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Dubai, United Arab Emirates33 contributions
Nice Themepark
Jul 2019 • Family
Located 1:30 from Munich. We visited the park on a weekend, and it was not that crowded. The park is huge and majority of the games are self operated. Suitable to all ages. Unfortunately, the falcon was sick for the show on the day we visited the park. You can spend 4 hours easily. Make sure you apply good amount of sunscreen on sunny days. Ample free parking available.
Written 16 July 2019
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Ioana Frentoni
Regensburg, Germany77 contributions
Jun 2019 • Family
Great activity on a sunny day. There are all kinds of things to do, for all ages. Parking nearby at no charge, price for park up to 23 eur/adult ( pending on kids height lower). On a Saturday, it wasn’t too crowded and waiting time for each attraction is reasonable.
Written 1 June 2019
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Columbia, SC31 contributions
Unique Amusement Park - Great Fun!
Aug 2018 • Family
As one who hasn't visited many amusement parks in Europe until we began traveling with our granddaughter, I don't have a lot by which to compare this park other than those we've seen in the United States. Therefore, my viewpoint in comparison to those I know and Bayern-Park rates up with some of the best I've seen. It isn't Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm or Carowinds … and we were so glad of that.

Bayer-Park is unique in so many ways. We went during a heat wave that scorched Europe in August 2018 so the park was not overly crowded. It might be that it isn't overly crowded much of the time but I think the lack of crowding might have been somewhat attributable to the hot weather. However, while their we a fair amount of people there, lines were short and our granddaughter and we got to experience every ride and attraction that we wanted to do.

One thing that struck us was the uniqueness of the attractions. They might be commonplace in European amusement parks but they were unique for us, which made things even better. The rides range from water log rides to luges, swings to trains. The décor would be as expected as it is geared to a forested environment and the theme runs throughout the park.

Everyone will lean differently towards one type of ride or another but Bayern-Park offers things you don't find in most amusement parks. There is at least on playground with climbing and sliding. There is a trampolene field for kids to jump and bounce. There is a building of small rides and a castle where kids can attack or defend using Nerf-ball cannons or play air hockey. Not everything is an automated ride, so kids can burn off energy. The rides, too, are pretty unique ... at least for us and our granddaughter had a spectacular day (she was a pre-teen at the time).

Now to the wallet issue, which is obviously a concern when it comes to any such place. This place is a deal! With very few exceptions (e.g., the luge), all the rides are included in the admission price. To make it even better, two adults and one child (us) spent less for the entire admission than we would have spent on a single adult (and maybe less than a child's) ticket at the places I mentioned above. That's a deal!

There is a nice cafeteria just inside the gate and the food it both good and reasonably priced. Parking was free! The overall appearance of the park was excellent and very clean.

So, in summary, when your kids are burned out on palaces and castles and need to just be kids, this is the place to go! It is about an hour's drive or so from Munich and a wonderful break for the family. Go! Enjoy!
Written 4 October 2018
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Potton, UK18 contributions
Just keeps getting better !
Aug 2018 • Family
Another trip and we love this place even more. Our children are now nearly teens so able to ride the super fast roller coaster (0-80kmph in 2 seconds so I was told) which was superb. There were again new rides this year including an interactive 3D game which was more fun than I thought it would be and it is clear they continue to reinvest a good chunk of the profits into the improvement of the park. Excellent value for money as the kids hurtle onto ride after ride especially if you pick a grey day like us when the lines really are nearly nonexistent. We love it.
Written 2 September 2018
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Landshut, Germany8 contributions
Great for younger kids
Sep 2017 • Family
We live 30 minutes from here. Although it is stuck in the middle of nowhere you will want for nothing while you're there. Plenty of picnic areas, snack bars, ice cream stalls. Around 80% of the rides are directed towards slightly smaller children. Preteens. Great family day
Written 13 August 2018
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CARLO The Jackal_cl
Chemnitz, Germany386 contributions
Convenient and nice
Jun 2018 • Family
Though is not one of the parks of Europe, it sure is a nice place to have some fun. Well adapted for young children. Food is ok and not expensive. You have to pay extra for the Rodelbahn but just 2 Euros. The walk around the park and see their little Zoo is quite alright too. Public Transportation is a problem. Perhaps renting a car is the only choice.
Written 6 June 2018
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Sven Michael J
Greensboro, NC170 contributions
Bavarian version of Six Flags Magic Mountain :)
Sep 2017 • Family
Even though this park is literally in the middle of nowhere, it is a fun day for children of all ages as well as for adults. Price for a day pass is moderate and includes almost all the attractions (3 adult and one child = 75 €). The kids loved Rafting, the Rollercoaster (Freischütz) and the Log Flume - they are a lot of fun and waiting was never more than 10 minutes when we were there in the first week of September!
The themes are very Bavarian and we like that :) a great alternative to Legoland and Playmobil World.
The only thing not so good is the quality of the food. The prices are average, but quality is just not worth the money! Bring your own and take some time out at one of the many places that you can have lunch!
Written 20 September 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Nuremberg, Germany632 contributions
Average Adventure Nut reasonable prices
Aug 2017 • Family
We've visited really a number of amusement parks. This is a smaller one, has some interesting attractions. The big things are missing, but the prices are ok.
Written 19 August 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Grant H
Furstenwalde, Germany48 contributions
Great fun, plenty of stuff to do.
May 2017 • Family
Having learned from experience at previous amusement parks, we went on
a Friday where most of Bayern still had school to ensure that it wasn't too crowded. I'm not sure what this place is like on a weekend, but on Friday it was great - we didn't wait long at all in queues.

