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The Dix Range

In this one hike you will climb to the top of four 4,000 foot ADK 46er Peaks, unfortunately it is not a maintained trail
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 17 miles
Duration: Multiple days

Overview :  I debated quite a bit whether to create a guide for the Dix Range from Elk Lake which often is the most used trail to these peaks. If... more »

Tips:  Trailhead:
About a mile past the intersection of Rte. 73 and Rte. 9 you'll come to a bridge in the road over the North Fork Bouquet... more »

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Points of Interest

1. North Fork Bouquet Trailhead

Park on the side of the road here wherever you can find a safe spot just east of the bridge over the river. You'll be looking for a herdpath into the woods heading south. As you follow the herdpath through the woods you will pass by a bunch of really great swimming holes along the North Fork Bouquet. Start out on the trail on the east side of... More

2. River Crossings

The herd path at this point will begin to cross several streams in the area. Be careful rock-hopping and make sure to look for cairns (small piles of rocks) to guide your way.

3. South Fork Bouquet Campsites

If you are planning to do this as an overnight trip as I did keep an eye out for nice flat campsite areas along the upper reaches of the South Fork Bouquet headwaters. Be aware not to camp near the river. And if it rains expect the water level to rise quickly (see photos).

4. Base of the East Dix Great Slide

After you pass a campsite along the herdpath you'll start your steep climb up this slide. If it is wet be VERY CAREFUL as th granite rock will get very slippery in places. Get ready for some burn in your calves!

5. Summit of East Dix

At 4,006 feet you are at the first 46er of your 5 peak trip. You should have great views down the slides and over towards Mt. Dix.

6. South Dix Summit

At 4,084 feet you are at the wooded summit of this peak but don't worry, continue to some ledges just south of the summit for some great views.

7. Macomb Summit

At 4,390 feet you have ascended to the top of this peak just off the main Dix Range ridge. As I said in the guide description there is an option to climb this from the south via a much smaller slide than the Great East Dix slide if you are so inclined on another occasion.

8. Hough Peak

At 4,409 feet you are at the top of Hough Peak with some views towards the West.

9. Dix Mountain

At 4,839 feet you are at the highest point of your trip. On the way up from Hough you will have traveled over the false summit called the "Beck-horn". From here you need to make a decision. Head back the way you came up down the East Dix slide and follow the same trail you came in on.... or continue on down the Dix trail to follow the North... More

10. Roud Pond Junction

As you approach this area ignore a trail that heads west up Mt. Noonmark and keep an eye out for trail markers indicating the trail heading off to the right towards Round Pond. If you feel yourself really start to climb up a trail you've gone too far.

11. Exit to Rte. 73

You'll be about 2 miles north on Rte 73 from your car. Start walking back safely along the road.