Pleasantly situated on a Sunny Corner in North Palm Springs, Cheeky's is a Great Place to stop for a Hearty Breakfast or a Simple Lunch. Enjoy their excellent Food either inside the Bright, Cleanly designed Dining Room or outside on the Patio. Open Very limited Hours, this small, busy spot changes its menus weekly. Breakfast choices present Fresh takes on the usual Pancakes, Smoked Salmon, French Toast and Egg Dishes. There are also usually One or Two Surprising items, such as Eggs Benedict with sautéed arugula on a cheddar chive scone, or Chile Verde Pork Stew with Cheddar Grits. Lunch offers an Excellent Soup of the Day, a creative selection of Fresh Sandwiches and some Out-of-the-Ordinary Salads. A small selection of Beer, Wine and other Beverages are available.

Very Popular with the Locals.