It cost just under 20 euro per person, and all the rides were included
except for two luge rides which cost euro 1.50 per go.

The rides were great fun. Biggest rides included 2 cool roller coasters (one with Looping), a log ride, and the unique "Adler" where you and 11 others have a seat each that revolves around a pole. You control 2 wings, and need to try to do as many barrel rolls as possible during the 5 minutes of spinning around the pole. Took quite a few attempts to get the hang of it.

There were also plenty of rides for younger kids, plus some indoor and outdoor playgrounds, trampoline areas, etc as well. My kids are 12, 9, and 4 and they had a great time.

The food was the usual amusement park fare.

Was definitely a great day out.
Written 31 July 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Eichstätt, Bayern, Germany1,186 contributions
Good Fun at a Smaller Amusement Park
Aug 2016 • Solo
Having gone to another Amusement Park in Northern Bavaria a few Weeks earlier, and having finally conquered my fear of the "Big Coasters" I entered a phase of wanting to go on more Rides and try different Parks on my Off-Days.

On Thursday August 18th it was finally time to visit the Bayern-Park.
Weather forecasts for the Day were mixed, with one source giving it as only cloudy, and another saying it would rain at 1430h. It rained almost spot on at 1430h, but by 1530h all was good again.

At my local Butcher's there are usually advertisements for Schwaben-Park which is in the State of Baden-Württemberg. Why I never really understood since we're quite central within Bavaria. One time there was also an advertisement for the Bayern-Park.
While their names are similar, I do believe that there are no business relations between the two.

A Colleague of mine told me that she preferred Freizeit-Land Geiselwind over Bayern-Park, that there weren't a lot of thrill rides at Bayern Park, but also that she hadn't been.
When I was a Kid, Geiselwind was my least favorite, and a recent visit this year hadn't changed my mind much. I wondered why we never went to Bayern-Park, but I found out that it only opened as such when we had already gone to the States.

Getting there:
It's located pretty much in the middle of Nowhere (or in the middle of the Countryside, whichever definition you prefer). The closest Autobahn is the A92 Munich-Deggendorf.
When arriving from the West, you drive by the Isar Nuclear Power Plant, which is quite impressive. Reactor 1 is offline, but Reactor 2 is online and supposed to remain operational until 2022.
Once off the Autobahn you still got quite a way to go, but it was fairly easy going.
Arriving at the Park, there's plenty of free Parking available.

The price for a Day Ticket was €19.50, that's €8 less than what I had paid at a Park in Northern Bavaria. I found the price to be reasonable for what is being offered.
The Park is relatively large, has a variety of Rides which are included, a Falconry Show, some Show/Activity for Kids (didn't check that out), and several different Animals as the Park originated from an earlier Animal Park.
Not included in the Ticket Price are 2 Alpine Slides which are located in two different parts of the Park. Those cost an additional €1.50 for 1 Ride, or €4 for 3 rides.

My Visit:
The trip took me longer than expected and I arrived about 15 minutes after the Park opened, lines at the Entrance were quick. The Park is built on a slope, and once you're at the bottom you cross over a bride to enter a second part of the Park with the Animal Enclosures, 2 boat rides, a Forest Activity-Discovery Path, the Alpine Slide defined "Twin Bob", and where the Falconry Show takes place.

I got to this second Part and had it almost all to myself for quite some time and walked through the Woods looking at the different Animal Enclosures filled with various local Wildlife. Then I bought 3 rides on the Alpine Slide and was the only Visitor using it for those 3 trips. Had a total blast.
Most of the other People were at the rides closer to the Main Entrance, and while I passed them I saw that some did have lines already.

