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“Liked my little suprise as I got to my seat 👍👍” 06/11/2016

“Everything OK” 02/11/2016

“Good flight and Good value” 01/12/2016

“Domestic Greece” 30/11/2016

“Worst airline ever .” 02/12/2016

“Basic” 02/12/2016

“Low Quality” 30/11/2016

“Terrible service” 30/11/2016

“15 kg limit for registered luggage on internal flights” 01/12/2016

“Good for short haul” 28/11/2016

“Quick and nice!” 28/09/2016

“Wonderful experience” 14/11/2016

“Pacific Coast to the Capital” 06/11/2016

“Rip off DO NOT UPGRADE!!!” 02/12/2016

“Cramped and worn out” 02/12/2016

“Quite a queer airline” 31/08/2016

“Almost as badly organized as TAP” 16/08/2016

“Excelent” 04/08/2016

“Terrible service” 26/11/2016

“always bad” 22/11/2016

“Don't think of cancellation!” 01/12/2016

“A fraud with money for ticket cancellation” 28/11/2016

“Flying around Kazakhstan” 23/11/2016

“Excellent service! You should enjoy!” 17/11/2016

“Very unpleasant experience” 24/10/2016

“Pleasant experience” 12/10/2016