatment if you are looking for any.
They cater all income group with difference range of accommodations. But the services ,devotion & commitment doesn’t change at all.

Though travelling to kottakkal is hectic but it pays.

So many things to learn here. Co-existence at its best.

The best place to serve parents,spend time with them and make memories. I fall in love with everyone here. You can do pilgrimaged,international travelling but if you don’t still stay ill,suggestion is pls keep yourself in priority. Visit AVS as a pilgrimage. With faith,with devotion.

If you haven’t spend valuable time with your sick spouse,come here. There are many here.

The Kottakkal city,it’s neat & clean,no dogs,cows,pigs or dirt on the road. Not even a hoarding,and in all these days saw one police man. Traffic systematic,people punctual,simple,hardworking and committed. They are the best at serving and taking care.

Now I know why Kerela is called, God’s own land.

#Apologies for writing this in English,this for my international friends too.
Written 15 September 2019
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1 contribution
Apr 2019 • Family
Great results
Amazing treatment
Excellent doctors
Decent Stay
Great food
Humble staff
you just want to stay here..
Written 13 May 2019
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Nanda A
Thrissur District, India148 contributions
Oct 2018 • Couples
I was affected by hemerogaphic stroke from April first onwards while I was at work at Kuwait. Thereafter I did alloparhictreatment at Kuwait and Kerala ( India) till September end. I was good enough to walk by using tripod due to these treatments. However the hand movements was achieved only little. I checked in here with an expectation of speedy recovery for a treatment of 21 days from October first. Still continues.
Written 14 October 2018
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New York City, New York62 contributions
Sep 2017
For treatment or cure... look no further as they are the best. If you are looking gor just relaxation then opt for any resort or spa. This place is for people looking gor relief from an ailment
Written 25 August 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Malappuram, India10 contributions
Jun 2018 • Family
Ayurveda provides treatment for specific diseases not all. If you choose your condition to be treated with Ayurveda this is the place. Located as three sections in and around kottakkal town. For out patients there is free and paid section. Free op is in middle of town near zeenath textiles. Paid op is at outskirts on national highway at chankuvetty junction. Cancer research section with free op is near free op section. They have ip department for patients who needs admission in separate building in town. All with ample parking facilities.
Treatment provided is same all sections and to the core genuine Ayurveda. Staff all are well mannered and totally hygienic facilities provided is of high standards. Treatment happens in consensus with allopathic treatment also provided here. Most of the medicinal plants are grown here to assure availability in their medicinal plant garden which open to visitors . Museum depicting the history of the institute also worth a watch. As infectious diseases treated here are less you can take children also. If you are visiting for treatment better book an appointment to avoid inconveniences and also get your doubts cleared.
Written 25 June 2018
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Bengaluru, India34 contributions
Jan 2018 • Friends
The atmosphere here is very serine. The doctors and therapist as well as the administrative staff very hospitable are hospitable and efficient. A very good place for longer treatment for many ills
Written 8 January 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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