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  • The decor is modern and bold. Perfectly located, central to all the places you want to be. Excellent breakfast options and above all, the best waterside terrace in the city.
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  • Best hotel in Amsterdam
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  • Reasonable price, High quality service
  • Fabulous
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  • Best Hotel We've Ever Stayed In
  • Very Dutch, very modern and very nice
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  • perfect place for a weekend break
  • Wonderful experience in a great city.
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  • Stunning hotel and very friendly staff
  • So close to all three museums in Amsterdam!
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  • Top hotel with exceptional service
  • Difficult to improve on this.
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  • Like a scene from Great Gatsby!
  • One of my top-3 hotels of my life, soft beds, silent airco.
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  • A beautiful hotel with lots of history .
  • Excellent hotel,wonderful welcome.
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