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Walks in East Kent

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Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 3.5 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  3.5 miles (5.6km) approx. 7,000 steps
Allow 2 hours

About the walk:
When the Romans built a fort here in 43AD, the sea was almost a... more »

Tips:  Distance: 3.5 miles (5.6km) allow 2 hours
Start/Finish: Reculver
Stiles: 1
Gates: 0
Terrain: Field paths. Generally flat
Toilets: At ... more »

How to get there:

By Car: From the A299, follow signs to Reculver (via Reculver Lane)
Postcode: CT6 6SU
Parking: Parking is available near Reculver Towers. There is a charge payable for parking
Bus: 7 (Canterbury-Herne Bay). 6 journeys Mon-Fri. 3 journeys Sat.

Mon-Sat Traveline: 0871 200 22 33.

Please note that route shown may not accurately follow public rights of way and waymarking on ground should be followed at all times.

Walk provided by Explore Kent
Explore Kent is a Kent County Council Initiative

KCC Explore Kent less «

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Points of Interest

1. Point 1

From car park, turn right past pub (King Ethelbert Inn). A short distance along the road, turn left to follow Saxon Shore Way signs.

2. Point 2

On reaching a gate at the end of the track, go through gap and turn right to follow path along field edge. On reaching the end of the ditch on right, continue ahead across field.

3. Point 3

Cross footbridge and continue ahead.

4. Point 4

On approaching the railway line, go through gap and turn right on surfaced path to follow under bridge. Follow the track to the road.

5. Point 5

On reaching the road, turn right to walk along road. (There are good views of Reculver towers on the right). Take care walking along the road.

6. Point 6

Cross over railway bridge and head downhill. Look for footpath sign on the left, just before buildings.

7. Point 7

Turn left and walk down wooded path. On approaching house, take path to the right running down beside the river.

8. Point 8

At path junction near railway track, turn right to cross bridge into field. Follow path across field.

9. Point 9

Cross ditch and follow path straight on, heading towards church ahead.

10. Point 10

Go through gap and head to road. Turn left and walk along road past church and school. Follow road around to right. Take care walking along the road.

11. Point 11

Reaching the end of Reculver Lane, take the footpath on the right and follow path across field, crossing a ditch as you head towards houses.

12. Point 12

Cross stile and turn right. Follow road past car park.

13. Point 13

On reaching the end of the surfaced path, continue ahead through gap past barrier and follow path through Reculver Country Park.

14. Point 14

Follow through park back to the car park where you started.