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Chief Ladiga Trail

"Sweet Home Alabama" is home to this charming southern trail that connects to Georgia's Silver Comet Trail.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 32.5 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  The 33 mile, paved Chief Ladiga (pronounce w/ a long i) Trail is wonderful. The 100 mile combination of the Silver Comet Trail and... more »

Tips:  - By combining the Chief Ladiga and Silver Comet Trails, you get nearly 100 miles of paved trail from Atlanta, Georgia to Anniston,... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Georgia/Alabama State Line

This is where Georgia's Silver Comet Trail ends and Alabama's Chief Ladiga Trail begins. Or is it the other way around?
It depends where you start.

2. Equestrian trail

A horse trail is available from the state line to the Cleburn County line.

3. Trail intersections

In this portion of the Chief Ladiga rail-trail, you will also find the Chief Ladiga Walking Trail and the Pinhoti Trail. These are hiking trails that come off of the main trail.
The Pinhoti Trail (see picture) junction is 1/10 of a mile before mile marker 7.0.

4. Piedmont and Eubanks Welcome Center

If they're open, you have to stop at the Eubanks Welcome Center/Trail Office. Finally, there's a place for trail lovers to congregate, get trail information, & buy a souvenir trail t-shirt. And the people that work/volunteer at the center are incredibly helpful & friendly.
It's easy to find because it's right beside the trail, it has a... More

5. Helpful Information Signs

Near this point on the trail, you will see a sign that tells you about Dugger Mountain. There are numerous such helpful and informative signs along the Chief Ladiga Trail.

6. Jacksonville State University

The Chief Ladiga Trail runs right beside Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama. It is a pretty campus and has a side trail that allows trail users to make a short detour onto an open area on the university grounds. Be careful as you cross Nisbet St. NW as it is a fairly busy road during some parts of the day.

7. trailhead

You will find a large parking area with restrooms at this spot. If you are starting your Chief Ladiga/Silver Comet journey from the Alabama (western) terminus, this is it, for now. There is talk of extending the trail westward from here, but for now...

8. beautiful trail

This trail is a beautiful trail that is family friendly, wheelchair accessible, and quite useful for all sorts of human-powered transportation.