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  • Friendly staff make Georgetown a joy
  • A beautiful haven
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  • An amazingly beautiful and romantic hotel. The service was first-rate. Five-star quality. The restaurant had an amazing dinner service. One of the best hotels, anywhere.
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  • Stylish oasis in the middle of the city.
  • Paradise in KL
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  • Supreme Excellence..top notch service
  • Beautiful place and wonderful people
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  • luxury, fantastic and romantic place
  • A taste of a super luxurious lifestyle!
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  • Fantastic Experience
  • Beautiful
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  • The friendliest staff we’ve ever come across in any hotel in Asia!
  • Persistance!
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  • Chic and peaceful place to stay in colourful Penang!
  • convenient location and great staff
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  • Laid back, friendly, stylish, luxury island paradise
  • A must if you're looking for peace, beauty and great service
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