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“Small aircraft but reliable and on time” 14/02/2017

“Nice” 13/02/2017

“One of the best airlines from and to Greece” 24/02/2017

“Good service and good punctuality” 24/02/2017

“Great customer service ” 24/02/2017

“Great Airline” 23/02/2017


“Good service - nothing to add” 24/02/2017

“Be prepared for flight timing changes/cancellations frequently” 22/02/2017

“Nice flight!” 18/02/2017

“Quick and nice!” 28/09/2016

“Nice experience for a short and local flight” 20/01/2017

“The Maya connection” 09/12/2016

“New planes and a decent flight” 23/02/2017

“Poor Customer Service” 23/02/2017

“Quite a queer airline” 31/08/2016

“Almost as badly organized as TAP” 16/08/2016

“Excelent” 04/08/2016

“By far is the worst air line ” 15/02/2017

“Wow I Love This Airline” 24/01/2017

“The worse experience ” 23/02/2017

“Fine Budget Airline” 16/02/2017

“Nice clean journey, nice airline and crew” 18/02/2017

“Very nice !” 17/02/2017

“Terrible ground service after delays” 23/01/2017

“Very good” 08/01/2017

“simple fly” 16/01/2017