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Make the year's best memories together

Your all-in-one guide on where to go, stay, and play this holiday season

A nostalgic photo collage featuring a mother and child marveling at Christmas light-ups, surrounded by more photos of other travelers on popular holiday trips during the festive season

Think back to your last holiday with your loved ones. Remember the big laughs and little misadventures you had? That sparkle in your kids’ eyes when they did something new? Or the family dinners that put a cozy feeling in your chest?

Beyond the must-sees and must-dos, it’s the people you travel with that make every trip picture-perfect. So, gather your favourite people. Let's plan a year-end vacation filled with scenic stays, breathtaking thrills, and unforgettable memories. Top recs below.

For festive cheer

A photo collage featuring travelers exploring a Christmas market, and various festive activities
Left to Right: 📍 Brussels, Rovaniemi
Image: 📸 Westend61 (Getty Images), MadridJosefina, Fauvida L

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a little kid again, traveler Fay H and her husband have a tip: meet Santa. He’s waiting for you in the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, home to husky safaris and the only Santa post office in the world.

Prefer bustling city centers? Indulge in the mulled wine and sweet treats at Christmas markets across Europe, and marvel at festive lights twinkling all over town. Check out traditional horse-drawn carriages and folk art at the Rynek Główny town square in Krakow, and some of Europe’s most dazzling light shows at St. Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest.

Get into the festive spirit

Make the merriest memories

For sunny beach days

A photo collage featuring a family at the beach and water sports activities in sunny destinations
Left to Right: 📍 The Canary Islands
Image: 📸 lunariva, NeonShot (Getty Images), BaroS

Miss the sun on your skin? Find sunny sand dunes and Europe's warmest white-sand beaches at the Canary Islands. Water temps are cooling, perfect for adventures all day long.

Top tip: do something fun together. Rent a private boat for the day, go on a jet-skiing tour, or clock in some quality time at your all-inclusive luxury resort. You might just find a second family along the way, like traveler Mrs.Ramona did during her stay at Sheraton Fuerteventura.

Award-winning resorts in the Canary Islands

More sunny stays ahead

Ocean views only, please

Check out 17 unique retreats by the water, all around the world.
Right this way

For city adventures

A photo collage featuring a family eating street food outdoors, and various sightseeing activities in big cities
Left to right: 📍 Barcelona, Bangkok, Paris
Image: 📸 Local CoolTour, Brostock (Getty Images), David Fernandez

If you love culture, food, and sightseeing, these big cities have it all. Tour Gaudí's architectural masterpieces in Barcelona. Try award-winning street eats in Bangkok. Or find the fairytale-like Versailles Palace a few hours away from Paris.

Our top rec? Disneyland Paris. As traveler davazno1 says, “no review, photo, or video can do it justice.” Catch Christmas parades with iconic Disney characters decked out in their festive best, winter wonderland decorations, and nightly fireworks displays at the Sleeping Beauty Castle—or book a stay to take it all in. More traveler favorites below.

Spend all day exploring

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