A visit to the city of Barcelona and a visit to the Camp Nou is a must for every football fan, the Camp Nou is home ground to Spanish football legends FC Barcelona. FC Barcelona tickets have vary price categories determined by two major factors: 1.prices by match category 2. prices by seat location FC Barcelona determines at the begging of every season the game category for the 19 home LFP games: usually FC Barcelona – Real Madrid, also known as “El Clasico” is of special category named A++ indicating its high popularity, and thus low availability of tickets and their high prices. The following category- A, is usually of games played against direct La-liga champions competitors, such as Athletico Madrid and CFValencia. The last home game of the season is also traditionally defined as an A category game. Thus until the final category- D, these games are against recent ascenders from the second Spanish football division and teams that atract low numbers of public, thus, football tickets for these games have the cheapest prices. The Camp Nou, FC Barcelona’s home stadium has 17 different seat categories, built on subdivisions of the main 4 catgories: 1. the Grand stand known as Tribuna, 2. long side tickets that are not in the Grand stand, known as Lateral 3. tickets on the short side of the stadium and behind the goal line, known as Gol 4. tickets at top of the third ring, known as General. Please note, many of the centred seats in the Grand stand/Tribuna and the Long side/Lateral are in personal belonging of FC Barcelona football club members and season ticket holders and there for not available. Yet, commercial companies such as NAFNA TD, footballticketsbarcelona.com or tickazilla.com hold a fix allotment in vary zones of the stadium thus allowing you to reserve your quality FC Barcelona football tickets. go watch a game, have fun, football is a great spectacle!