Things changed when the 1st Falconry Show was set to commence, and People made their way to this part as well.
The Show was quite informative and the Birds flew very close over our Heads. The Show only takes place with good Weather Conditions (not to hot, not to cold, no rain). There is a second one in the Afternoon and different Birds are used in the 2 Shows. I only went to watch one Show.

I was glad that I didn't listen to my Collegue and gave this Park a chance.
Found several of the Rides very enjoyable and had a really fun day. I especially liked the River Rafting Ride (longest Rafting Ride in Germany), the Gerstlauer Sky Fly (Duel of the Eagles), the Free Fall Tower which was very interesting as it combined a Free Fall Tower with a Themed Dark Ride.
Again as in another Park, I wasn't very impressed by the Log Flume Ride, since as a Solo Rider I got a whole log to myself, which makes for an awkward Experience. I did purchase the picture I got though.
There are several rides thought with the Kiddies in mind, a Family Coaster that's great fun and has no inversions, and even an Indoor Play Area good for those brief Rain Showers.

The Highlight of the Park is definitely the "Freischütz", named after a German language Opera, "Der Freischütz" by Carl Maria von Weber, and also themed to match the Opera. Now I've never actually seen this Opera, but the Music being played seemed a bit more Modern.
The Freischütz is an X-Car Launched Coaster built by Maurer, featuring 5 inversions on a 483m track length. It is a small "Big Coaster".
This ride also had the longest wait times (never more than 20 minutes in the Afternoon), the Attendant did try her best to fill every available seat by calling out to single Riders when there was a seat available to come forward. No Single Rider line at any Ride in the Park.
Now I know that I'm slightly overweight, but I'm not in any way abnormally large. There are plenty of People wider than me around. Still each time I went on it, the available Seat's restraint (over the waist restraints only) would register as not properly closed (and thus not allowing the ride to be startded) even though it did click and wouldn't open when I pushed against it.
The first time the attendant had me swap seats with a Girl in another Seat a row further behind.
The second time I didn't want to inconvenience anyone, and she let me wait near the exit so that I could get on at the next Round without having to wait in line all over again.
I don't know what the issue was with those darn restraints.
The ride itself was awesome, extremely smooth and I had a blast of a time. I can now say that I'm a Roller Coaster Rider. No more chickening out after standing in line for +2 Hours (as I did on Batman - The Ride, when it first opened at Six Flags Great America). I now have that score to settle with Batman, somebody please get me on a plane to Chicago!

I had lunch at the Park, and I must say this was probably one of the aspects that I found least pleasing. Food was available at various places, but it was Burgers, Nuggets, Schnitzel, Currywurst. Lots of fried Fast Food originating from deep frozen Products.
The Park calls itself Bayern-Park, and I think they should focus more on the Bavarian aspect of things.
To the People running this Park I say: "get some typical Bavarian specialties on your Menu, which aren't necessarily healthier per se, but tastier. Some Pork Knuckle, Sauerbraten, other Roasts, Homestyle Schnitzel. It wouldn't be that difficult!
On the positive side to mediocre Food, it wasn't particularly expensive.

As the Park is built on 2 slopes,there is also a Tram Ride that takes you along the Main Part of the Park and has a stop at the bottom of the slope near the Bridge to the other part and the Family Coaster where you can get on and off, so People don't have to walk up the Hill.

I left at Park Closing Time, having spent a fun day.

Final Considerations:
It's an Amusement Park and not a real Theme Park. But many of the rides do have a theming to them, and are well integrated into the surroundings.
The Free-Fall Tour is supposed to become the centerpiece of a themed area that's to come over the next few years called "Thalonien", the Kontiki next to it is also thematically similar. The Freischütz also has theming to it, and even the line to it is quite interesting and themed to the Opera. In the smaller part of the Park, there's a boat ride that takes you through the Gardens of a Baroque Castle and under it to an area themed around King Ludwig II. A paddle wheeler takes you on rides around a lake with some themed buildings.
The price in my eyes was fair for what you get.
Regarding Shows, if that's what rocks your boat, there wasn't much on offer besides the Falconry Show.
Some rides do show age, but others have a fresh look to them.

It's also the only Park in this part of Lower Bavaria. If you're in the Area during the Opening Season, and maybe have Kids with you, consider spending a day here.
Pricing for Kids depends on their height, not their age.
If you have to drive more than 2 Hours to get here, then it might not be worth the hassle.
When travelling by Motor Home they offer you to spend the night for free on their Parking Lot, though it's not clear wether or not they have hook ups (probably not).

I had a great day, but I don't know if I'll visit again in future.
There are other (better) Parks at about the same driving time from me.
Written 20 September 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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