Valldemossa is situated in the south west corner of Mallorca. It is set on a hilltop with views down to the sea at Palma.  This beautiful old village has quaint narrow steets. Everywhere you turn there is a photo opportunity.

Get there earlry (before 11am), to give yourself plenty of time to explore, before everything closes at 2 pm.  Visit the Royal Carthusian Monastery in the square. At the end of the visit there is a piano concert. You may not think that this would be your scene but give it a go. Sitting there listening to a beautifully played piano you can imagine the notes flying out the window and drifting down the valley to Palma. After you can spend more time wandering the streets for even more photos.

Be prepared, as the cost to visit the interior of the buildings is steep, even by tourists standards (in Dec 2008 - Adults $8.50E, children 6-12 $5E, under 5 free).