• Grand Canyon 

The trip to the Grand Canyon can be done by self-drive, bus, train or aircraft.  If you want to read a write-up of a Grand Canyon tour by helicopter, please refer to "Grand Canyon Helicoptor Tour" for more details.

  • Hoover Dam

There are several excellent bus tours offered to the Dam.  Some include lunch; most include a tour of inside the dam itself.  The tour of the "workings" of the dam is educational and includes an impressive presentation of the history of the building of the dam.

  • Lake Mead Cruise

Some of the tours to Hoover Dam offer an "add-on" of a boat cruise on nearby Lake Mead.

  • Shopping Mall at Primm

Primm Shopping Centers are on the Nevada-California state line.  There are casinos in and next to the Mall.  There are bus day-trips for $15 originating at several Strip locations, inlcuding Fashion Show Mall and MGM Grand.  These trips guarantee you 3 hours shopping, but you can arrange to return to Vegas as late as up to 6 p.m. if you go to the Information/Customer Service booth at the Mall at 12:30 and arrange a later return bus.  There are also free trips which include lunch which are sponsored by the Primm Chamber of Commerce and which can be found listed in some of the magazines located in your hotel room or which you can get from the hotel's conceirge.