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Holiday villas in Harrison Hot Springs, Canada

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All 4 Rentals in the Harrison Hot Springs Area
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Harrison Hot Springs
3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 8
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Harrison Hot Springs
1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Sleeps 3
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The following rentals are within 30 kilometers of Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia.

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Keats Island
5 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 12
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3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Sleeps 6
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1400 Square Foot, 3 bedroom home right on the shores of beautiful Kawkawa Lake in Hope, B.C. Large fenced yard with private dock/moorage right at your back door. Waterski, swim, fish, intertube, relax while taking in beautiful scenery of Kawkawa Lake. 5 minutes to downtown Hope where you will... View all property information
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Harrison Hot Springs British Colombia

The Village of Harrison Hot Springs is located in the beautiful Fraser Valley. It is an exceptional place to visit and enjoy the countless recreational activities available to tourists staying in holiday rentals. The historic village is situated on Harrison Lake, which has sandy beaches, glorious scenery and a variety of holiday rental properties from which to enjoy the wonders of nature. Whether you are planning a family adventure with the kids, a romantic getaway, or a fun-filled trip with friends, Harrison Hot Springs will be a memorable holiday.

Holiday rentals Harrison Hot Springs

Visiting in the spring or summer? The scenic trails surrounding the lake offer exhilarating views. Rejuvenate your spirit after a long winter. Get a lakeside holiday cabin so you can enjoy all the activities the lake has to offer. You can take a boat tour, fish, or go for a refreshing swim, all right outside your waterfront rental. Enjoy a leisurely hike in the woods and be amazed by the lush wild life. Play a round of golf at the 9-hole course close to your holiday rental. After a full day, go out for dinner at one of the eclectic waterfront restaurants.

Family Fun

The spacious family holiday rentals, safe swimming beaches, and water sports for children are some of the best reasons to holiday in Harrison Hot Springs with your family or close friends. Rent a quadra-cycle for a unique way to get around town, or shop for local gifts and souvenirs at stores around the corner from your holiday rental.

Everyone will enjoy these remarkable attractions – Kilby Historic Site, Tugboat Junction Adventure Park, and the water slides at Bridal Falls. Each of these attractions is located within a 30-minute drive from your holiday rental. If you visit Harrison Hot Springs in the fall, take a relaxing scenic boat tour on the lake to see the beautiful autumn trees spread out around you. A day trip from your holiday rental to visit Sasquatch Provincial Park is also a wonderful getaway.

Dining and Entertainment

When dining in Harrison Hot Springs, you can enjoy a range of restaurants from elegant fine dining like gourmet seafood and wine, to a casual pub-style atmosphere with beer and hot wings. When you’re not dining out, you can prepare your own meals in the fully equipped kitchen in your rental home.