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Argentine Pass 4x4 Road, Colorado

Stunning high views. Visit amazing Santiago Ghost Town.

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 16.3 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Incredible views from 13,132-ft. Argentine Pass and top of McClellan Mountain. Don’t miss historic buildings at Santiago Mine and... more »

Tips:  New construction along Highway 381 should be completed. It was still underway when we were there. Not sure how this may have affected ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start of Trail

Drive through Georgetown and follow signs towards Guanella Pass. After a few miles you’ll go around a tight switchback to the left. Watch for the trail on the right. Our photo was taken before reconstruction of Highway 381. As you start up the trail it soon splits. We took the higher road marked 248.1. A more difficult lower road, marked 248.1B,... More

2. Waldorf Site

Waldorf is just a big flat area of mine tailings. One small shed houses some equipment. Continue south past Waldorf to reach Argentine Pass.

3. Argentine Pass

The road gets very narrow at the top as you climb above 13,000 ft. Great views of Peru Creek looking down from the top. Note rocky hiking trail that goes down the other side. Return to Waldorf and head north uphill on continuing 248.1.

4. Santiago Ghost Town

Follow the tracklog to the left at first opportunity. There are many roads in this area that go the wrong way. Once you arrive at the town, please stay back from the buildings and take only pictures. There’s a large flat area to park. When finished, return to the main trail and continue north to McClelland Mountain following an old railroad grade.... More

5. Top of McClelland Mountain

The road curls over the top and, at first, appears to continue down the other side. IT DOESN’T. STOP AT THE TOP! As you head back down, consider a side trip north on 248.2I where the first big switchback turns right. This fun trail ends at a viewpoint above I-70.