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  • This hotel can be described with one word: gorgeous! From the outside to the lobby, to our beautiful guest room. Iconic, charming, stunning.
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  • Birthday & Anniversary Celebration in Budapest
  • Absolutely loved this hotel.
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  • Gorgeous Hotel, Great Staff, Good Location, Good Value
  • Unforgettable experience
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  • Great spot to kick off vacation
  • Perfect cocktails and excellent food
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  • Relaxing and indulgent
  • Thermal spa enjoyment
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  • Wonderful Hotel!
  • Great location, Great Hotel
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  • beautiful hotel in a beautiful city!
  • Amazing hotel for the price we paid.
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  • Great Hotel...Beautiful Views
  • Hotel Hilton Budapest
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  • Terrific location, a hotel with everything you need
  • Clean and comfortable cozy place in the best possible location in Budapest
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