1) Transportation-  Book transportation from the airport to the ferry port in Puerto Juarez  in advance to save time and money.  The standard rate from the airport is $65 U.S. Also, check with your hotel on Isla for transfer options.  

2) Money- U.S. Dollars are accepted most places, but you get a better exchange rate by exchanging dollars to pesos ($12.50 peso: $1 dollar at the exhange; $11 : $1 in shops).  Change will be in pesos even if you pay in dollars, so keep that in mind. 

3) Credit cards- Hotels and larger resturants will take credit cards, but many smaller places will not.  The bar/grill leading to the dock accepts credit cards and is very reasonable.  The ferry and golf cart rental are cash only. 

4) Weather-   Sunscreen is a must!  The market is town sells biodegradable sunscreen that helps protect the reef. 


Its very easy to organise your own day trip to Isla Mujeres, 2 boats go from Hoteleria Zone and an older ferry goes from the northern part of cancun, take a bus and one of the chicken busses for $0.50, year 50 cent but aks for the (2nd terminal = old ferry, take a one way trip , walk the island, bring your towel and go to the east side (lefgt of the ferry) nice beach bar at the end, and go back with the fast ferry)

Take a bus or taxi to the ferry terminal

Ultramar run ferries from Gran Puerto -  Puerto Juarez and also from Playa Tortuga

Magaña Express Service from Puerto Jaurez

Car Ferry from Punta Sam


Its easy to hire a Golf Buggy on the island for about USD $45 per day - you will need a drivers licence  or a scooter when you arrive

 there are also plenty of taxis.