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  • It's a lovely, well run hotel with traditional Andean decor, comfortable rooms and a great restaurant. It also has a beautiful garden filled with birds.
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  • Breakfast Alone Is Worth 5-Stars!
  • Beautiful accomodations!
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  • The owners make this place a 5 stars recommandation
  • Look no further for a place to stay!
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  • The best wildlife experience: diverse and admirable wildlife and unbelievably lovely nature
  • Wonderful staff, beautiful location
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  • Excellent option in Quito old town
  • 3 years later and I still have a fondness for this place
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  • Very pleasant stay
  • Wonderful Stay at Napolitano!
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  • What a wonderful world
  • Beautiful rooms and gardens
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  • Perfect accommodation at Hotel Place Guayaquil
  • Wonderful place, amazing personnel
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  • Tranquil serenity in the valley of longevity
  • Welcome to the Hotel Madre Tierra...
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