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Lismore, Town Walk

2.2 mile trail near Lismore, Ireland
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 2.2 miles
Duration: Unknown

Overview :  This walk introduces you to the history and architecture of the town of Lismore.

The walk begins at the entrance to the town, on the... more »

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Points of Interest

1. The Old Butter Processing Factory

On your left just before you cross the bridge, you will see the remainder of the old butter processing factory, the salmon hatchery and the town's former gas works.

Lismore Castle has had a somewhat rocky past (very much reflective of the changing nature of the Irish political landscape). The castle has seen many incarnations and changes over the years.

There has been a fortified structure on this site for hundreds of years. The first can be dated to 1185, although that was destroyed shortly after its... More

3. The Spout

The Spout is a natural spring well that provided water for the estate workers in the castle until the early part of the 19th century.

4. Castle Avenue

As you continue your walk, you will pass on your right the entrance to what is known as the Castle Avenue, leading to the outer gatehouse of the castle; this can be seen halfway down the avenue.

As you walk down the avenue, the walls to your left surround the gardens developed in the 17th-century by the Robert Boyle, the first Earl of Cork.... More

5. Millennium Park

Lismore Millennium Park is a joint development between Lismore Mochuda Company Ltd and Waterford County Council. It is situated right in the centre of the town and hosts a number of interesting features that make the most of the small area it covers.

The park includes some beautiful plants and trees, complementing the heritage of the area.

6. Lismore Library

This building was designed in 1912 and was built in a unique Irish Hiberno Romanesque style.

Funding for the library was provided by the philanthropist (and Scottish-American industrialist) Andrew Carnegie.

A bust of the scientist Richard Boyle - a Lismore local - may be seen in the library's exhibition area. Displays relating to other items... More

7. Grotto

This statue is an enduring link with the Presentation Sisters, who have contributed to the education in Lismore and its surrounding districts for 157 years.

8. New Street

The houses along this street were built about 1820 and are typical of the homes provided by the Duke of Devonshire for his tenants.

Walking back towards the Monument, the Red House and Heritage Centre dominate the right hand side of the street.

The brightly painted red houses are typical of many buildings in the town, sporting embellished... More

9. Lismore Heritage Centre

The Heritage Centre is an imposing and substantial building built in the classical style. Local sandstone was used in its construction and, until recently, it served as the town's courthouse.

Today, the informative and enjoyable 'Lismore Experience' introductory video may be viewed in the centre.

10. St Carthage's Church

This late 19th-century church is seen as one of the finest examples of Lombardo-Romanesque churches in Ireland. It was designed by Dublin-based Walter Doolin. A guide providing further information about the church's stunning interior may be purchased inside the church.

11. South Mall

South Mall was planned and constructed on the Lismore estate in 1832.

You will notice the Parochial House on your left. Famed author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is rumoured to have spent a short time living there on one of his sojourns in Ireland.

Further along the Mall, on your right, you will see a house called 'Inchigeela', a beautiful example of... More

12. St Carthage's Cathedral

There has been a cathedral at the St Carthage's site since the middle of the 12th century. This early cathedral had a tumultuous history, including its likely sacking during the Anglo-Norman invasion of the late 12th century and its damage, almost to ruins, during the Desmond Rebellion of 1579. The cathedral in its current incarnation was designed... More

13. Main Street

At the very centre of this incredibly picturesque town, Lismore's Main Street evokes a sense of being surrounded by the past. The majority of businesses along the street have maintained their traditional character and appearance throughout the years. Narrow laneways and stone-faced buildings radiate the charm that so often accompanies castle towns... More

At the end of Main Street, at the monument junction, is Lismore Hotel. It was built to provide extra guest accommodation for the castle and is the first purpose-built hotel in Ireland. It began serving its customers in the late 18th century.