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Little Yosemite and W Tree Scramble

Rock formations and rushing waters make this an excellent hike in the East Bay hills.

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 6.7 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  This is a great springtime hike to the "Little Yosemite" section of Sunol Regional Wilderness, so named because its rock... more »

Tips:  Sunol contact: 888-327-2757, option 3, extension 4559.

Park hours: 7 a.m. to dusk all year.

Fees: $5/seasonal, weekends and holidays... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Parking lot, park HQ

2. Green hills along the Canyon View Trail

3. Water Trough

4. Cool tree trunk at Little Yosemite

5. Falling water at Little Yosemite

6. W Tree

7. Standing water on the 'W' Tree rock scramble

8. Large rock formation